Return of the Fabris Pool

I’ve had a few inquiries about whether the pick ’em pool will be making another appearance at GTP this season.  The answer is yes.  Expect to see invites to sign up go out next week.  I don’t expect to change the format from last year, as everyone seemed satisfied with it.

Look for more details to come as we get closer to the season’s start.



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4 responses to “Return of the Fabris Pool

  1. Cosmic Dawg

    > Hang chicken bone over my tee vee – check.
    > Turned around three times under a new moon and burn the back cover of Leonard’s Losers. Smear ash under my eyes – check.
    > Turn out lights and give powerpoint presentation to football spirits titled The 5 Winning Behaviors for the Fabris Bowl – check.
    > Explain to hardheaded, faithless, unspiritual Mrs. Cosmic Dawg importance of hanging chicken bone over tee vee. Remove chicken bone and hang in shed over a picture of the tee vee.

    Just be glad we’re not bettin’ with real dinero, boys, as you can see I kind of have this thing locked up.


  2. Cojones

    I tremble at the verity of Cosmic’s scientific scope in Pic’ems. This is now an uneven playing field and why wasn’t I told ahead of time?

    My prefererred methodology is to make concentric circles on the side of a tree to be used for each week. A stake is placed 3′ from the tree( it previously was 5′) as the starting line. Next, plastic cups are labeled with team names and placed around the circles thereby creating a bullseye .Next, slam down 4 beers and take a Viagra, wait 15 mins and, after urinating from the stake by swaying back and forth like a lawn sprinkler, measure the volume in each cup. The accuracy of this predicktor is affected by the Wife’s chickens that walk by because the temptation is too much. Then one have to start all over again. My original P Tree (“P” for Predicktor) mysteriously fell down and died last year. If this keeps up, the name will have to be changed to the HU Predicktor.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      The accuracy of this predicktor is affected by the Wife’s chickens that walk by because the temptation is too much…

      Ha!! I think I prefer your selection method, and with no chickens to draw my fire….


    • Dude, can I get some of that there stuff you are smoking.