Professionalism, for the win

A.J. Green doesn’t look back in sorrow.

Green also said he doesn’t worry anymore about the only blot on his resume: The jersey-selling incident, which cost him the first four games of his junior year. One can’t help overlooking that Green’s No. 18 Bengals jersey is now all over Cincinnati.

“No matter what, I can get paid for anything I do,” Green said, with a smile.

That’s how it should be and good for him.  I’m sure I’ll still see plenty of people sporting Number 8 jerseys this fall in Athens and they won’t be doing that solely out of Georgia pride.

But I’d still like those four games back.


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16 responses to “Professionalism, for the win

  1. Go Dawgs!

    If AJ Green plays that game in Columbia, Georgia beats South Carolina that day. No question.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If AJ got to play those missed games UGA likely would have won three more that year.


  3. We definitely beat Colorado and MSU with AJ and probably beat USCe. Not sure about Arkansas because our defense was so bad that day.


  4. RocketDawg

    I agree with both of you, however let me present this alternate reality:

    AJ Green doesn’t get suspended, Georgia wins against S.Carolina, Arkansas, and Colorado. The Dawgs finish 9-3 and beat some B1G team in a meaningless bowl game to get to 10 wins. I think we would all agree that a general sense of complacency had crept into the program around that time and that people weren’t feeling the sense of urgency that seems to be around the program now as a direct result of the 6-7 year in 2010. If Georgia wins 9 or 10 that year are we still sitting on the precipice of a possible SEC/MNC season or are we looking at another 9-3/10-2 lose the big games type of year we had become (maddeningly) accustomed to in the 2006-2009 era?

    Maybe AJ Green getting suspended and the program taking a nosedive for one year is exactly what everyone needed to refocus and get the job done.


    • Scott

      Agree. Even though that 6-7 season was painful and embarassing, I think it was ultimately needed to wake us back up and get us to where we are now. Sucks that it took that in order for it to happen, but I believe it did.


    • HVL Dawg

      Slow down there RocketDawg. You’ve already got your MNC ring hat on order?

      I wouldn’t so boldly predict we won’t go 9-3/ 10-2 this year until you get a look at our defense and special teams. Who is returning kicks? Can MM hit a clutch 35 yarder? I know this could be our year but let’s see if we can beat USCe and LSU.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. The giddy euphoria is a bit premature. When expectations get this high then even a pretty good season (9-3/10-2) gets the boo-birds going.


        • RocketDawg

          Slow down there Mr. Mayor. All I did was say that we were on the precipice of a SEC/MNC title team. We were 5 yards short last year which is the closest any Bulldog team has come in 30 years which I would think qualifies. We may very well go 10-2/9-3 this year but if that does happen I am fairly confident that it will be because the other teams earned the win and we didn’t show up and sleepwalk through the game as had become the trademark of the 06-09 years.

          My point is that the AJ Green suspension and subsequent 6-7 record seemed to refocus our coaching staff and players on what it takes to win championships.

          And for the record if we come out and shit the bed against Clemson, S.Carolina, LSU, and UF and finish 8-4 I will be booing the coaching staff. There is a difference between losing due to indifference/not being focused and losing to a team that outplayed you. The former I can’t stand, the latter is what makes sports great.


  5. sUGArdaddy

    I don’t know. We’d already made the big moves by hiring a new D staff. Aaron would most likely be staring down the wins record and we might have headed to jax against a bad Florida team undefeated with a large east lead. And it sure would have been fun to get two shots at the cheaters fro
    Lee County, Alabama that year.


  6. I still can’t help believing A.J. left Athens owing Georgia a heck of a lot of football. No solice for me that, in his own words, he gets paid for anything he does now. Regarding his career as a Dawg, I’ll borrow an expression from the timber industry and just say, he left a lot on the table.


  7. collegepark1878

    Whole article made me proud. Really think CMR and UGA contribute to the making of good men where possible.