Wild ride in Lexington

Speaking of that 2008 game at Kentucky…

What a crazy, crazy game.  Special teams were horrid and the defense struggled.  But those two big throws and catches on the last scoring drive were something else.  It was a great game to watch as long as you weren’t pissed off about how the season had gotten to that point.


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14 responses to “Wild ride in Lexington

  1. Spike

    Man, I love Mo Mass.


  2. Otto

    Yes Special teams were horrid and the defense struggle. The offense pulled it out in the end. However, the offense deserves plenty of blame multiple turnovers and 3 and outs and just 2 drives with more than 5 plays.

    The defense also pulled out an INT on UK’s last possession and 3 and out 2 possessions prior. The defense and offense deserve equal blame and credit.


  3. Puffdawg

    1:38 mark – P44 Haynes? I’ve never notice that play other than the time we ran it against Tenn in 2001.


  4. D.N. Nation

    Infuriating game. I wanted- desperately so- for the team to come out like a well-oiled machine after the Florida debacle, to steamroll an inferior team and get their bearings back.

    Didn’t happen, so I wanted them to do it against Auburn.
    THAT didn’t happen, so I wanted them to do it against Tech. And, well.


    • Dawgy45

      DN, I would have been just fine if you had stopped at “Auburn”, but noooooo…

      Thanks a pantload, dude.


  5. I had to self medicate after that game. It was the hardest game to watch that year. Cannot believe I just put myself through that again. Off to self medicate! Smoke ’em if you got ’em. 🙂


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Cobb was a stud. Wonder why uT didn’t pursue him more?


  7. WF dawg

    1. The tools Stafford had to work with were incredible.
    2. I’ll give Randall Cobb his due. He was a great athlete.
    3. This brings back so many bad memories from an era of underachievement.
    4. Massaquoi’s long catch and run after the fumbles is a lesson in why you have to have a short memory to play sports.
    5. Bless you, Demarcus Dobbs.


  8. NRBQ

    There are few things in our lives more exasperating than Dawg turnovers.

    Won’t surprise me at all when I have a heart attack and die in my favorite chair watching a crippling UGA INT or fumble.


  9. Governor Milledge

    Fun memories, was at that game. It was so hard to appreciate AJ’s catch at the time, as the free seats were about as opposite side of the stadium as it could be. Very cold windy day, so I think that explains some of the team sloppiness on the highlights.

    Lexington is a fun town in its own right, and I’m sure that w UK games more regularly occurring in October, going Neeland before a night football game is worth the trip alone.


  10. Normaltown Mike

    Brings back the War Willie sweats.

    I watched the replay of that debacle on CSS once if not twice (I was a masochist that season) and was disgusted by the effort and pursuit by the D. I recall a late TD where Justin Houston loafed around the ball like he was strolling through a park.


  11. JAX

    Why would anyone want to relive such a frustrating game, and the hell wold anyone make a video of it? The music was worse than the game.

    I couldn’t watch it for those two reasons.