“The time has come for the NCAA to get back to its original purpose.”

Whatever that is.  In the meantime, say hello to the NCAA Accountability Act, which modestly proposes the following:

* Requires annual baseline concussion tests for college athletes. The NCAA currently recommends colleges perform baseline tests and about two-thirds of the schools do so, according to a 2010 NCAA survey.

* Requires four-year scholarship for athletes participating in contact/collision sports that are irrevocable based on athletic skill or injury. Contact/collision sports are defined as boxing, field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, rodeo, soccer and wrestling.

* Prevents an in institution from implementing a policy that prohibits institutions from paying stipends to college athletes.

* Ensures athletes and universities must have the opportunity for a formal administrative hearing prior to any NCAA punishment for an alleged violation, and at least one appeal and “any other due process procedure the Secretary determines by regulation to be necessary.”

Yes, you can remember those olden days when the NCAA required its member schools to pay stipends to student-athletes.  But I digress.  The bill is coming from pols who sound like they have a couple of axes to grind with Emmert’s organization.

Earlier this year, Dent called on the NCAA to reinstate 40 football scholarships at Penn State over the life of the sanctions, saying athletes had nothing to do with the Sandusky scandal. Beatty, a co-sponsor of the bill, was an Ohio State vice president when quarterback Terrelle Pryor and several teammates were sanctioned by the NCAA for selling memorabilia.

So how many other members of the House bear a grudge?  “It’s not clear how much support Dent and Beatty have from other members of Congress.”  What, nobody thought to bring Joe Barton on board?  And where’s Orrin Hatch when you need him?

Clearly, Reps. Dent and Beatty have their work cut out for them.


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4 responses to ““The time has come for the NCAA to get back to its original purpose.”

  1. Dog in Fla

    Linus the Aggie is too busy trying to pass legislation to protect the integrity of another all-American game and the rights of those who play it:

    “(This bill) will accomplish my goal of protecting the integrity of the game and the rights of those who play it,” Barton is quoted by Stutz. “Poker is an all-American game; I continue to be supportive of the Americans who play poker online. They deserve to have a legal, on-shore system that makes sure everyone is playing in an honest, fair structure.”



  2. I love that phrase, Senator….”The olden days….”


  3. Lrgk9

    “Conference in the enforcement process is “at an all-time low,” Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott told reporters last week…”

    Boy ain’t that the truth. My “Conference” in the NCAA is now at low “circumference” for sure !

    My Goodness at what passes for journalism these days.


  4. “At a news conference, Dent told reporters the NCAA has a “disturbing amount of inconsistency” with its enforcement process that grows with each investigation.”

    In other news, the Pope is Catholic.

    I have hand it to you Senator, during a very emotional time you had the foresight to ask what precedent the NCAA was setting with the Sandusky case by suggesting that the ruling (however seemingly justified it was) would eventually come back to bite the NCAA in the ass.

    Now Congress is involved. Congratulations NCAA.

    Oh as a side note, what is up with the enormous NCAA logo on the page?