Charlie Weis had twice as good a season as you thought.

On its official website, Kansas football is counting this year’s spring game as a win on its 2012 schedule.  I kid you not.

I’m having a hard time coming up with anything more pathetic than that. Jeebus.



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20 responses to “Charlie Weis had twice as good a season as you thought.

  1. Russ

    The Aggies did that a few years back out here. Maybe it’s a Big 12 thing. It’s sure sad whatever it is.


  2. Wouldn’t they also be required to count it as a loss? That coin has two sides.


  3. uglydawg

    I can’t believe Paul Johnson hasn’t thought of this….maybe they could even give a commemorative ring for the game.


  4. Cojones

    Think the printer is K St ? Reminds me of the crocodile on the front of the Gator’s magazine.


  5. Careful Brad

    Unrelated but the folks at sting talk have outdone themselves. You now need to be a member just to read posts on the weekend.


    • Dolly Llama

      Stingtalk is one of the great joys of my life. I go over there almost every day and lurk. I’ve thought of signing up there just to spooftroll the populace, but I just don’t think I could maintain such a facade. You should go over there now and check out “Reading The Dawg Board this Morning” ( ) as just one example of how good it can be. The only thing better is the “Big Cry” emoticon. As much as that crowd overuses it – and they really wear it out during the season when they start getting their asses kicked regularly – I never, ever get tired of it.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Brad I was over there too. Very enjoyable.


  6. bulldogbry

    Everybody would do it, but then Spurrier would start complaining about strength of schedule again….”well, I’d rather play Citadel than ourselves”…


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Apparently, the Blue Team had a decided schematic advantage over the Red Team.


  8. Cojones

    Did he have a cooler of sandwiches on each sideline? If so, it would be his best game ever.

    Is it true that the local businesses don’t like him to enter their premises because the Fire Marshal shuts them down for being overcrowded?


  9. Dog in Fla

    An F-150 is too small but the Tundra 420 Gigantic Capacity is great for hauling moose, elk or Charlie