The early leader in the clubhouse for fall camp hyperbole

… easily goes to Ramik Wilson:

Wilson compared (Georgia outside linebacker Leonard) Floyd to former LSU star Barkevious Mingo, an NFL first-round draft pick. He said Floyd, from Hargrave (Va.) Military Academy via Dodge County High is “unblockable, his pass rush. He gets after it. He’s got a motor.”

That’s gonna be a high bar to cross for anybody else.



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20 responses to “The early leader in the clubhouse for fall camp hyperbole

  1. RP

    Richt said he’s the best player at any level of football, other than Tray Matthews.


  2. uglydawg

    Tha’t’s pretty high praise coming from CMR. I choose to believe!


  3. Gravidy

    That is mighty darned hyperbolic, but my leader in the clubhouse is still Garrison Smith for comparing Brendan Douglas to Adrian Peterson.


  4. secedufan

    a black Dick Butkus.


  5. mdcgtp

    I tend to think the Adrian Peterson analogy was absurd, but a year ago, Shawn Williams compared Todd Gurley to Trent Richardson, and that comparison seemed to be a good one. I am not suggesting everything these guys say is “true” nor that the “we worked harder than ever mantra” is always alive and well, but I think you sometimes have to consider the source. Conley was quoted again over the weekend on the defense and had good things to say about the DBs. Again, coming from him, it means something

    While players say lots of questionable things and have biases, I tend to think they know fairly quickly from the time guys arrive on campus who has talent to contribute right away and who is going to struggle to make the transition to the college game. Keep in mind the 2012 class was a very good class and had a lot of “game ready” players. Well, Jake Rowe CONSISTENTLY said the 2013 class overall (not just UGA’s) had more talented players in it. Guys who might have been 4 star in 2012 might have been 3 star in 2013 and vice versa. When you factor in the point that our 2013 class is so large, we are going to have a higher than normal amount of guys that will contribute.

    In no particularly order….


    preps from 2012

    toby johnson

    I am not at all shocked about floyd. He was an early commitment in the 2012 class that did not get the same publicity that dawson, jordan jenkins, and JHC got at OLB because of his early commitment.

    BTW, Senator, Sheldon Dawson said JHC would be an all american, which Mingo never was…..

    I also tend to think JHC is in fact “all that” just because of the sheer volume of guys singing his praises. I wonder what might have happened in an alternate universe if Shawn Williams had gotten hurt for a game or two (after UF of course and we were forced to play JHC last year). the offensive players openly wondered why he did not play a year ago…..



    • hailtogeorgia

      You lost me there at the end, but I had the same thought about the Shawn Williams/Todd Gurley/Trent Richardson thing.


    • Chuck

      Conley was quoted again over the weekend on the defense and had good things to say about the DBs. Again, coming from him, it means something

      I don’t know what all this means in the end, but I totally agree that if Conley says it, it is worth listening to. Every interview I have ever seen him do shows that he has thought his responses out, and has reasons for them, and he isn’t just cheer leading. Sounds like a coach more than a player.


  6. Dawg in Austin

    I believe I read somewhere else that he was going up against the third string line. Great that he is dominating them, but we may need to put this into perspective.