A brief PSA

Georgia Tech’s got its celebrated “Football Triple Option Pack” available again this season – pick up tickets to the Georgia game and any two other Tech home games for the low, low price of $170.  (That’s not much more than what a weekend at Dragon*Con would cost you.  So there’s that.)

Tickets went on sale to the public July 31st.  I’d urge you to beat the rush, but who am I kidding here?

You’ll be on your own for the Cokes and hot dogs, though.


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43 responses to “A brief PSA

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get that deal in Athens?

    • Castleberry

      There was a better deal than that on the tickets Tech returned to Georgia last year. Only problem was UGA had to resell them at the price they charged Tech which was something like the $95 face they put on GavsTech tickets.

      • Dawg in Beaumont

        Georgia Southern not only played a closer game with UGA than the Jackets did, they sold far more tickets.

        • Probably because Tech fans know what’ll happen to ’em if they come to Athens.😉

          • Off the Tech Deck with you! ARRRR.

          • So….you are saying Athens is more dangerous for Tech fans than Techwood is for GEORGIA folks?

            • Turn on your sarcasm meter.

              I’m saying the kind of Tech fan who posts on Stingtalk is delusional about what happens in Athens.

              • So sorry Senator, Am in another dimension. No sarcasm in Mentone, ALABAMA

                • Chi-town Dawg

                  Speaking of fake stories of UGA fans being evil towards visiting fans, my favorite was posted on a message board by Gamecock fans discussing the evils of a trip to Athens:

                  UGA with out a doubt. last time there they stole 2 of our kids at a red light then during the game they dropped radioactive material on us from a copter. then after they won the game the players came into the stands and took our women and the police beat the rest of us with clubs. when we got back to the parking lot all of our cars had been towed and it cost $10,000 to get it out. they were all empty of gas and all the gas stations in athens had jacked the price up to $14 a gallon to south carolina fans. then no restarunt would serve us and we wern’t alowed on the expressway to get home and had to take backroads and we got 32 tickets from the police in the little towns we had to go thru. then when we finally got home the IRS came to our house and said they were tipped off by UGA that we had cheated on our taxes and i had to do 6 months and pay back $98,000 to them. i can’t wait to go beat the he!! out of them this year. Stephen King’s got nothing on Gamecock fans.

  2. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    With junk fees that total price comes to $185 … not including possibile mugging or car jacking – those are freebies

  3. So, you can get the Thursday night VT game and the Oct 19 game and it makes some sense. UGA is at Vandy on Oct 19. The rest of those are home games and Jax for the Hounds – and I’m already booked for Nashvegas. No, thanks.

    • RandallPinkFloyd

      I don’t think anyone expected you to go to the games, Stoop. I think it’s implied that you’ll sell the tix on secondary market assuming you can get anything close to face for Tech tickets.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      Mrs. CDTT’s family is there, as well as, old friends of mine. We go to Vandy every time. See you there.😉

  4. fisheriesdawg

    When I first got the email from them I thought about it because I wouldn’t mind going to the VPI game. Then I saw the price they’re charging. I didn’t order Tech tickets from UGA because of the high face ($90, I believe). Even if that price were reasonable (it probably won’t be on gameday), that means that you’re paying $80 for VPI tickets on a Thursday night. No way, dude. I’ll just show up and get in for <$20.

    • I will show up and get them for free after the 1st Quarter. Was a scalper there at 12 years old. You really do not have to worry about getting mugged down there. Will sell you a parking space at the Beta House for $20.


    GT can take their ticket packages and jam them….

  6. HVL Dawg

    vs UNC on September 21 (UGA is hosting the Mean Green in Athens) and 5 days later Tech host VT on a Thursday night.

  7. Doug Bennett

    Do we get to decide the time of the game to all 3 games or just the UGA game?

  8. Athens Dog

    If Bobby Dodd looked at that schedule, I’m sure he would wonder if tech had been reduced to a junior college…………………..

  9. Bobby Dodd has lost control of his stadium.

  10. Bulldog Joe

    “The 2013 season marks the 100th Anniversary of Historic Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium, and a full season of celebration will be punctuated on Thursday, September 26 when the Yellow Jackets host the Hokies on national television.”

    I predict the “full season of celebration” will be punctuated with a question mark.

    • Will (the other one)

      I mean, it’s almost like the want a rerun of that Maryland game in ’03 where a ton of Dawg fans showed up (including a UGA flag) isn’t it?

  11. Anybody want tickets? Name your price.

  12. Tyler

    The 2007 uga tech game I just walked right in. With a girl on my arms, we handed the ticket taker her ticket plus a ticket confirmation stub that I found on the ground. When she went to tear mine, she told me it wasn’t a ticket. I feigned shock; “What do you mean? That’s what they sent me?!” She said she would need to go check with her supervisor, and just walked away, leaving the gate unattended. At that point I just walked in and did my best Jason Bourne, taking off my jacket, changing my hairstyle, and speaking Russian the rest of the night.

  13. SouthWing

    I wish this higher, as it should be in the PSA itself. The full season (7 games, 2 shitty ones) ticket packages are only $46 higher at $216. Also, these seats are USUALLY 20 ROWS CLOSER than the 3-game pack.