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More and more, it’s looking like it could be Florida’s year.

I understand that Boom may feel like he has no other choice, given the state of Driskel’s health, but this doesn’t strike me as a great move for a quarterback who’s used to running as part of his game.

Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel said Friday he won’t take a hit on the football field until the season opener on Aug. 31 against Toledo, after having his appendix removed last week and missing the first six practices of camp.

But he feels like everything is getting back to normal.

Sure he does.

It will be worth watching the Gators’ turnover numbers early on.  That was a big factor in their success last year.  But expecting a quarterback who won’t feel any hitting until the season starts to play flawlessly is a gamble of sorts.



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Soon to be collectors’ items

I meant to mention this the other day, but forgot… does anybody else find the strangest part of the story about the NCAA’s decision to stop marketing school memorabilia at its on-line store to be this?

In the coming days, the store’s website will be shut down temporarily and reopen in a few weeks as a marketplace for NCAA championship merchandise only.

Have you ever seen anyone walking around in an NCAA t-shirt?

I’m having a hard time visualizing the market the organization plans to appeal to:  “Celebrate that D-3 tennis championship with your very own NCAA shirt!”

Maybe they’ll put Emmert’s picture on it.


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