Soon to be collectors’ items

I meant to mention this the other day, but forgot… does anybody else find the strangest part of the story about the NCAA’s decision to stop marketing school memorabilia at its on-line store to be this?

In the coming days, the store’s website will be shut down temporarily and reopen in a few weeks as a marketplace for NCAA championship merchandise only.

Have you ever seen anyone walking around in an NCAA t-shirt?

I’m having a hard time visualizing the market the organization plans to appeal to:  “Celebrate that D-3 tennis championship with your very own NCAA shirt!”

Maybe they’ll put Emmert’s picture on it.



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12 responses to “Soon to be collectors’ items

  1. SlobberKnocker

    If they are gonna make the move away from player specific merchandise, and I think they have to, why don’t they move to school specific but generic numbers? IE if they sell the numbers 1, 10, 22, 34, etc for every school then the case cannot be made that they are selling players likenesses. If your favorite player on your team happens to wear one of those numbers, all the better for you.


  2. Senator, you are so clever and witty…. Let’s open the floor for what we think the NCAA stands for. Maybe…..Nasty..Con…..and so on and so forth.


  3. I wanna Red Cup

    Maybe they will copy Disney and put Mickey Mouse ears on Emmert


  4. WarD Eagle

    The last NCAA shirt I remember seeing.


  5. TennesseeDawg

    Finally, now I can find a place to order my Division III Amherst national championship basketball gear


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I get sentimental thinking of my younger days in the hallowed halls of Old NCAA U.


  7. FisheriesDawg

    I have two t-shirts and a hat that I bought in Omaha at the CWS (as well as posters from 2004 and 2008). I have to figure that’s what they’re talking about here. They sell a decent number of Final Four shirts with all four team logos on them each year.


  8. Will Trane

    Maybe the NCAA will sell enough to set up a fund to defend those four Vandy players going to trial for rape. Not everyday Vandy get the publicity of a Vandy helmet on Yahoo front page. Guess the NCAA has a conscious or they are conflicted at the moment…perhaps Johnny football should not have confuesed them.