That dadgum selection committee

Once upon a time, Bobby Bowden wanted to serve on the new college football playoff selection committee.  He doesn’t anymore and he’s refreshingly honest about one reason why.

Bowden also feared the possibility of bias toward a particular school or region in the selection process.

“If I was voting, and a team from the West Coast was (undefeated) and a team from Georgia was (undefeated), I’m going to go with the Georgia team because I know their coaches, I know their players, I know their people,” Bowden said. “Somehow, you’ve got to get the human element out of it.”

Good luck with that.  If you’ll recall, the track record with the BCS was the exact opposite of Bowden’s sentiment.  Every time the rankings came up with a result that struck people the wrong way, the response was to reduce the computer element in the calculations.  And now we’ll get a committee of human beings complete with agendas and biases, however much they’ll deny it.

Then again, I’m sure Phil Fulmer would do a fine job serving.  He’s a fair man.  If anything goes wrong, it’ll probably be because they didn’t explain the parameters carefully enough to him.



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13 responses to “That dadgum selection committee

  1. 69Dawg

    That’s why I could not figure out the hate for the computers. I think the Committee should hire a professional computer software company and create the specs for how they want a team to be ranked. After the program is developed run it against the prior seasons data and see what happens. I think the existing programs have as much human bias as the programmers because they all want their proprietary programs to be secret. Let the Committee design it and let everybody know what the formula is so the schools can schedule accordingly. If the selection committee can’t create the parameters for this program they sure as hell can’t pick the teams without human bias. Slive needs to jump on this or we will end up getting screwed due to SEC fatigue. ESPN is fo course not going to like this since they couldn’t brow beat the computers into selecting their darlings. ESPN will bring the ESPN media blitz to bear on the humans on the selection committee until USC, Oregon, Oklahoma and ND are selected every year. It is going to be a bigger cluster F than the BCS ever was.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree that spending moneyy on a much improved software program, combined with the 5 conference champs getting a ticket, is where we should be going. Having the 5 guaranteed champs in minimizes the damage of the bias that is inevitable with humans making the call. Bless Diddy’s pea picking heart for being honest about it. Anyine trust, or respect, Foolmer being on that committee? The guy didn’t even get mid majors offers after being fired.



    Why can’y they just use the current BCS poll and go with it?

    Top 4 are in.

    And ESPN loves the SEC….


    • Dawgfan Will

      ESPN loves Bama, LSU, and Florida. They might be warming up to us. The jury’s still out.
      They don’t give a shit about anyone else in the SEC.


    • Dboy

      ESPN loves ND. That massive fan base brings big $$$. Anytime The Irish are anywhere close to 50/50 to being put in a big postseason game, the TV content providers want ND.


      • Dboy

        The only reason I appears that ESPN loves the SEC is b/c, ESPN paid big money/has a contract to air SEC games. Thus, it is in their interest to promote the SEC. Always follow the money


  3. Not true. Having watched ESPN on CF Saturdays every year since it started, They are partial to the SEC and it is reflected by the games they showcase each week. My precious Herbie says nothing but wonderful things about GEORGIA.


  4. uglydawg

    Bobby Bowden is absolutley correct. One expert I would trust on a committee is Todd Blackledge…another is Archie Manning. Peyton would be fair after he retires, and Tim Tebow. There’s got to be a few honest men and women out there. But a jam-up computer program like 69Dawg described would be best.


    • FisheriesDawg

      Tebow? You want a guy that couldn’t crack 100 on his SAT on that committee just because you think he’s honest? Besides, who said you can’t be honest AND biased?

      No thanks to the idea of #15.


  5. UbiquitousGaAlum

    Phat Phil is becoming the Generalissimo Francisco Franco of college football.


  6. Was invited to a fund raiser in Dalton Georgia last night. The Ultimate Tailgate Party with Bobby Bowden as the guest speaker. Had to miss it, but what a wonderful CFC!