Anatomy of a catch

If you want to see and hear a breakdown of Keith Marshall’s amazing touchdown catch against Nebraska in the Cap One Bowl by Aaron Murray, here you go.

The first version of that play on the clip – a ground-eye view – is really fun to watch.


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15 responses to “Anatomy of a catch

  1. AusDawg85

    Watching and clearing this game off of my DVR was my project last night. One thing I had not remembered was the explosive speed Chris Conley showed on the bubble screen that he burst up the middle for about 70 yards. I think he could have a real break-out year this season.


    • WF dawg

      Conley was great, and how about Gates getting out there to throw the block on the safety?


    • adam

      I think he went like 90 or 92 yards on that tunnel screen. His speed and Gates’s great hustle and block made that play something special. Conley is going to be very good by the time he leaves.


    • fetch

      It was actually 87 yards. I still have it and every other game from last year on my laptop hard drive (with the exception of the SC game. Did we play SC last year, I seemed to have blanked out memory of it).


  2. I Wanna Red Cup

    Nice body control there by Marshall to stay in bounds after that great catch.


  3. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    We were in that endzone … I recall thinking, “get did of the damn ball” & then “what a f’in catch!”


  4. Miguel

    Good thing Penn Wagers wasn’t calling that one…


  5. The other Doug

    Gurley and Marshall catching the ball has to be keeping the Clemson DC up late. The DBs and LBs have to cover our solid WRs, pick up the TE, and finally be ready to cover the speedy RBs.


  6. Murray has to be able to find them, and not lock in on other guys, but short dump passes could really help against DL with great pass rushers like USC has.

    Seems like all my recent thought has been about ways to slow Clowney and their other great DE down. Run at them, use TE and FB to help block them, passes and screens to use their pass rushing, quickness and penetration against them, etc. obviously, they can’t be three only concern, and they aren’t the first game, but, damn….(shrugs)


  7. Dolly Llama

    Just as off topic as it can be, but this EDSBS post is just awesome in every way.

    Every Day Should Be Saturday is the nearest thing to football blogging on acid as anyone’s likely to get. And that’s not a bad thing. I’d actually peg Cojones as an EDSBS reader.


    • Ed Kilgore

      I read EDSBS about once a week, and then stop before detox is indicated. Thank you for highlighting this post, which is indeed excellent. Also glad to see Spencer still thinks Boom are dumba-dumba!

      But what you don’t want to do is read the gazillion-post comment threads at EDSBS, ever. It’s like the water cooler at the unemployment office.


  8. Groo

    Interesting that they mention it was a new play they had put in. Trips bunch on the left with Conley running a corner route, King an intermediate curl, and Gurley to the flat. Then you had McGowan on the shallow cross from the right and Marshall out to the right flat.

    Doubt we’ve seen the last of that.