Monday morning buffet

Let’s get the week rolling with a fully stocked buffet.

  • Tramel Terry is using something Dabo Swinney said to him during recruiting as a motivation stone.
  • Jay Bilas on the NCAA:  “NCAA people are terrific. They are in a bind because they are put in a position of trying to justify these bad policies, and they can’t.”
  • Speaking of the NCAA, it has interviewed Mississippi State freshman Chris Jones about Ole Miss’ recruitment of the five-star defensive end.
  • Alabama’s expected pounding of Virginia Tech is looking less and less impressive.
  • Stirling Bailey’s response to playing against Clemson?  “’Jesus, help me,’ Bailey said with a laugh last week.
  • David Ching takes a detailed look at what Daryl Jones is up to in the wake of Rodney Garner’s departure.
  • He also gives us a breakdown on what Georgia spends its $600,000 recruiting budget.
  • If you think the trials and tribulations of Johnny Football are going to be a distraction for Texas A&M this year, what kind of distraction do you think having five players, including the starting quarterback, listed as witnesses for the prosecution in the sexual assault trial of those former Vanderbilt players will be?
  • David Hale (remember him?) writes about FSU trying to keep up with the SEC Joneses.


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16 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. uglydawg

    VT is a CF.

  2. Am I the only one that has an irrational level of excitement for our front 7, especially the D-Line? I think these guys could be hell on wheels this year if they want to.

    • uglydawg

      NateG…I don’t know how excited to be. The game against Clempson is going to be an unveiling on way or the other. I’m optimistic and scared at the same time.

    • The other Doug

      Nate, I’m kinda scared, but I like your optimism.

      • Oh, I’m scared shitless. It’s just an excited kind of scared. Like I’m about to touch a boob for the first time.

        • uglydawg

          LOL..that’s funny Nate….I’m scared, but I’m not “a-scared”. There’s a difference. Scared means you’re worried something bad will happen….a-scared means it’s going down. I wonder if the Clemson fans are either. Sometimes I think they are the thirstiest cool-aid guzzlers of all, so they may be neither. I hope Clemson is over confident.

          • I’m just really hungry for Georgia to have a nasty front 7. I love our high flying offense, but nothing tickles that blood thirsty part of my primate brain like a really wicked defense, I think we have the potential for that this year.

  3. Otto

    Shame FSU hasn’t made the move to the SEC, and they’re stucking wasting away in the ACC.

    • uglydawg

      It’s a double edged sword for them. They should be a lock in for a BCS game every year…that wouldn’t happen for them in the SEC…I’m against giving them any kind of credit for being SECish because they play a cupcake ACC schedule but want to be considered a big boy program. To bad for them is they’re stuck there…but you KNOW Florida and Auburn especially never want them in the conference.

  4. americusdawg

    In other news … the WWL re-ran last year’s SECCG a few times this past weekend. Spoiler alert … All showings ended the exact same way! Damn, I’m ready for August 31st.

  5. With all respect to Seth, David Hale rocks.

  6. Excited to see Terry in action when he is back at 100%.

  7. Dog in Fla

    “That’s the mandate as Wilcox begins his term as the leader of the school’s athletic department, and it’s a massive undertaking”

    I thought his mandate was to turn it into the Duke of Leon County