And even more proof it’s Florida’s year.

This sounds like it’s going to end well.

The 6-1, 185-pound Purifoy spent half of spring practice at receiver. The move was done to take advantage of his athleticism and ball skills, but he’s limited in what he can do, because he’s still learning the offense and route adjustments.

Left unsaid is how much different that makes Purifoy from the rest of the Gator receivers.


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  1. The other Doug

    “Purifoy’s move to offense was planned before preseason practices began. He was to spend the first 12 practices on defense so the staff could get a look at the young receivers and see if the veterans had improved. ”

    Sounds to me like the Gators had hoped someone would step up at WR, but after two weeks they feel like they have to move Purifoy over.


  2. Macallanlover

    Heck of a DB, any distraction they can saddle him with works for me. I may regret saying this later, but I fail to see the Gators that pollsters do. Everyone knows they have great athletes but they just don’t seem to have the right parts so I ain’t skeered. Boom got more out of that team last year than he should have so I will reserve judgment on them until I have September behind me.

    Something may be wrong with that team beyond what Driskell lacks, the performance in the Sugar Bowl was embarrassing. Unlike a couple of the eggs we laid (WVU, UCF) there was no excuse for that FU team to not be pumped about playing in Nawlins. How that team went through the year with one loss and that lofty a ranking is beyond me, but they should have been thrilled to be in a BCS after that magic trick. I can understand a slow start but they never woke up against a team that lost to UCONN, and Syracuse.


    • uglydawg

      “there was no excuse for that FU team to not be pumped about playing in Nawlins”…as opposed to the way the Dawgs were totally pumped up and seemed to enjoy playing against Nebraska. If either team had an excuse to be flat, it would be Georgia, after what happened in Atlanta.. What does this say about team chemistry and attitude? While I often worried in the past about CMR and staff having the team emotionally prepared, it seems to be, and hopefully is, a problem that has been solved.


      • Dog in Fla

        “What does this say about team chemistry and attitude?”

        I think it says that Charlie Strong could not wait to beat the ever-loving daylights out of Florida and Jeremy. While Bo Pellini is not exactly Mr. Wonderful, we had no personal malice against him like Bielema did


      • Macallanlover

        To me it says the fans and media place far too much emphasis on bowl games, both in evaluating the strengths of conferences and where to rank teams in pre-season polls. Bowls are exhibitions, ones where some teams bring an edge, others could care less. Also, most draft eligible players with serious money within their grasp, are playing to not be injured. The days where bowls were fun getaways for northern schools to see the sun one last time are over. Empty stadiums with part time fans watching semi-enthused athletes, how can that miss?


  3. Keese

    Muschamp is a DGD!


  4. Spike

    May the fleas of a thousand camels reside in their armpits…


  5. Anon

    “Left unsaid is how much different that makes Purifoy from the rest of the Gator receivers.”

    The author of the article has actually heard of Purifoy.


    • uglydawg

      Purifoy will be a good reciever. I predict Driskel will become predictable in his penchant to throw to him. When you start pinning your hopes on one guy to be superman, you might be going down a bumpy road.