Is that how your folks raised you?

With all due respect to Herbstreit, Johnny Manziel’s issue may not be his level of intelligence, but his background.  His family history reads like the back story in a James Lee Burke novel.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    That is awesome. How did Spurrier let this one get away?

  2. DawgPhan

    Screw deadspin. They are the lowest type of sports reporting. They are internet bullies, yeah it is great when they pick on your enemy, but they are still bullies.

    • MuDawgfan

      Exactly correct.
      With the exception of the fine folks at Kotaku, the entire Gawker network should be ignored.

    • Dog in Fla

      John Edwards and Gary Hart used to think the same thing about the National Enquirer

      • DawgPhan

        Dog in Fla….it’s alright to admit that you dont get it and just keep your mouth shut sometimes. Being factually accurate does not absolve someone of being a bully.

        • Dog in Fla

          I think the Manziel family has faced much greater odds scraping out a life in Texas than what you think the internet bullying aspects in the Deadspin article happen to be. In fact, based on the way the Manziels go about doing things as described in the article (most events seem to come from public records searches not done by a Finebaum), my guess is that there has never been a single Manziel to ever claim that they’ve been bullied. It’s not in their makeup and they seem to do a pretty good job of standing up for themselves whether right, wrong or indifferent. Maybe if a Manziel has a beef about something being wrong in the article, they’ll say it’s wrong, not that they’re being bullied by Deadspin. Maybe we’ll hear about it soon or read it on Johnny’s twitter.

        • Dog in Fla

          “it’s alright to admit that you dont get it”

          Happens all the time but I make it a practice never to confess to anything, take a breathalyzer or say a word after a Miranda

          “and just keep your mouth shut sometimes.”

          Except for the foregoing, I find that very difficult. I even sound out the letters when I’m keyboarding them in

    • Careful Brad

      The guy that started Deadspin, Will Leitch, has recently moved to Athens. Not sure how he picked it and he had never been there before but I found it interesting.

  3. Rebar

    Love me some James Lee Burke!

  4. Daniel Simpson Day

    Manziel – Gamecock. That explains everything.

  5. Macallanlover

    Wow, that is some story, regardless of the source. So a kid named Esahiah arrives in the US and is renamed Bobby Joe, then we go to cockfighting, oil wildcatting, Louisiana justice, exploitation of Negroes, Texas Rangers, quick money scams, etc., etc. I am not giving Johnny Moron a pass because of genetics but I wouldn’t waste money on a DNA test to see if he really comes from this family. They have to be very proud of Li’l Johnny… much so that they still have a garage full of memorabilia for him to sign. Time to cut the cord A&M, this story isn’t going to get better.

  6. Scorpio Jones,III

    Aww man….somebody send this piece to Jim Burke…what a story that would be, and what a movie…Tommy Lee Jones as Bobby Joe? Dave Robicheaux could be the detective that unravels it all.

  7. There you are great one! Mac you are correct. What a great movie this would make. Sins of the Fathers, greed , pride all the makings of a LA-Texas saga. That acorn does not fall far from that tree. Johnny you are scum.

  8. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Interesting story, but other than that it doesn’t really have much to do with Johnny & his parents … that’s not to say he’s innocent of possible NCAA violations, but this has nothing to do with the other

    • Governor Milledge

      What it mostly has to do is that Manziel does not have access to as much family money as has been reputed. He has more motivation for fast quick cash than the ESPN stories have lead you onto believe

  9. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    “See, I come from a long line of frontiersman and-here it is, turn here dear-frontiersman and outdoor types.”

    I actually like Johnny Football a little more after reading this. He can’t help it, he’s just being true to his nature.

    If I were an NFL GM though, I would stay far, far away.

  10. What fresh hell is this?

    That gene pool needs a little Clorox.

  11. Russ

    He’s just carryin’ on that family tradition!

    • Puffdawg


      • Bryant Denny

        yessir – David Allen Co

          • Macallanlover

            Having been to a few DAC shows years ago, I dont think there is a chance in hell he hasn’t played several tunes in front of every single living Manziel since the time he was released from prison (thanks to John Cash and about the time Rodriquez stole that goat.) Fact is, David probably had an entry in those cockfights.

  12. Puffdawg

    Multiple choice: pick the end of this quote:

    “He added “it would be a real tragedy” if college football didn’t see Manziel play…”

    (a) another down in his career for the enjoyment of CFB fans everywhere
    (b) another game in College Station to cement his legacy as more than a one hit wonder
    (c) one more year in the SEC to validate his Heisman season
    (d) in the Alabama-Texas A&M game on Sept. 14.

    If you guessed “d,” you’re hip to ESPN memes! Good Lord their agendas are sickening.

  13. DawginMidlGa

    Great JLB reference – reading that story I half expected to see where he was tied in with DiDi Giancano and eventually got his ticket punched by Clete Purcell…