The healing power of leaving Tuscaloosa

Praise Jesus… it’s a miracle!

I mean, there’s no other explanation, right?


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  1. JasonC

    Maybe Jax State just has a bunch of quacks running the show.

  2. Dawgfan Will

    Can I get an amen?

  3. HVL Dawg

    He got his ring.

  4. And the CULLING goes on.

  5. Joe Schmoe

    Why is there no oversight of the med DQ process?

    • Macallanlover

      I agree, for all the praise heaped on Little Nicky about his focus and preparation this is a very scummy side to him. I am not saying this because of this one case. it could be a difference of medical opinion, but when you over sign to the degree that Alabama does you have to have an exit plan. They either get medically DQed, flunk out, act “badly”, or get pushed out of a window. I blame the NCAA for not adhering to a strict singing policy, but I blame Saban for lack of character in exploiting the wimpy rule. It is taking advantage of the kids for your own benefit. Saban has “tryouts” for a full extra signing class over a four year period versus UGA, FU, and other teams that sign to the number of schollies they have.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. It is really the NCAA’s fault for turning a blind eye to Saban’s antics. Another reason for that worthless, morally bankrupt organization to just disappear.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Must have seen Ernest Aingeley.

  7. Cousin Eddie

    so his “chronic medical issues” was that he wasn’t as talented as the next guy?

    • Who WHOA…slow down there Eddie. Nick’s #1 concern is player safety. He’s not a doctor, but plays one on the football field. Oh, and he needs those up tempo teams to SLOW DOWN their offenses or he may have to release more third stringers due to unnamed medical issues. Player safety first with him I says…

      • Cousin Eddie

        he was thinking of his safety, didn’t want his third string DE, who is good enough to not develop any medical issues yet, beating on this kid leading to long term chronic medical issues.

  8. AusDawg85

    Personally, I’ve always felt better when leaving Alabama too.

  9. C

    I only have one word to say to you guys…Jarvis Jones

    Go Dawgs!

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I fail to see any link between the way bama exploits players, and Jarvis’s situation. Jarvis signed with usc, was supposedly injured, transferred to UGA, was certified by our doctors, and then skipped a year on top of all that. And then nfl doctors approved him for pro football. If you mean to criticize, I suggest pointing the finger at usc – who’s doctors are apparently boneheaded.

      USC learned a lesson about dumping players due to fabricated medical issues that I sorely wish would happen to saban.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        In Jarvis’ case the medical issues were not fabricated. He had a serious, career-threatening (indeed potentially life-threatening) injury that the USC docs and coaching staff felt precluded him from playing. He got better, though. He got well enough to pass his physical to play at UGA and now in the NFL, nothing phony like what Saban is doing.

        • Macallanlover

          We also did not push someone to the curb to make room for him. As with other athletes we sign, we had room under the 85 scholarship limit, and he got it for the duration of his time at UGA. I don’t know why the Sabanites refuse to man up on this issue, it is clear even to Yankees from the Big Whatever conference. Everyone acknowledges it is legal, the other thing that is obvious is it is sleazy. If you like that characteristic being exposed, just realize there are many who do not feel it is the right thing to do to a young man’s dreams.

          • But only if Saban do it right?

          • Always Someone Else's Fault

            I posted the sarcastic reference below (Ipad switched ASEF to Safe) because it is clear that Alabama clearly has a lower bar for medical mishap.

            But, big picture, the young man retains the right to stay in school on full scholarship if he wants it; school gets to use the counter on someone else. In every other context than NCAA football, the basic outcomes here do make sense.

            I would prefer to see the 4 year education side guaranteed over a “full cost scholarship,” although both would great – and quite doable.

        • Ha Ha Ha. Do you ever read your own stuff? Do you really think that is an objective and supportable statement? Wow.

      • It’s always different when you’re talking about your own school. Saban always cheats and Richt never does. If this kid had gotten hurt bad and it came out that the doctors’ didn’t clear him to play all of the comments on here would have been about Saban not caring about his future. Y’all are a trip.

        • Macallanlover

          That is an asinine take on this subject, if it reflects your reading comprehension level please take your comments to the average message board site, or the FBomb crowd discussion area. No one is advocating playing athletes that are injured and should be protected, all schools do that…and should. But when you sign 30+ incoming players and only have room for 18, or 22, you set yourself up for this viewpoint. Over signing by 7+ a year and bringing extra players on campus annually MANDATES cuts based beyond permanent/risky injury levels. What it does is allow “tryouts” to evaluate those extras and make “cuts” just like the NFL. If you don’t see the advantage of that, you are blind to the facts. Do not sit back behind your keyboard and through such ignorant barbs…not here.

          • When is the last time Alabama signed 30+ players?.

            • Hey if you don’t want a dissenting opinion on this board, I will leave. Just say the word. It’ll be easier that way. You can make unsupported assertions at will and no one (or at least I) will not challenge them.

            • Macallanlover

              The key number is signings over openings to stay at 85 max, it isn’t the actual number. But I think you already knew that was the point of the discussion. As the Senator said, we have some great contributors from other fan bases; we all need that balance of outside opinions to keep it real. This site seems to have that on almost every subject that comes up. Certainly there will always be subjects some can never agree on, and that is cool so long as it is done respectfully and has some basis in fact. The primary critics of Saban’s, and the SEC approach to over signing is in geographies outside the southeast, it isn’t just Georgia and Florida.

              • “But when you sign 30+ incoming players and only have room for 18, or 22, you set yourself up for this viewpoint.”

                So the 30+ incoming players is not the key number? Now the key number is 85? Look I know it is frustrating right now but doesn’t it seem that if Saban was screwing up the life of that many young men, they would be speaking out? In this twitter wild world it would seem like they would be lighting it up, but it seems the main contingent that are making these allegations are the people that he is beating on the field. It’s okay though no one stays on top forever. Alabama will eventually lose some games and someone else will be on top and the we can take shots at them.

  10. Safe

    Failure to successfully complete assigned physical tasks on a consistent basis.

    Sounds medical to me.

  11. Bryant Denny

    Apparently the guy has a problem with a couple of disks in his back and has been dealing with this for a while.

    The player who took his place was recruited as a greyshirt, so there was no real urgency to wash him out.

    By the way, his new college coach was his coach in high school.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      BD, I know you believe what you are saying but……….for a succinct statement of the painful truth see Macallanlover’s post above.

      • Mayor, your statement that Macallanlover’s statement is the truth, is in reality your opinion of Macallanlover’s statement….isn’t it?

        • Macallanlover

          We would welcome some proof that Alabama does not sign more players in February than would put them over 85 scholarships in August if all players stay. Perhaps we need some math skills. You may want to share that with millions around the nation we also feel the numbers don’t add up until they are ‘tweaked” by the “process” in Tuscaloosa. BTW, you aren’t the only SEC school who does this but you have been better at it.

          • This started out with the insinuation that Alabama was being dishonest about the medical situation of one player. How about someone come up with some proof of that allegation? The team, the doctors, and the SEC all agreed that the medical disqualification was warranted. You say it isn’t true. Proof?