If it really is about the Jimmies and Joes, this year’s surprise SEC team should be…

Gene Chizik left a pretty full cupboard for Gus.

That is no misprint in having Auburn third. Recruiting ratings didn’t drop off during Gene Chizik’s tenure. Things like this are why I am so convinced that last year’s 3-9 season was a result largely of players quitting on the coach. The talent is there. It just needs to be used properly, and there’s a good chance that the new regime will get a pretty good bounce back season this fall.

I was at last year’s Georgia-Auburn game and it was pretty apparent, especially on defense, that Tiger team had stopped listening to the coaches.  So I think Year2’s got that right.

That being said, Auburn will be on its third defensive coordinator in three years, all running different schemes, on its third offensive coordinator in three years (although 2013 is a quasi-restoration of order in some sense) and looking for a new starting quarterback for the fifth consecutive season.  That does not strike me as adding up to a smooth transition.

One tell to watch is whom Malzahn picks to start at quarterback.  If he goes with a true freshman there, he’ll be playing for longer term development.  That’s not a bad decision if the kid is as talented as early reports make out.  After all, if anybody’s got a fan base with some patience this season, it’s Gus Malzahn.


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11 responses to “If it really is about the Jimmies and Joes, this year’s surprise SEC team should be…

  1. Scorpio Jones,III

    Seems to me the question is how long does it take Malzahn to win the team?

    There are lots of good players, they just did not seem to want to play. If Gus gets them turned around emotionally Awbun could be pretty good, or better.

    I have seen Awbun teams do what they did last year before…Pat’s last year, then look what they did the next…there is always talent at Awbun.


  2. Hank

    Everybody thinks they have an automatic win against Auburn. I just hope we don’t fall into old patterns and get up on them in the first half, then start taking a knee. And, I believe Malzahn won them over a few years ago.


  3. mdcgtp

    Here is the challenge. The gap between good and great is VAST in the SEC. In some senses, it is why I think Butch Jones will essentially be UT’s Jim Donnan. He will say and do the right things, but in the end, he won’t win many games of consequence because he is not a great coach. As it relates to Auburn, I think they similarly hired a coach who basically runs a sub prime offense that won’t consistently win championships in this conference. Yes, I am aware of what happened in 2010. Will they be better? absolutely, they can’t be worse. that said, I am a HUGE doubter of both he and Jones hiring. Bielema will be interesting but I think he is facing an uphill battle and Petrino was the right mix of innovation and fundamentals that is very hard to find in a head coach. He was also a jerk but that is another story for another time….


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I agree with you on Jones at UT. He might get them to win enough to go to bowls but he’s not winning the SEC or even the division. 3-4 years and he’s gone, too.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    I was at the Auburn game, too, and I didn’t see many guys in blue that would start for the guys in red helmets. I just don’t see thus talent they speak of, especially at the skill positions.


  5. Rebar

    Florida has the highest rated OFFENSE???? WTF


    • Rebar

      Sorry, just went back and checked again and see that Florida doesn’t have the highest rated offense, but their offense is rated higher than our’s. Just doesn’t make sense to me.