Fire away.

This week’s theme is the secondary’s walking wounded.

“We just haven’t had enough healthy guys to really become as good as we can be,” Richt said after practice Friday night. “So it’s a concern right now. … It’s a problem. Playing Clemson probably does make it a little bit worse.”

Continuing the trend, safeties Tray Matthews, Corey Moore and Shaquille Fluker were sidelined or limited in Friday’s practice with various injuries — a sprained shoulder and a strained hamstring for Matthews, a sprained knee for Moore and a strained lower back for Fluker. Cornerback Sheldon Dawson, bothered recently by a bruised knee, also was limited.

“You said it: It looks banged up,” Richt said of the secondary.

Richt added that was a real shame for Moore.

“When a guy like Corey Moore has the offseason that he has, starts out in the camp the way he started, he really made himself into a fine player,” Richt said. “Great shape, really understood the system, was leading, was practicing [well]. … Everybody noticed and he got the attention of the staff and then he gets banged up, so he can’t work.”

Emerson writes Richt is employing a milder version of Spurrier’s “Jadeveon, if it’s not too much trouble, would you mind getting your magnificent injured ass back out on the practice field?  Thanks.” motivational tactics when he says this:

“You can’t hardly get better if you practice. You can learn some things watching, walk-throughs, film study. You can learn, but until you’re out there doing it it’s just so hard to get good at anything. And also for us to know what they’re getting, what they’re comprehending, what they’re able to execute. We just haven’t had enough healthy guys to become as good as we can be. So it’s a concern right now.”

… and for all I know that may be all it is.  In any event, it sure would be nice if these guys started making it back to practice this coming week.

Meanwhile in Clemson, things aren’t looking too good either, according to Shakin the Southland‘s esteemed DrB, the only difference being it’s not about the injuries.

There has been much less raving about the defense. The secondary is not ready for primetime. If we play well in the back 4 against UGA I’ll be shocked. The back 7 as a whole may be adequate, but no one is ready opposite Breeland at one CB spot. Alexander is slowly coming back from the groin injury suffered at the start of practice, and I bet he wins the starting spot as soon as he’s able to go full speed and tackle in practice. We’re going to play a lot of freshmen back here: Kearse and Mac are definites, but Johnson and Wiggins are also likely. I’m a little disappointed that I havent heard of Tankersley pushing Smith more.

If I’m one of the starting quarterbacks, I’ve got a little more spring in my step right now.


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21 responses to “Fire away.

  1. Scorpio Jones,III

    So, Clemson scores 62, We score 63?
    And its a night game…..

    Maw….time to round up the PED’s, its gonna be a long night for dad.


  2. The other Doug

    I guess Georgia is even more likely to try and spread them out and get their nickel package.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I guess Clemson’s even more likely to spread Georgia out and get their nickel package.


      • IveyLeaguer

        Could well be both.

        We just gotta get these guys back, period … Matthews, Fluker, and Moore. These guys have missed the most important part of camp. The only positive is, if you have to have half the new secondary out, it’s better the new safeties than the new corners.


  3. sUGArdaddy

    The problem for the Kitty Cats is they can’t spread us out and hand it to #3. We can. It’s going to kill them. Moreover, we can go base and split Marshall and Rome out and all of sudden be in one back. Or we can go 3 wide with Marshall and Gurley and go 4 or 5 wide or be in 2 back shotgun. Man, this is going to be fun.

    I’ll be our DBs miraculously heal in the next couple days.


  4. Lrgk9

    Da Hacksaw on Rivals says the ‘Heal’ is in by game time.


  5. mdcgtp

    We will beat Clemson handily. South Carolina is and should be the concern. They have good lines of scrimmage, a very good QB, good RBs, speed in the secondary, and of course Clowney. They will be far far more formidable than Clemson. that is not to say, I don’t think we can or will beat them. It simply means I am not particularly worried about Clemson for any other reason than its a game and I worry about every game.


  6. Mudcats Impala...

    Quick notes from Clemson’s Saturday scrimmage….

    *Linebacker Spencer Shuey and RB Tyshon Dye were in yellow jerseys for the scrimmage.

    * Freshman safety Jayron Kearse suffered a separated shoulder in the scrimmage.

    * Tigers will start introducing Georgia and the gameplan for the Bulldogs on Monday.

    * Robert Smith, Travis Blanks, and MacKensie Alexander were also held out of the scrimmage for injuries. Blanks and Smith could have possibly played but were held out to be safe.

    * Alexander has regressed with the groin injury that he suffered before the start of fall camp. He has not be able to practice much during fall camp.

    * Dabo Swinney said Rod McDowell has earned the starting RB position for the Georgia game.


    • That last bullet point makes sense. I bet the senior McDowell is their best blocking RB right now.


      • americusdawg

        More regarding the Clemmons scrimmage today … Their five quarterbacks combined to go 16 of 37 for 180 yards with two interceptions and the one TD (by the redshirt freshman Brendan Nosovitch). Two of the team’s top receivers from last year, Bruce Ellington & tight end Rory Anderson, did not see action due to both having hamstring issues.


  7. 69Dawg

    Oh how I wish Munson was around to help us poor mouth the D. I can hear him now. “How can we go against that high powered offense when we have a million guys hurt. We will need old Lady Luck to just hang with these guys.”


    • Slaw Dawg

      “Do you realize what that quarterback will do to us? He threw for a hundred million miles last year and God only knows how many touchdowns! He and that incredible receiver–have you seen that guy?– are going to just feast on our beat up, banged up secondary, who are just a bunch of little kids anyway! Boyd will just stand back there and throw bombs all day long while our green as grass secondary limp around Tiger Stadium getting yelled at by all those crazy Clemson fans. I don’t know, guys, I just don’t know how on Earth the Dawgs are going to be able to do it. Murray and Gurley and Mitchell will have to score and score to even have a chance in this thing, and if it comes down to a field goal, My God, we don’t even have a kicker, so then what are we gonna do?”


  8. Macallanlover

    Injuries are my primary concern because we are better on both sides of the ball. The Clemson edge is home game at night, and probably STs. I went ahead and placed my bet this week on DAWGS giving 1 point. I may increase it if the injuries become less concern and the public doesnt drive the spread up.


  9. SCDawg

    First team to 40 points probably wins this one. Hopefully we don’t have the same kind of epic coach fail as LSU did in the bowl game. They absolutely gave that game to Clemson at the end.


    • Dawgfan Will

      Watched the LSU/Bama game fron last season recently. They handed Bama that game in the 4th quarter. McCarron looked pedestrian the whole game while they were bringing pressure. They played prevent on Bama’s last scoring series, and he picked them apart.


      • Slaw Dawg

        Yeah, Chavis (the LSU DC) will do that. Remember the Dawgs’ winning TD drive in ’01 ending in P-44 Haynes (or the “Hobnail Boot” play)? The Dawgs bit off big chunks of yardage to score in less than 42 seconds (with only 1 TO) in part because the Vols were only pressuring with 3 linemen. I lived in Tennessee at the time, and many Vol fans blamed Chavis for that–no fans can bitch about their coaches quite like those guys. Far as I was concerned, it was beautiful no matter whose “fault” it was!