Sunday morning buffet

Like rust, the college football world never sleeps.



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6 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Me thinks Texas A & M is overrated. We shall see….


  2. hunkerdowndawg

    Has Mark Richt lost control of the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Department? Once Saban wakes up and finds out about this, I believe the charges will be dropped for insufficient evidence. 20 up-downs for Mr Smith and the matter is closed.


  3. Chuck

    39,000 for a 10RC for an open practice seems right – those fans think they might win that one. 😉


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    It’s preseason jonesing for sure. Last week I read where it could be the OSU and Louisville for all the marbles.Both with easy schedules. Today I read Louisville is picked to lose a close one in their opener to the Ohio Bobcats. Curious.


  5. HottCheese

    “Finally, somebody comes up with something dumber than the NCAA’s current amateurism model for football.”

    I think that this fella is neglecting the fact that a RB from Miami might not want to attend the University of Wisconsin. He’s also ignoring the fact that 99% of college football players will never play a down in the NFL, (or project to play in the NFL) so no NFL team would ever put them on the payroll by drafting them. I don’t think that is to controversial to say that baseball is to football as apples are to cumquats. There are so many holes is this “theory” it’s just plain silly.


  6. Geno plays because Saban don’t put up with that kind of police or academic bullshit.