And now, my favorite play from last season.

It wasn’t a game decider and it didn’t come in regular season play, but there is just something about that Murray to Conley 87-yard TD pass in the Cap One Bowl that makes me go schwiiinnng!  You can read what Murray had to say about the play here.

“They brought a full-house blitz, man-to-man coverage blitz. I think about seven guys, leaving the last four in coverage on our four receivers. Perfect. Just how you draw it up, exactly what you want to do,” Murray said.

Tight end Arthur Lynch walls off Conley’s defender, Cornhuskers cornerback Ciante Evans, with a key block to spring him into the open field. Meanwhile, left tackle Kenarious Gates sprints into the open field and upends Nebraska safety Daimion Stafford at the 24, cutting off the last defender who has any chance of catching Conley.

The Georgia receiver, meanwhile, turns on the afterburners and sprints down the middle of the field for the win-clinching touchdown.

Great call, great throw, great catch, great run.  But what really sealed the deal for me was that block Gates threw to open up the middle of the field for Conley after the reception.  It looked like the parting of the Red Sea out there.

“Kenarious Gates made an unbelievable block downfield, which a lot of people won’t see, but he did a great job of chopping Conley’s guy down at the knees and Conley did the rest of the work from there,” Murray said. “It was a pretty impressive run. I’ve never seen him run so fast in my life. He was galloping pretty nicely down the field and … just really sealed the deal for us.”



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11 responses to “And now, my favorite play from last season.

  1. Arthur Lynch wasn’t down field blocking while the ball was in the air. Besides, that’s legal when it’s a non-SEC opponent.


    • dawghouse23

      The pass was behind the line of scrimmage so it’s legal for Lynch to block even when the ball is in the air. That’s also why Gates wasn’t called for an ineligible reciever downfield. Am I right on that? I’m not really sure but it sounds correct. Love that play though. Bobo uses it quite often actually, but it usually doesn’t go for 87 yards.


      • Ubiquitous Ga Alum

        You are correct … it’s like a screen pass when the OL goes past the line & the RB waits behind them … the actual play was a tunnel or jail-break screen … it was so effective because A) the OL line slowed down the blitz B) because of the blitz Lynch, who has resp for blocking the inside defender, only had to the block the SS becuse the ILB was blitzing


  2. WillTrane

    And he ran out of his shoes. Conley had an up and down game in the Dome. Thinking back to it, what would that game have been if Munson was doing the play by play in his prime.


  3. TDawg5

    I Love Gates block, but that guy was not catching Conley regardless.


  4. Spike

    Slightly off topic, but my favorite play was Jarvis Jones knocking the ball loose from Reed at the goal line in the WLOCP.


  5. Coastal Dawg

    I have to vote for Murray to Mitchell against fl. Right in front of our seats. It was … Wow, just wow. Great call, great throw and then a great run by MM. I broke the nice old lady sitting next to when I picked her up and hugged her. She said it was okay, “it was worth it.”


  6. John

    I’ll take Williams’ tackle against UF on 4th and 1. If you’re going to call out the rest of the defense, better step up yourself. Happens at the 0:58 mark.