Judging Aaron Murray

In light of this weekend’s discussion/trollfest at GTP about Aaron Murray’s college career, I thought this was a timely observation:

“In my opinion, he doesn’t have to prove anything,” right guard Chris Burnette said. “But I know the outside opinion is for him to just continue to do well and even better in the big games. Honestly, he’s a great leader of our team. Anytime we do well in a big game, he has a large part of it.

“Especially being a quarterback, I think a lot of the blame can get lumped on him when it’s not really his fault. I feel like if we come out and achieve our goals this year, I don’t think anybody will really be able to say too much about him.”

Well, about that last point, I think Burnette perhaps underestimates the tenaciousness of a certain part of the fan base (I can already hear the “how come it took him four years?” criticism).  But I digress.

What I’m more interested about is an existential question:  how much credit does a quarterback deserve for his team’s wins and losses?  (A question, by the way, not for trolls or blind homers, as we already know the nature of your responses.)  On the one hand, quarterback is the most important position on the field.  On the other, even Johnny Football doesn’t play defense or special teams.

And shouldn’t some of your perception depend on what’s put on a quarterback’s shoulders?  David Greene is Georgia’s all-time winning quarterback (and my personal favorite), but I don’t think anybody would seriously argue that he was as physically gifted a quarterback as Shockley, Stafford or Murray.  His leadership skills were superb, though, and he had the luxury of being asked to be a game manager for much of his career because VanGorder’s defenses were so stout.  So how do you rate the credit for, say, beating a mediocre at best UAB team at home 16-13?

That’s a luxury Stafford didn’t enjoy, except perhaps over the second half of the 2007 season.  And I can point to games like Kentucky and Georgia Tech in 2008, when Georgia doesn’t even stay in those games if Stafford didn’t pick the offense up on his shoulders and carry it.  (Alas, that wasn’t enough against Tech.)  But I can also point to games when Stafford didn’t handle the pressure well at all.  How much blame does Stafford deserve for overcompensating for a defense that couldn’t hold up?

Which brings us to Aaron Murray.

Statistically, Murray is going to wind up as Georgia’s greatest ever at the position.  But, fairly or unfairly, he’s got the big game flop label hanging around his neck.  He also hasn’t hoisted an SEC championship trophy.  How do you apportion credit or blame for games like the 2011 South Carolina craziness, when Murray had two big turnovers, but also registered the highest passer rating against the Gamecocks’ defense that season and kept his team in the game with four TD passes?  And how do you score his work in last year’s painful SECCG?  After all, his wasn’t the offense that abandoned the passing game for much of the night.  But he threw a crucial interception at the end of the first half and when all was said and done finished five yards shy of a signature win.

I’m not expecting definitive answers here, at least not if you don’t have an agenda.  But I’d like to know where you think Murray stands and why.  Lay your thoughts on me in the comments.


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  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    Complete the tiny task of winning the national championship and Murray will be the best UGA QB ever.

    Anything less and we will never forget the mental lapses in Jax, happy feet in Columbia or the Debacles in the Dome…

    Regardless, he is fun as hell to root for and I believe in him.

    • D.N. Nation

      “Mental lapses in Jax”

      Made the plays to win the game.

      • James Stephenson

        Other than a bad pass in 2010, he could easily be undefeated vs the gators. And hell, who was the last GA QB to beat the Gators twice.

  2. If he wins the SEC title, he’s unquestionably the greatest Georgia QB in the modern era. If he doesn’t win the conference, but he beats Florida for a third time, he’s arguably the greatest in the modern era. If he does neither, he’s an all-time great with the likes of Zeier and Stafford: guys that could really fling it around but never had a complete team around him at the right time. We’ll look back fondly on his playing days, and we’ll be glad when he comes back and does some charity football throw thing, but that’s about it.

    That may or may not be fair, but that’s the life of a QB. Look at the criticism of Peyton Manning. He’s only won one NFL title. Peyton, in his prime, was the person most responsible for his team’s success. It’s the same with Dan Marino, but Joe Montana who had hall of famers at nearly every position on his team for three Super Bowls is considered the greatest QB until Brady wins another one. Peyton had more to do with his team winning, but Joe’s teams were more successful, so conventional wisdom says he must have been the better QB. (McCarron vs Murray, anyone?)

    QB’s have to win championships. I hope Murray gets his.

    • Rugbydawg 79

      +1 Trey—bonus question-how good would Matt Robinson have been if he had these QB coaches ?–he did beat Alabama 21-0

      • the single greatest game day in the history of Athens…..21-0 you had to kill someone to get arrested in Athens that night, Pelted the Bama bus with gravel from the tracks so bad the Bama players got off the bus with their helmets on. What was the name of their fullback who had never lost a yard until that game? Matt Robinson good enough to start for the Jets but not UGA,,,,Just Damn.

  3. Shankster

    Wow, tough question. I guess it depends on which AM we’re talking about, the guy who plays against subpar teams,
    or the guy who plays against the top teams? I thought ESPN did a decent job of covering this yesterday.

    Ultimately, isn’t it the coaches responsibility to run systems that work effectively? That’s what quality control expert Deming taught.

    I don’t think they’ve prepared AM well
    for these top games.

    You guys think the ESPN article was fair or too critical yesterday?

    • Final warning: you change monikers again and you get banned, the poster formerly known as Will.

      Again, I don’t mind the negativity, or even the twisting of stats to make a case. But I’m not putting up with the sockpuppetry.

      • uglydawg

        Senatot, it’s your blog, but I think you should allow him to change it one more time to “likestoargue”.

    • Not sure I agree with any of this. Murray needs to settle himself down quicker. That’s his main weakness. See his second half stats vs first half stats. This year I expect to see more #3 and #4 early in the first two games to help ease Murray into the them.

      • Never really understood the logic behind this “settling down quicker” by handing the ball off. I guess the question is, what makes him settle down? Is it just being in the game for X minutes and watching ppl run around / hear the crowd roar; or is it having him make pass attempts & decisions. If the latter, than handing the ball to 3 and 4 the first half does him no good and only prolongs his ‘anciness’ til the second half… which does us no good.

  4. wnc dawg

    I love Greene as much as the next guy, but if Stinchcomb doesn’t fall on David’s fumble in the endzone against Auburn, lots of folks would evaluate him differently. Even with all the success he enjoyed, if he doesn’t win an SECCG (let alone fumbled the chance of it away in the endzone), he’d be remembered quite differently.

    As for Murray, he is a great QB, and one of the best we’ve had in my time closely watching the program (25ish years). He is prone to press too much, and seems susceptible to let errors compound. However, he has certainly shown growth in the latter of those issues, and from all appearances is just a wonderful player/kid to root for and be the face of your program. I don’t think Murray gets enough credit for the stability he has brought either. Richt’s job of turning the program around from the depths of a losing season to a play away from the NCG would’ve been much more difficult without having Murray around.

  5. Mark

    Might as well bring Zeier into this discussion as well. What do you think he would have done with some of the defenses that DG had? Of course, Zeier got to work with some pretty stout offensive players.

    I tend to agree with what Chris Burnette said and what coaches in general say… the QB gets too much credit and too much blame. What if our receivers hold on to a couple more passes in the championship game against LSU? Things would have been way different in that game.

    Also, I think people are over reacting to the big game thing. Why? Take a look at AM’s second half statistics in those games. He may come out with tons of adrenalin to start those games, but when he settles down, wow. As fans, we get worked up, then get upset when the players get worked up. AM played a huge role in our win over Florida last year. And as a reminder, they were undefeated at the time.

    I don’t know of a college QB I would rather have on my team right now that AM.

    Question… if UGA had one more defensive lineman available last year, do you think that perhaps we would have stopped Bama one more time? Then what would people say about AM?

    • At least, against LSU in 2011, Murray had a great running back corps and a punt coverage team to help flip the field that allowed him the comfortable position of “game manager.” [sarcasm font]

  6. Shankster

    What I mean is AM has a 25-2 record against subpar teams, but his record drops to 3-11 against the top teams.

    If you’re an AM fan, you probably are leaning to the 25-2 AM.

    If you’re not an AM fan, you likely put more emphasis on the 3-11 AM.

    • Hackerdog

      You’ve missed the entire point of the exercise. It isn’t to parse AM’s win/loss record. I would expect most teams/QBs to lose more against quality opponents. The point is, how much credit/blame should the QB take for the team’s performance? I guess your position is, all of it.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Calling it AM’s win-loss record is enough for me to write off your opinion as garbage.

        Go watch tennis.

        • WH

          Please explain this comment…

          • Irwin R Fletcher

            Football is not an individual sport. No player has a won-loss record. QB’s don’t have a won-loss record. Aaron Murray hasn’t played anyone on his own that I know of… although he probably would be favored against last year’s Auburn team.

            If you are interested in individual won-loss records as a comparison, go watch tennis.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I’m going to recuse myself from commenting, but I feel it is still acceptable to give an occasional +1.😉

      • Shankster

        Not necessarily. Several SEC Qb’s have excellent records against teams that finish in the top 25 AP poll.

        McCarron, Driskell, Shaw’s teams all win near 70% of those type of games.

        UGA’s record, in the Murray era, is @30%.

        • WH

          3 quarterbacks whose teams have defenses ranging from stout to awesome.

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              “Several SEC Qb’s have excellent records against teams that finish in the top 25 AP poll”

              Uh…no they don’t. You mean their teams have excellent records? Oh…right.

              Mini-Ditka vs. the Giants comes to mind.

              • Irwin R Fletcher

                One more note…none of those other QB’s had to start as a Freshman. Comparing the state of the Bama program in 2011 to UGA in 2010 is just dumb. Also, you can’t just say “against teams that finished in the top 25″…Connor Shaw’s teams are 7-3 against those finishing in the top 25…but against teams finishing in the top 10? 1-2. Murray’s UGA teams his soph and junior year were 3-6 against teams finishing in the top 25…but 6 of those 9 games were against teams that finished in the top 10 including 2 national champs. So over the same two year span, you are comparing 6 games vs. the top 10 with 3 games vs. the top 10. That doesn’t make any rational sense.

                Murray’s UGA teams are 0-1 against teams that finished between 10 and 20 while Shaw’s South Carolina teams are 2-1. Shaw’s teams pad their ‘top 25’ records against the lower teams where they have gone 4-0 against teams that are 20-25 (which I thought eariler you weren’t counting? oh well…), while Murray’s UGA teams his Soph and junior year have gone 2-0.

  7. South FL Dawg

    I look at stats and the competition they were built against. And I do that for a career or a season, not something like games against top 10 opponents where the sample size is too small and easily skewed. I don’t think anyone would question Dan Marino but he had some horrible games which just goes to show, you can find things against anybody.

    • South FL Dawg

      And just to be clear, the competition to me is the SEC, not a sliver of ranked teams. Troll, take a hike.

    • Shankster

      Record against teams that finished in the top 20 is probably a better sample size than top 10, that’s what the AP poll used to be, top 20.

      Murray is 1-9 in those games against teams that finished in the AP top 20.

      • Murray’s record is bad against ranked teams, no doubt. One of those losses came when his defense/special teams surrendered 24 points (in a 3 point loss). That’s the stuff that bothers me. There are games you can cite where Murray shit the bed. No doubt. But when the defense does likewise, why rip Murray for it?

        • Hackerdog

          Assigning 100% of the responsibility for the team’s performance to the QB is very easy. It takes no thought. Thinking rationally about what the QB should be responsible for is hard and takes a lot of thought.

          There’s your answer.

          • Shankster

            It’s called ‘leadership”.

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              Seriously…that douchebag Robert E Lee had no leadership skils…otherwise he wouldn’t have lost so many battles.

              You’re soooo smart, smart guy!

          • Irwin R Fletcher

            That’s neat how you changed it from Top 25 to Top 20 to make it look better for your argument. Cute. (“It used to be top 20…LOL…that was 25 years ago…mucho relevanto)

            Against teams that finished in the Top 5, Tim Tebow was 1-3 in his career. HE MUST SUCK!!!!

            Just as a reference point…Bama went 2-1 against teams that finished in the top 10 in 2012…Georgia went 1-2…the difference in those two records? 5 yards.

      • WH

        Using the “Finished in the Top X” argument also overlooks the fact that if Georgia beats somebody, the likelihood that they will end up ranked is lowered, because they lost. Using “record against ranked opponents” as an objective assessment seems especially egregious because of the subjective (read: human) component of polls.

  8. paul

    I’ve been critical of Murray in the past. In particular, I leveled the “can’t win the big games” argument. I believe he got over that last year. We’ll see how he does this season. At this point I believe he will have an outstanding year. One thing I’ve never questioned is his character. I’ll take Murray over Johnny Football each and every day. The best thing the Georgia program has done over the past few years is to get rid of selfish, cancerous players that eat away at team chemistry. Manziel has the potential to take A&M to heights they haven’t seen in a long time. The problem is, he can just as easily destroy the team. I’d say the the odds of either are about 50-50 at this point. Johnny Football is all about Johnny Football. Aaron Murray is all about Georgia football and his team. Regardless of whether or not he ever wins the SEC or the MNC Aaron Murray will always be a damn good dawg. That’s the best you can be.

    • Shankster

      AJ didn’t play well against LSU, A/M, Michigan or Georgia. Had a great game against Notre Dame.

      AJ had a better defense and a better coach so his team won 3 of 4 of those games, despite AJ’s poor play.

      • AJ played well enough against LSU when he had to.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          AJ also played well enough against Georgia when he had to.

          • Shankster

            the Bama loss is all on Mark Richt.

            First, you’ve got to win the time of possession. Rest the defense. Run the ball more with Gurley.

            Second, you’ve got to spike the ball at the end of that game.

            Murray had nothing to do with either strategic decision.

            • Second, you’ve got to spike the ball at the end of that game.

              Oh Gawd, not again.

              • mg4life0331

                Didnt you know that if he spiked, the ensuing play could not have been tipped at the line or caught by Chris Conley? Its a scientific fact.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  Don’t go there. If the ball had been spiked the FIRST thing said in the huddle would have been, “If you are not in the end zone do NOT catch the ball–bat it down.” If the ball had been spiked Conley would NOT have caught the tipped ball.

        • Shankster

          AJ completed 51%, for 6 yards an attempt, 1 td. Not his best game against LSU.

          But, Saban’s philosophy of being a run first team, rests the defense more,
          and has proven to be more effective than Richt’s pass first and hurry up offense philosophy

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Again with the: ” you’ve got to spike the ball at the end of that game.”
            ……open mouth, change feet. “Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it yet “again”. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  9. Shankster

    Murray didn’t start out too well, he went 0-9 in his first 9 games in 2010 and 2011 against teams that finished in the AP poll.

    But he got better last year in these types of games in 2012, going 3-2 in these type of games, with wins over Vandy, Nebraska and Florida.

    • uglydawg

      Maybe if he’d have had 10 other players on the field around him instead of being out there all by himself…plus having to play every position on defense, kicking and special teams…he would have won more like whoevertheshit you admire must have done. AM is a very good QB, standing this season on the threshold of greatness, and you’ve got to put him down? Are you afraid of what he’s about to do you your team? Looks like it.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Murray was also a Freshman on a not so great football team in one of those years. If you look at his stats during the 4 game losing streak, the losses were not on him.

  10. Macallanlover

    Can’t, and won’t, rank “greatest” QBs as there are too many variables in such a team environment for any clear winner, but Murray will always be on of my favorites based on the classy way he has gone about his business A-Z and delivered on the field. Shock might be my favorite, but not saying he was the “best”. His staying with us and making his one shot count by winning the championship was very special.

    I only have 3 negative plays that stand out with Murray: 1)the pass before half time against Bama was the worst I ever saw him throw, he had plenty of time and an open receiver, 2) the INT in overtime against Florida was the biggest mistake that hurt the most, and 3) the fumble on the scramble against LSU to start the 2nd half of the SECCG fueled the momentum change and was the second most harmful. All of that is more than offset by the positives but those are about all the negative things I can say in his, almost five years at UGA.

    • Shankster

      If ranking Qb’s on how nice they are, Terishinski Jr, Gray, Greene, Cox and Shockley would be right up there with Murray.

      Stafford and Mett and Marshall, not so much.

    • 2) the INT in overtime against Florida was the biggest mistake that hurt the most

      That one wasn’t totally on Murray. The o-line whiffed badly on the (3-man!) pass rush and Charles didn’t run his pattern correctly.

      • And for that and other instances he’s been banished to the desolate landscape of NFL fullback

      • Macallanlover

        True, nothing is totally on one player in that situation, hence the whole dispute about assigning blame, or giving credit to solo efforts for wins/losses. I select that play, and the two others because I do think either bad throws, or bad judgments contributed significantly on his role alone. But it is difficult to split that atom in football.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I haven’t gone back and watched the game again, but if memory serves, the interception before the half against Alabama was not so much a bad pass as a complete misread of where the safety was. He threw the pass on a line as if the thought there was no safety to undercut it, but it didn’t look like it was off target.

  11. QBs, like presidents and CEOs, get too much blame and too much credit. Murray couldn’t block for himself against SoCar, but he was terrible so he gets the blame. Murray threw a 7-yard pass to Conley, but the play call was perfect and the blocking supreme…yet he gets the credit.

    Murray has had issues in “big games.” The most egregious was last year’s Florida game (in my opinion) with second being the Mich St bowl game he single-handedly gave away. However, the LSU SEC title game was not on him. The SoCar game in 2011 was not on him. Last year it was team-wide collapse (lest we forget Connor Shaw looking like Elway against the defense).

    The reason the “he can’t win the big games” argument will live on is due to its ease. It’s harder to break down blocking schemes or a poor route by a WR. Instead just look at a QBs stat line and call it a day.

    • Shankster

      The head spinner is how a guy like Jeff Driskel, with a green head coach like Muschamp, with virtually no offensive weapons, goes 5-2 against ranked teams.

      • It’s not that difficult to figure out if you look at UF’s special teams and defensive play and the turnover margin.

        Only two games the Gators lost last season came when they had a negative TO margin.

        • Shankster

          thought UGA outplayed Alabama in special teams with the fake punt for first down, and then the blocked punt return for td.

          And UGA won the turnover battle against Alabama.

          Formula might work for Florida, but not for Georgia’s hurry up pass first offense.

          Alabama won that game on time of possession by 15 minutes, wore out the UGA defense.

      • ARDawg

        Would you ever dream of trading Murray for Driskel? Clearly, Florida won many games last year in spite of Driskel. That’s the whole team concept thing again rearing its head in this QB W-L record debate.

    • uglydawg

      “The reason the “he can’t win the big games” argument will live on is due to its ease.” Parrish hit the nail on the head with that one. Lazy and dumb talking heads flagged for piling on!

  12. Dawg19

    I was suffering extreme nausea from our inability to beat Florida. Aaron Murray led the fix for that in 2011 with a gutsy performance and then gave us back-to-back wins for the first time since 1989. I don’t care about any of the other crap. He’s gold to me.

  13. Keese

    I think Murray’s biggest weakness is finishing. He does so many things right, but in critical moments, fails to shut the door in some cases. Having a killer instinct is not one of those intangibles that come to mind when thinking of his play in big games

  14. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Going back to Burnette’s quote, the QB “link” gets the most attention/blame. But not always his to burden alone. Greene’s chain was stronger overall given the record/championship. Hopefully Murray can experience that in his final season. God knows he’s earned it.

    And fwiw, the results haven’t been what we always wanted on the field during his tenure, but it’s been a pleasure to see the development of Aaron Murray. Rare that you get a chance to see four seasons of growth from a quarterback, both in skill and leadership. He had little left to prove to his teammates in coming back this season and still took the bull by the horns in the off season workouts. DGD.

    • Shankster

      True, the team has gotten better each year against the top teams.

      In year 1, UGA lost to all teams with winning records.

      In year 2, UGA lost to all teams that finished in the AP poll,
      but beat some teams with winning records.

      In year 3, UGA went 3-2 to teams that finished in the AP poll.
      If you think about, if UGA scores on the last 5 yard play against Bama,
      UGA would have been 4-1 against op 25 in 2012.

  15. D.N. Nation

    AJ McCarron, until the last drive, had completed one (1) pass in the second half against LSU, and was being thoroughly outplayed by Mettenberger. And then Les goes for an ill-advised FG attempt rather than pin the Tide deep in their own territory, McCarron completes a couple passes, and then the sea parts on a screen pass. Comeback for the ages. McCarron reaffirms godlike status.

    Murray does a similar trick against Florida twice, and, well…..we beat Florida, but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough. Waaah.

    The Cobb-County-Hutson-Mason-4-Life contingent of the UGA fanbase is ridiculous.

    • The Cobb-County-Hutson-Mason-4-Life contingent of the UGA fanbase is ridiculous.

      This cracked me up. I really hope Mason is as good as his fans think he is, because UGA is stacked next year if so. I just have shades of Joe Cox in my head when I think about him.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I doubt we’ll be seeing Hutson Mason as the starter next year. The underclassmen are too good and we don’t need any more of that 1 year QB business. It’s a shame, too, because Mason was/is a rare talent throwing the football.

  16. Bright Idea

    We can debate all of the Murray issues but I firmly believe that if UGA wins it all this year he will get too much credit and if they don’t he will get too much blame. The same can be said of all QBs. A young defense and tougher schedule means Murray will have to do a lot but he does have some help around him. Being short is his biggest handicap IMO.

  17. Shankster

    Don’t you think there are degrees of leadership?

    Level 1- Leader in title because Coach names you Qb
    (AM is past this)
    Level 2- Leader because of individual achievements
    (AM is past this level too)
    Level 3- Leader because of organizational/teams achievements
    (AM is hung up here with the whole 1-9 record against teams that finish top 20)
    Level 4- Leader because of teammates achievements
    (AM isn’t here yet, not enough offensive teammates have won All American or Heismans)
    Level 5- Leader because of values
    (rare anyone gets here)

    Source: John Maxwell 5 levels of leadership

    Isn’t this really about AM’s leadership?

    • D.N. Nation

      “Level 3- Leader because of organizational/teams achievements
      (AM is hung up here with the whole 1-9 record against teams that finish top 20)”

      Murray has two SEC East championships.

      “Level 4- Leader because of teammates achievements
      (AM isn’t here yet, not enough offensive teammates have won All American or Heismans)”

      Todd Gurley had more yards than any other RB in the SEC last season. But no, he didn’t win the Heisman because Hutson Mason > Murray, or something.

  18. AM has played his butt off the last 3 years for this program. It’s hard to blame 2010 on him as Bobo kept the training wheels on while AJ sat and our defense couldn’t stop anyone consistently. The only game where he played terribly was the Game That Shall Not Be Named in Memphis. In 2011, he got his brains beat in by an undersized Boise St line that our guys couldn’t block. Other than two plays, he (with Crowell) kept us in the USCe game as we tried to give it to them. He made a couple of poor plays at the beginning of the 2nd half against LSU, but no one mentions the drops and mistakes everyone else made in the 1st half. In 2012, did he play poorly in Columbia? Yes, and so did the rest of the team. Anyone who blames the Bama loss on him has an ax to grind and forgets the absolute cheap shot that would have knocked some guys out of the game.

    Do QBs get too much of the credit and blame? Yes, but that’s the way it has always been. Does AM need a championship to cement his legacy as an all-time great? It certainly wouldn’t hurt. Would Urban have “retired” if he had AM to take over for the GPOOE? I think he may still be on the Gator sideline with a real QB to run his system.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “…..forgets the absolute cheap shot that would have knocked some guys out of the game.”
      Kids a warrior for sure.

  19. Skip Smith

    Coach Bobo has complete confidence in AM’s ability to function under pressure. That’s good enough for me. I”ll take AM with us down 4 with the ball and 2 minutes & feel good about our chances.

  20. WarD Eagle

    Murray is the best QB in UGA history and the second best player.

    • WDE, not ready to give Murray the place as 2nd best player. A guy named Trippi probably occupies that spot (or a guy named Pollack or Jones). I think he will be the best statistical QB by a long shot. Stafford had better physical tools. Greene had better “intangibles” at this point, but you might be right that Murray’s the best package we have had at the position in the modern era. You guys have seen him at his best in the 3 games against Auburn. He played well as a freshman and took everything Fairley could give and more. He was lights out as a sophomore in Athens and was surgical last year on the Plains.

  21. Rebar

    AM has shown some real toughness as the leader of our offense. I don’t remember which game it was his freshman year, but he got clobbered in the chin. Saw the sideline shot of him having a bandage placed under his chin strap and kept playing. I remember the 2010 Auburn game where Fairley took several cheap shots at AM & he just kept getting up and going. That hit in the Alabama SECCG interception would have put a lesser man out of the game. He has done nothing but bleed red & black and put the team first; a great leader in the offseason also, so Shankster, Piss Off!

  22. Normaltown Mike

    Well I think we can all agree on this, Aaron Murray will never compete with the greatest QB of the CMR era, Blake Barnes.

    Zero losses and zero interceptions for Ole Blake.

    Am I right or am I right? Huh?

  23. A great ground attack makes all QBs look better. A seasoned, deep offensive line makes all QBs look better. A stable of tall, athletic receivers makes all QBs look better. If we start the season with a healthy Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Jonathon Rumph, Artie Lynch and Jay Rome… I will not be worried about Aaron Murray. Maybe Murray needs to come right out and say “I know what the hell I’m doing!”

  24. Mike Cooley

    I said it to the sock puppeteer the other day and ill say it again, he is the best qb of the Richt era and that pretty much makes him the best qb we have ever had. Loved Green, always will. But he normally wasn’t asked to do much. He made two great clutch plays that we will always remember but those two plays do not make him the best ever. It’s all about the body of work and INDIVIDUAL stats. Take the emotion out of it and its easy. Stafford was more physically gifted than Murray. But a better qb? Nope. People fall victim to the ESPN echo chamber and the irony there is they think they are being objective when they regurgitate whatever narrative those clowns have worked so hard to cement.

    • Lamb Chop

      WHAAAT! Hold it right there Buster! I agree with what you said about Aaron Murray but HOW DARE YOU use such insensitive language as “sock puppeteer.” People of cloth everywhere deserve respect and you have insulted all of us by lumping us together with that hideous “Shankster person.” HE does not control any person of cloth and is no “sock puppeteer.” We sock personages control ourselves thank you very much and do not need you or anyone else to make it appear otherwise. Any more outbursts like that from you and I will report you to the EEOC! I just can’t get any respect (weeping softly). Shari. Shari. Where are you? (now sobbing).

  25. Mike Cooley

    Does this nut really think Driskell is a better qb tha. Murray based on the teams’ records against top ranked opponents? Dude that alone should prove to you that it isn’t one guy’s fault or his glory to claim. If Driskell Qbs a team and said team has a good record against top ranked opponents, that tells me that having a good qb isn’t necessary to beat top ranked opponents. Assuming I have no agenda of course. Which you clearly do.

  26. Snake Plisskin

    Interesting replies…I can hardly remember what the original article was about, there were so many…anyway, I rather focus on the team approach…to me (and I want to emphasize ME) CMR has a hard time putting a complete team on the field…one year the O-line is suspect, then there’s the special teams, then the super star laded defense craps out (not for a game but a whole season), oh yea, forgot about the running game the first two years…but, good news for this year (I hope) because this group seems to be more of a team then they ever had before…lets hope that CMR has all the pieces in place, because this could be a special year…in closing, and off topic, isn’t it interesting how Ohio State is ranked #2, and with their schedule, how can any team move ahead of them no matter how well they play…Snake out

  27. McTyre

    Good analysis. Give Joe Cox’s body of work another look through the same lense.

  28. Snake Plisskin

    Talked with Murray about Cox when he was home one time…told him that Cox wasn’t that bad after watching some replays of games…he agreed and said that the only thing about Joe was his arm would wear out, but he was still a heck of a competitor…Murray being Murray…classy kid…Snake out