Epic nerd

This is too good not to share.

The crowd shot seals the deal, doesn’t it?  The only thing that could have made that speech more epic is if he’d ripped off his gown to reveal an imperial storm trooper’s uniform beneath.

Remember, these are the people who Paul Johnson wants to get to football games.

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  1. They are truly pathetic.

  2. Lrgk9

    Wow – just Wow…

    • Hey now….I am sure that guy is NOT an SAE. Those are the real men at Tech! At least that was the case back in 1973! Student tickets are free. What do these guys have to do in ATL, except go to FB Games?

  3. stop, stop, for God’s sake stop you’re killing me! Truth is indeed stranger than fiction and even Isaac Asimov could not have scripted a more revealing scene.

  4. Joey Bryan

    I half expected information to flash up on the screen about where to send my love offering after that one.

  5. Gravidy

    Something tells me I’d better bookmark this comment thread, you know…just in case.

  6. heyberto

    We really need to quit ridiculing Johnson and have a new appreciation for the impossible situation he’s in.

  7. cube

    Save the cap and gown for graduation you pompous ass.

  8. greeneggboy

    The defense would benefit from a few ironman suits.

  9. Castleberry

    I’m pretty sure they were clapping for Ric Flair. Woooo!

  10. Tim Rogers

    That my friends is a classic. Must save that one to the hard drive for future reference.

  11. walk34

    I did not know they still had the rat caps. Where have I been?

    • They still throw them in the air at Homecoming. I loved sitting in the flash card section as a Sweetheart…then I went to Athens and never went back to a Tech game. I was ruined the minute I sat down in the student section at GEORGIA.

      • goinggoinggone

        My grandfather started taking my dad to Tech games in 1950. My dad started taking me to Tech games in 1974, I started taking my son in 2003, and none of us were students at Tech. After 35 five years I stopped going and my son is now at an SEC school. It just doesn’t have that football feel anymore, and that video has a lot of clues as to why!

  12. Normaltown Mike

    I’m not saying he will go on to shoot up a showing of Batman, but there’s a twinge of the “highly intelligent unhinged paranoid delusional” diagnosis in this kid.

  13. They should play this in the locker room during halftime when Tech is down by 30 to Miami, BYU, Clemson, Georgia, and for some reason Virginia. Really get the storm-troopers fired up for the 2nd half.

  14. charlottedawg

    they’re a good school academically but looking back I am so glad I tossed their acceptance letter in the trash and went to Georgia. Yes. the crowd shot sums it up nicely.

  15. Scorpio Jones,III

    “Remember, these are the people who Paul Johnson wants to get to football games.” But can’t.

  16. John McC

    I don’t like poking fun just because people belong to a different culture. I can see why those kids would get excited by this guy’s speech. He did a good job, and I’m sure nobody in that video cares what we UGA fans think of it. And, I love the gradual reaction of the faculty member in the background.

    • heytogoober

      While I found the speech a little off-putting and undignified for a Convocation, I gotta give props for the closing line … “Brace yourselves for a helluva ride on your way to becoming a helluvan engineer.”

      Gonna send this to my brother-in-law who got his Masters from Tech. He’ll be rolling his eyes along with all of us!

      • I thought his closer was good, too. But the road he took to get there… woo, baby.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          It’s not so much what he said–a little hyperbolic to be sure but within the bounds of acceptable puffery for one’s school–it’s the WAY he said it (and the music). When you look up the word “douchebag” in the dictionary his picture is right there.

    • Dawg93

      I generally agree with you, but this “culture” is the same one that tells Tech freshmen on their first day on campus “what’s the good word? To hell with Georgia”. So they can bite me while I laugh at their nerdish behavior.

      • John McC

        Fair enough. I was talking about that culture though. I think GT football fans are different from most of the “nerds” there. Most of the “nerds” at GT don’t really care about football or any associated rivalry. Just my opinion, and now I realize that I took all the fun out of this. I apologize. I think I’ve been away from Athens for far too long. Can’t wait to see the Bulldogs play in 11 days though!

  17. Dante

    I don’t think “bad ass” means what he thinks it means.

  18. Irwin R Fletcher

    Jimmy Carter isn’t an alum. He graduated from the Naval Academy, not from Tech.

    But they are really smart….

  19. Russ

    I give the guy credit for fully committing to the speech. I actually liked it but I still want to beat the crap out of them in everything we play.

  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy oh Boy! He whipped that crowd into a FRENZY!

  21. Athens Dog

    You just can’t make that shit up……………….

  22. Spike

    Rat Caps? “Embrace yourself..” Only at Tech. I’m embarrassed for them

  23. HunkeredDown

    Jimmy Carter was a student at Georgia Tech and therefore, an alumnus. But you’re right, he did graduate from the Naval Academy.

    I thought the speech was pretty awesome for what it was. It was supposed to bring a sense of excitement and pride to new students. Mission accomplished.

    Go Dawgs!

    • Anon

      Alumnus is traditionally reserved for graduates of said institution.

      Jimmy Carter was a Georgia Tech matriculate.

      I thought the speech was excellent.

  24. Hackerdog

    Holy crap. Now, I have to come up with an excuse for why I’m crying at my desk. Thanks.

  25. Dog in Fla

    This received rave reviews in Kaoshung


  26. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    . . . ah hell, you can’t have everything.”

  27. TennesseeDawg

    Looks like a Stingtalk initiation speech

  28. Joe

    OMG! I just spit out my drink all over my computer!
    I am a hell of an engineer and I didn’t go to NERD U!!!

  29. I’d like to say it was a good speech, I really would. He was passionate, worked the crowd, etc.

    But my problem with the speech lies not in the delivery but the simple delusion that boils over there. Tech fans are literally indoctrinated from day one that they can do anything simply because they’re at Georgia Tech. This dude is simply what happens if you spend enough time in the lion’s den: hyper-inflated sense of everything, too much acne, and bad glasses. My father is a Tech grad and this attitude never goes away. It’d be useful if it was just an inner confidence, but Tech fans not only believe they can do anything, but believe nobody else, especially UGA grads can do shit (my dad does not think this anymore after I graduated from UGA).

    Humility is a virtue, particularly when wearing a puke-yellow rat hat as a freshman at a technical school which is quickly being caught in academics by the once-ridiculed state university.

    Now if they’d like to acknowledge that they don’t care about sports and cancel their athletic program to focus on making Iron Man suits, I’d have no problem with this speech.

    • Eh. To me the speech sounded like something you’d hear from someone who’d watched Braveheart too many times.

      • 81Dog

        “Nerdheart!” I like it.

        They can take away our pocket protectors, but they can’t take away our freedom to get our ass kicked in fooooooooooooooootballllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Yeah, but I love Braveheart.

        • It’s one thing to like Braveheart.

          It’s another to live it out.

          • Will (the other one)

            It’s also a risky thing to watch it and play the drinking game along with the movie (one drink every time anyone dies.)

            • Dog in Fla

              Forget Mel Gibson. Wait until this season’s version of the Brent Musberger Drinking Game set to debut in Auburn with a Lake with the newly added opportunity to pound one back every time Brent’s radar locks onto a McCarron’s girlfriend, a Stiffler’s Mom or a Stacy’s Mom in the stands or two if on the sidelines

      • Senator, Our good friend attended GT…UGA undergrad, VA, Georgia Law and then Tech. And then Georgetown and what was the next one? He should be about half way up Mount Kilimanjaro by now….Don’t like it when he leaves the Country. Need him in DC…makes me feel safer.

    • Techie

      UGA is improving in academics, but it will never catch GT. If you think it will, you are the delusional one. Deep down I am sure your Dad is a little embarrassed, you went to UGA; it’s probably what killed his confidence or attitude as you call it.

  30. 81Dog

    that only meets the standard of “bad ass” if you have no real concept of what “bad ass” is. It’s sort of like if you pulled some native 6 year old out of his house in Bora Bora and asked him what his concept of the polar ice pack was.

    I’m pretty sure that if he saw this video, Chuck Norris would throw up in his mouth a little bit. Bless that callow young nerd’s heart, and cut his Adderall prescription dose by about half.

  31. BMan

    The editor of that video deserves big praise. The crowd shot was a great punch line.

  32. Governor Milledge

    Not sure if even Joe Hamilton in an Ironman suit could turn around the fortunes of GA Tech football

  33. gastr1

    Kind of an inverted Gradulation of the Gators, I think. Amazing.

  34. Dog in Fla

    Who moved my honey wand

  35. Watching at work with vision only and no sound. Can’t wait to hear it but just seeing the glassy eyes is worth the watch.

  36. pacific plate

    So much fail. If he wasnt an insect Id feel bad for the guy

  37. Dude

    As a Tech alum, this is about as embarrassing as it gets. And the dude is obviously a fucking moron to be bragging about Jimmy Carter being an alum. Arguably the worst President in the last hundred years

  38. ARDawg (OKDawg relocated)

    I’m late to this thread, but I’ve decided that Tech is EXACTLY where my three beautiful daughters will matriculate. I have shuddered for years now while leaving campus after games, imagining my precious girls being preyed upon by UGA boys. After watching this video, I now have absolutely no reason to ever fear that my daughters could be seduced by male undergrads at Tech. It’s just not possible. I can sleep well tonight.

  39. If your daughters are smart and pretty….they should attend ALABAMA. They can be Alpha Chi Omega’s. My Daughter will give them a rec. It is the safest place for pretty smart girls. Me on the other hand, I was pure as the driven snow when I arrived in Athens back in the day. GDI….I was. It was the early seventies

  40. Widespread Brad

    My favorite part was when all the virgins stood up and went crazy.

  41. Bulldog Joe

    “Ken, Lonnie, l’d like you to meet umm, Mohammet, Jugdish, Sidney, and Clayton.”

  42. Dawg19

    It’s a helluva ride…unless you’re on the M-Train…then please disregard…”


  43. hassan

    Wait…this wasn’t at Hogwarts?

  44. JP

    That bit at the end – about theme music and being a bad ass – was totally ripped from this guy.

  45. Yeah…it is pitiful. The last time I went to a game was VA vs. Tech. I sat with Virginia Alumni, and it was fun. Will not go back even for the Georgia Game, unless it is necessary for some reason. Cannot imagine it ever being necessary.