They’ve still got to win, but…

BCS Guru puts together preseason BCS standings and Georgia ranks third.  The computers look favorably on the Dawgs.

What that should tell you is that if Georgia comes out of September with no more than one loss, it should be in the national title hunt for the rest of the regular season.


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8 responses to “They’ve still got to win, but…

  1. Gravidy

    Call me Captain Obvious for saying this, but UGA has exactly one route to the national title game – win the SEC. Everything else is fluff.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Gotta win the SEC Championship and have fewer than 2 losses. If the Dawgs have 2 losses or more they get locked out by the bias against UGA and SEC fatigue of the media. That may happen anyway even with 1 loss. Better win ’em all.

      • Gravidy

        It seems we’re both taking turns spouting the obvious, Mayor.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          UGA can win the SEC and still get locked out. That’s my point. To win the BCSNC the Dawgs are probably going to have to be undefeated as Ohio State and the winner of the Oregon-Stanford game both will likely be undefeated. The media’s anti-UGA bias and SEC fatigue will likely prevent even a 1 loss UGA SEC Champion from playing in the BCSNCG. 2002 revisited.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Which is why if we lose one in September it better not be the South Carolina game.

  2. IveyLeaguer

    Gotta like that.