Things could get ugly out there.

Between this and this, I’m starting to wonder whether you could cobble together a functioning secondary by combining Clemson’s and Georgia’s defensive backs.  It’s a close call.  And there are less than two weeks ’til opening night.


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  1. SCDawg

    Makes you wonder how much this might change the offensive gameplan. Do we go after their secondary and chuck the ball around because they’re hurt, or do we protect our secondary by keeping the ball away from clemson’s offense and run the ball a ton?


    • The other Doug

      My guess is we will spread them out, but still run a lot. We want as many of their DBs on the field as possible. Sadly, I think this is their game plan too.


      • Scorpio Jones,III

        If we spread them out and run the ball does this not stress the secondary in ways just chucking it down the field does not? Full contact down the field with…say a pulling guard…seems like tougher duty than running with a receiver.


        • shane#1

          It depends on how Clemson stacks the box. Spread them out and see how they set up. FS deep and SS playing center field run the ball, because they will probably run the nickle anyway. If they start to cheat to stop the run, pass. I don’t see a slow down working with this O anyway, too many guys that can take it to the house, including RBs. If I am not mistaken Marshall leads the SEC in TD runs of 50 yds or more and we have all seen Gurley bust several long ones.


  2. So you’re saying bet the over on the night of August 31st?


    • Macallanlover

      Like the stock market, hard to do but often times it works better to go opposite the herd. Logic might say “over” but it is early in the year so “under” is calling loud and clear. If I place any bet on the “over/under” it might be part of a teaser and going under 80. Still like my straight up bet on UGA though, feel better about that one so may leave the exotics alone. All of the injury reports cause more concern but I think the Dawgs are a good bit stronger than Clemson so betting them to come out on top just seems safer than figuring out the “how”.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Maybe we can get Nike to make some reversible orange and red jerseys and just pool resources in the secondary that night. Have an all-time defense kinda like the all-time pitcher or all-time quarterback in back yard sports.


  4. The defense is just SOOL! No point in limiting or trying to force anything with the offense just for the defenses’s sake. No point in putting extra pressure in them. Pressure that leads to huge mistakes. Gotta let them do what they do…score…a LOT.

    We need to take opening kickoff and drive it down their throats. By air, land or sea. To hell with playing defense first.


  5. Joe Schmoe

    This is so typical for Georgia. It seems like if we have an area that is really thin, we had a ridiculous rash of injuries there (I am thinking of our OL in 2008 as another great example). The total number of injuries is not that bad, but its incredible how they have been concentrated in the area that we could least afford it.


  6. IveyLeaguer

    I know a lot of people don’t want to see Conner Norman at SS, or anywhere on the back end. I get that. But we should be thankful we have him, IMO.
    Having Norman, who 100% knows what to do, might be what gets us through this game.

    Before the secondary injuries, I wasn’t thinking track meet, like so many others. I was thinking we’d hold them to 28 or less. That has changed.


  7. Will (the other one)

    If we get a lead, we need to keep adding too it, not try and milk clock (just re-watched last season’s game against the Vols and the occasional 1st down pass would’ve been lovely in the mid- to late-2nd quarter. That game should’ve been over by halftime if the offense kept its foot on the gas.) Or: sometimes the best thing for the defense is scoring 40 points by halftime.