Wednesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and get to it.

  • I think this is what they mean by irony:  “The healthiest defensive back for Georgia right now is sophomore safety Josh Harvey-Clemons, who is suspended for the opener after admitting to police this spring that he had been smoking marijuana.”  Weed makes you strong!
  • Chad Morris promises Georgia 100% of Clemson’s playbook.
  • I wonder if anybody ever talks to Paul Johnson now the way Erk talked to Paul Johnson.
  • You’ve been warned:  Chris Fowler promises that ESPN will cover the Manziel story “just like we had to cover the investigation into Cam Newton at Auburn.”  Yech.
  • apologizes for being sexist in a football story it ran.  You wonder how many readers even noticed in the first place.
  • Maybe should have checked with Siri first.
  • Christian Robinson turned down a NFL camp invite to stay in Athens as a GA.
  • Here’s something else the Georgia offense was good at last season.


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10 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Russ

    Wow, I can’t wait to see that juggernaut Johnson has put together line up and mow down the competition. Will this make 4 MNCs in 5 years? I mean, he just lines up and scores when he wants to? He must be the most compassionate coach out there to even allow the other kids to stop Tech on occasion. I remember that epic beatdown they put on MTSU. I think they scored the first eleventeen times they touched the ball.


  2. RP

    Morris: “It’s going to be our 11 against their 11.” Their coaching staff clearly has superior cliches. Bobo cant touch that.


  3. RP

    Does anyone out there keep a stat of what % of a running back’s carries result in a first down. I was thinking that would be a great stat to keep for individual backs and i’ve not seen it anywhere. Given that we always say we want our RB’s to “move the chains,” it would be great to know who’s doing it.


  4. Scorpio Jones,III

    Ya know, it seems, somehow, that I have been here before…Clempson is good, Georgia is good….all at the same time. And we play them. Early.


  5. Irwin R Fletcher

    Iowa 2009? Really, ESPN? That’s the only example of a disciplined defense getting the better of Paul Johnson’s brain?


  6. Bryant Denny

    Two things: Mike Riley played for the Tide and that dude needs to charge his battery.

    I don’t really care who Siri pulls for as long as she can get me to the nearest Dollar General or Wal Mart on the fly.

    Take care,



  7. AusDawg85

    Given the JHC suspension, injuries and new faces, why are we not hearing/seeing Malcolm Mitchell working at DB for the Clemson game? Not an ideal solution, but it was a patch we used last season.


  8. Coach Bobby Finstock

    Johnson doesn’t carry a clipboard? The plays are all in his head?

    Seriously, who knew?


    • Dog in Fla

      Coincidentally, “the way Erk talked to Paul Johnson”:

      “Get your ass up there…” was almost the position I played


  9. I will go head to head with any man or woman in Alabama and beat them like a drum on gameday picks. We had to take a written test on FOOTBALL and know all the rules. It counted 50% of your tryout. How else could one be able to make Cheerleader if they did not understand the game.