Don’t you know? It’s their birthright!

Mike Bianchi does one of his classic pot stirs with this piece about Florida’s 2014 schedule (although you wonder if the outrage would be the same if Corch were still in Gainesville).  And if this doesn’t express the classic sense of Gator entitlement succinctly, I don’t know what does:

Do you realize if the Gators don’t win the SEC title this year or next, it will have been seven years since they won an SEC Championship?

Who would have ever thought this could happen?

It’s, it’s inconceivable!  Somebody needs to alert the media… oh, wait.



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20 responses to “Don’t you know? It’s their birthright!

  1. D.N. Nation

    “Answer: It’s not. In fact, it’s a travesty and makes you realize that Steve Spurrier was right last year when he proposed a new way for the SEC to choose division champs. Spurrier said back in the spring of 2012 that the SEC should pick its division champions based on division record instead of overall conference record.”

    Nope, that was wrong then, and it’s wrong now. For obvious reasons. You’d have the potential of a 5-3 team going to Atlanta over a 7-1 team that beat the 5-3 one by 100 points. But that one loss was intra-divisional, so congrats, 5-3 team!


  2. Until Florida beats Georgia in Jacksonville again, their opportunities to win the division under any set of rules is pretty slim.


    • Dawgfan Will

      It’s great isn’t it? I feel like I was in Bizarro world for two decades and now I’ve woken up and the world isn’t a cube anymore.


  3. Irwin R Fletcher

    If you aren’t complaining about this when you have an ‘unfair’ schedule that cuts the other way…aka your schedule is too easy…then shut up.


  4. 69Dawg

    Gayturds should look on the bright side. BS they had never, ever won an SEC title. What goes around comes around.


    • You reap what you sow. Sometimes you find exactly what you are seeking. BE careful….Steve be very careful. If you mess this up for us DAWGS; I will hunt you down and you know what I am capable of!


  5. MGW

    9 game conference schedule. 9 game conference schedule. 9 game conference schedule. 9 game conference schedule.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    In classic Orwellian fashion…The Gators have always dominated the SEC.


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    It’s not out fault that Auburn sucks.


  8. Rebar

    Geez, the whining and gnashing of teeth about having to play good football teams is amazing. Shut up and play the teams on the schedule.


  9. Rusty

    My piles bleed for them,


  10. sniffer

    Bianchi’s an ass. A hard trollin’ ass.


  11. Dawg19

    “Who would have ever thought this could happen?”

    Answer: Apparently, Urban Meyer…


    • Dog in Fla

      The beginning of the end started during visiting hours at the Alachua County Jail and Distance Learning Center when Huntley said, “Irwin, you’ve made a huge mistake…”


  12. PTC DAWG

    I watched it happen for 27 some odd years….


  13. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “…it will have been seven years since they won an SEC Championship…” How long has it been since the Dawgs last won an SEC Championship?


  14. Auburn 3-0 last three games against UF. Just putting that out there, nothing to see here.