How Aaron Murray became the coaches’ all-SEC pick.

Year2 lists a bunch of reasons why the SEC coaches voted Aaron Murray pre-season all-SEC ahead of that Johnny guy.  It’s an okay list, and Year2 acknowledges the vote really means little in the grand scheme of things, but there’s another possibility he’s overlooked.  So let me tell you a story.

Imagine a bunch of the coaches going out for a drink or two at SEC Media Days.  They’ve already been relieved of the burden of having to vote then, so nobody can repeat Spurrier’s grave sin of forgetting to cast a vote for the GPOOE™ with the media present.  But after spending half an hour bitching about scheduling, they grow bored.

They crack a few Finebaum jokes – Saban’s is the funniest, of course – then Les Miles looks up and says “hey, how do you think ESPN would react if we voted Aaron Murray first team all-SEC?”  Mark Richt smiles and says, “that would be great for Aaron and I’m sure ESPN would give him the proper attention for that.”  Miles stares at Richt, perhaps wishing for a piece of grass to gnaw, and responds, “you kidding, Professor?  It’ll be all about Johnny Football.”

Richt shakes his head.  “No way.  All those passing records, and possibly a third straight appearance in the SECCG?  Aaron would be the story.”  Sumlin thinks to himself, “man, this guy’s more delusional than our fan base.”

And then Miles says it:  “I’ll bet you five bucks I’m right, Mark.”  Richt immediately takes the bet.  The rest of the coaches follow.  And the vote is taken.

Pay up, Mark.


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  1. Macallanlover

    Pre-season predictions on players is even less interesting than those ranking teams so I am not in a rwit about any of the selections. I just know that I am glad we have Murray under center, and if I could have any of the other SEC QBs, I would stick with what we are already blessed with. And I really want this team to earn a ring, especially want one for AM,,,and it wouldn’t matter who gets 1st team after there are individual stats available.

    As for JM, the guy is a cheater, no doubt. A talented cheater, but a cheater is still not what I would want on the face of my program, or my all-conference team. If A&M does not make him sit, they are fools. Legally they may have a problem with kicking him off the team, but no way I risk the integrity of my program, or season for my players, for one lying, greedy thug. A&M is a school of great traditions, one of them is the value they place on the Honor Code. We will see. The Senator says they need video of the money exchange, perhaps in court, but not in the real world. He cheated, should have picked Auburn if he wanted institutional corruption to be sanctioned by the administration/staff/fans.

    • The Senator says they need video of the money exchange, perhaps in court, but not in the real world.

      Well, that lets the NCAA out.😉

      • Come on….the burden of proof in this case is not on video. When everyone and I mean everyone knows what went down, (you too NCAA, you greedy bastards), the proof is in the pudding. Just like Cam Scam…a day late and a dollar short.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Manziel is untouchable by the NCAA. Johnny Football? Cam Newton redux. Caught redhanded and….nothing. Is there any reason to wonder why nobody respects the NCAA any more? They penalize innocent players for hypertechnical crap (See Sgt. Steve Rhodes) and ignore major violations (see Manziel and Newton). The sooner the big conferences ditch the NCAA the better.

        • Dog in Fla

          “The sooner the big conferences ditch the NCAA the better.”

          If that ever happened, don’t you think that the schools/conferences would have to have another front organization for general overall ‘enforcement’ purposes? And that entity would foul things up and much as the NCAA because the schools/conferences will always want to have an extra-added layer of insulation because of their collective ‘integrity’?

          btw the Others invite you and Joy to the campfire sing-a-long. Maybe you can carpool with Mac but if he drives with the same malice as he has for Johnny Football and Auburn and A&M, if it doesn’t get squared away and shitcan Johnny, jump out of the vehicle so he doesn’t Thelma and Louise y’all

    • Dog in Fla

      Mac, the Others

      want to re-extend the campfire sing-a-long invite to you.

      They think maybe it, along with some smores, will help get your mind right

  2. Ginny

    Sigh. Ain’t that the truth.

  3. Snake Plisskin

    Having these three QB’s leading your teams is a problem any coach would like to have (on the field that is)…I doubt that these coaches would be willing to trade QB’s even if given the chance (again, that’s between the lines)…Congrats to Sticks…Snake out

  4. Tyler

    This is depressingly spot on and rather amusing.

    Front page news on ESPN now: manziel named to second SEC team

    Third story on PTI: dez Bryant would be mad if the NCAA didn’t suspend manziel.

    And then the peanut gallery tearing down aaron Murray for his record against ranked opponents

    Please please mark richt win it all this year.

  5. Sorry, I got stuck at the point Mark Richt went out for a few drinks.

  6. 69Dawg

    NCAA is still at it. Having reversed itself on the Marine they then jump back into a hardship transfer by denying a kids request to play immediately. The hardship you ask? The kid transferred to be close to home since both his father and older brother have died. I kid you not.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      ^^This is what is wrong with the NCAA. Arrogance. The NCAA hammers small folks and small violations but if there is somebody with a major violation (Cam Newton) the NCAA turns a blind eye to it.

  7. The NCAA must be destroyed.

  8. TC

    Clicked on the “Pay Up, Mark” link and got a little riled. It is maddening that ESPN ignores Aaron Murray’s recognized talent and ability and hijacks the discussion into its Manziel theme. No respect.

    • They did the same thing to Freddie Freeman after the AllStar Fan vote. The headline read “Puig NOT voted to all-star team!” and had no mention of Freddie. They have their media darlings and they stick to them. We all know this. The word “Manziel” – like it or not – generates more clicks for them than “Murray”.

  9. www

    murray would get my vote over manziel and mccarron also, but it would be close.

    i’m guessing the blowback against johnny doucheball helped put murray over the top.