“I think I have the tough part down.”

Um, after seeing this picture, I don’t need any further convincing of Mr. Hicks’ claim.

photo via Ethan Burch

That may be the most intimidating face mask in college football.



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20 responses to ““I think I have the tough part down.”

  1. Every linebacker in the conference just pissed himself…


    • Keese

      Quavon’s post game interview I hope this reflects his feelings….”Well I’m a mushroom-cloud-laying m’fer, m’fer! Everytime my fingers touch brain I’m Superfly TNT, I’m the Guns of the Navarone…”


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Would love to see him decleat Clowney a few times


  3. Irwin R Fletcher

    Props to Merritt Hall for being a team player and teaching the young man. I think lost in the big time college football atmosphere is that these kids are learning what it means to be men. Always makes me smile to see a 19 or 20 year old showing maturity and ability to be a good teammate.

    Or…you know…maybe he was scared of Mr. Hicks, too.


  4. This facemask is just an artistic rendering of the wood that is about to be laid by Mssr. Hicks. The lines narrowing to a singularity at the point of contact is reminiscent of our conception in our mothers’ wombs, thus reinforcing two different ideas: hits by Quayvon may impregnate you or leave you in the fetal position… or both.


  5. I liked the details…very descriptive….


  6. TomReagan

    Eh, I’d like to see Georgia go back to half the team wearing the Herschel style facemask. Nothing fancy, just simple utilitarianism.


  7. Joey

    Someone get this man some fava beans and a nice chianti, stat!


  8. 81Dog

    It looks like the cheese grater my mom used to shred a block of cheddar when she made macaroni for us. Looks like Mr. Hicks means to put it to the same use on his opponents. And he’s not even Italian. First time he shreds a defender, I’m probably going to start calling him The Godfather.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    He has put on some muscle. Almost 6’3″ @ 270. Could be the next “Diesel”? He has the size to provide that Predator vs Alien matchup between the hedges. Hope he has the quick to go with it. His forty time coming out of HS was 4.8? Is that time that important for a blocking fullback? His main role in HS as a FB was just that …… blocking in the passing game. Would be wonderful if we could find an answer for the “Alien”. I think the Michigan tackle handled Clowney for most of that bowl game……for most of it.
    What would Lewis headlines say of the upcomign uSC vs. Georgia game?
    Georgia plays Cocks with bigger Hicks?


  10. JM Perry

    Aug 31 in DeathValley.02. Dawgs with the ball at our own 25 and up 10. 5:25 to go. 2 Tights; Hicks and Gurley in backfield. Tigers D putting 8-9 in box. FB lead. Gurley getting 7-10 per pop. And there is NOT A THING Clempson D can do to stop it! Murray kneels for final 2 plays at the CU 6 yard line.