Musical palate cleanser: a wooo-hoooooo

I came across this Howlin’ Wolf clip last night and it’s just astounding.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to see him perform in his physical prime.  Is it possible to be intimidated by the blues?



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22 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: a wooo-hoooooo

  1. I like it! Senator, you may have better taste in the Blues than our friend who should be close to the summit about now.


  2. Thats the stuff right there Senator. You a big Northside Tavern fan?


  3. What is this Northside Tavern you speak of?


  4. chirodawg

    “bathrooms that require vaccinations”, “the BEST rhythm and blues in Atlanta” – Absolutely correct on both!


  5. DSLDawg

    Thanks Senator! No such thing as to much Howlin’ My fav is “Smolestack Ligntnin'”


  6. Matt Guitar Murphy at the 40 Watt Live

    That’s Pat Biddle the Sound man and manager of the club holler’n ‘Last Call Y’all”


  7. Slaw Dawg

    Howlin Wolf and Georgia football on the same site? Damn, man, if you could somehow add Elmer T. Lee, a shot glass and a Cuban robusto, I’m not sure you’d be legal.


  8. NRBQ

    “Sittin'” was also a staple for a little power trio named Cream. There are plenty of period live videos around that feature frightening work by Clapton.

    Used to enjoy a joint called “Blues Harbor” in old Buckhead.


  9. Allright, you are right in my wheelhouse with this post, Senator. Don’t know if you have had the pleasure of watching any of the American Folk Blues Festival videos, but they are probably my favorite works of visual and musical art ever. I am attaching my favorite excerpt from the performances, but you really just need to buy the full DVD set if you want the full experience.

    Here’s Big Mama Thornton and a very young Buddy Guy performing “Hound Dog” and a couple of other tracks (watching Buddy come out of his skin playing “Outta Sight” gives me chills). I’ll follow up with a Full video (if youtube permits), with Howlin’ Wolf’s performance and others.


  10. DugLite

    Slice of heaven on earth.