Malcolm Mitchell goes for it.

Pretty simple strategery

Receiver Malcolm Mitchell was asked after Friday’s practice whether he had trust in a kicker once they got inside the 35. To be fair, the name of the kicker was never mentioned, but Mitchell expressed optimism either way.

“I’m not too worried about that,” Mitchell said. “Our kicker, I believe in him. I think he’ll hit it, without a doubt. So I don’t think there’s any pressure with that.”

Then Mitchell smiled.

“But if we get that close,” he said, “I think we might as well get the most points.”

That certainly eliminates the second guessing about whether Marshall Morgan would have hit that 45-yarder.


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3 responses to “Malcolm Mitchell goes for it.

  1. No second guessing here. We are taking it all. Don’t see how we can lose any game on the schedule. Little old lady from Pasadena, here we come.


  2. IndyDawg

    Gotta love a Bulldawg with a big bite.


  3. These DAWGS will not bite off more than they can chew in this 2 0 1 3 National Championship…..Blessed be the name of THE LORD.