Known by the company you keep

A little perspective on Mark Richt’s coaching career:

67 Victories in SEC regular-season games for Georgia coach Mark Richt and Alabama coach Nick Saban. They are tied for eighth with former Georgia coach Wally Butts on the league’s all-time list of conference victories. Every coach ahead of them, with the exception of current South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, is in the College Football Hall of Fame — Paul “Bear” Bryant, Johnny Vaught, Vince Dooley, Ralph “Shug” Jordan, Phillip Fulmer and Bobby Dodd – and so is Butts.

Yes, but [insert reason Richt doesn’t belong in the comparison]



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14 responses to “Known by the company you keep

  1. charlottedawg

    Yeah but how many of those wins were big games?


    • Skeeter

      Right. Against ranked, unbeaten opponents… on the road, under the lights, in the cold rain, against an established offense (and defense), with all opposing players healthy, against a seasoned coach, and seasoned coordinators.. where….


    • Mean Machine

      The last time I checked, SEC Championship games were pretty big. He’s gotten us our only two in the last 30 years.


  2. O I know….because I’m a rabid/idiot fan who never graduated from UGA ,will make less money in the remainder of my life than CMR will make next year but..and this is the important part…..I know more about football than Coach Richt and that idiot Bobo.ever will.


    • pantslesspatdye

      I’m torn between wondering if this post was meant to snarkily celebrate the self-indulgent critics in the fan base or a setup for friends slap down. Or perhaps both.


    • HahiraDawg

      and because I predicted we’d run that draw on 3rd and long that time and I also predicted another roll-out pass by Tenne…uh…UglyUrnge


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “Yes, but”…in the old days when coaches like Butts and Bryant won all those games the seasons were shorter.


  4. SouthGaDawg

    In defense of Richt (I know sometimes I haven’t defended him), I was born in ’69 so my earliest memories of Dooley’s teams were probably of the mid 70’s SEC champion (Goff running the veer). Maybe Dooley, had huge wins in the 60’s (yes I recall the Munson highlights), and a few here and there in the 70’s and 80’s, but I do know Dooley had some monumental losses, against good and bad teams (Remember the homecoming loss to Richmond and Dooley’s poor bowl record?). We live in such an age of Saban domination that we think that anything less than a national championship is a bust. Are Saban and Meyer better…well, yea. That does suck although Richt has a pretty solid comprehensive resume. I’d take him over a lot of guys today.


  5. Cojones

    He’s the best. Richt paid his dues as a CFB and NFL QB, Grad Asst at FSU becoming the O Coordinator of CFB Natties while turning out Heisman TW/Candidates. That was his entry fee into the SEC after 15 years in the Offensive schemes of Bowdin’s Champions.

    Now you can compare his 2000-onward record against what’s in the Hall of Fame and the O guru’s among’em. I think he stacks up tops. And that goes for his O Coor, Bobo.

    I wish them both “Great Luck” because they both will really need it this year.


  6. There is no such thing as luck. It is all in the will of the players and coaches. I wish them knowledge of God’s purpose for their lives. Cause, I believe HE has plans to proper GEORGIA and give them a future. Those damn Refs better be obedient or they will have to suffer the consequences of their wickedness. God says, “The wicked will not go unpunished.” And GOD don’t LIE.


  7. Hasbeen13

    Rischt is the best Coach UGA has ever had. You could argue Dooley was better because he won a NC, but it is what it is.


    • WarD Eagle

      Seconded. Even if Dooley is an Auburn man.


      • Well, Pat Dye was a Georgia man. You know Pat and Barbara had a radio show at 7:30 am on Game day, back in the day. They were a hoot! It was a station in B’ham. The only bad thing was Paul Finebaum was on there too. Of course, there was no interaction with him. Just Pat and Barb.