Triumph of the crayon

Hmm… maybe Loran has a point, because this is flat-out wrong.

Since 2009, only three SEC schools have had the same coordinator on one side of the ball: Koenning at MSU and the University of Alabama and LSU (defensive coordinators Kirby Smart and John Chavis).

As a matter of fact – and I’m almost hesitant to type this – I believe Mike Bobo is now the longest-serving coordinator at the same SEC school.  Who’da thunk it, hunh?


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19 responses to “Triumph of the crayon

  1. AusDawg85

    No, I’m pretty sure we fired him a few years back.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    If you watch the 2011 Auburn game backwards it clearly says, “Bobo is dead.” They’ve had a look-alike filling his role for a few years now.


  3. 69Dawg

    Bobo the invisible coach of the SEC. He and Kirby Smart get more of that yea but the head coach is the real brains behind the coordinator. At least Kirby gets the rings Bobo he just gets ignored except by the fans that want his head.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Bobo is a very good OC now. He made all his mistakes in years past and UGA lost games because of them while giving him an education. At least he is loyal and hasn’t bailed on the Dawgs now that he has learned his craft. I’m all for Bobo staying permanently and possibly becoming HC in the future when CMR retires.


  5. DugLite

    Senator, is the play Bobo got from Gruden the same play you posted about several weeks ago? You know the one where Gates (?) is way downfield still blocking.


  6. Brandon

    The pitchforks came out for Bobo because he had the misfortune of coaching the offense at the same time Willy Mo was running the defense into the ground. He caught way too large a share of the criticism back then, no he’s not perfect, but he’s a good coach, always has been he’s getting better. And I will say what I said in the darkest days of Willy’s reign of terror, Bobo is a better OC than Richt was, if Richt had been calling the plays the W/L in 2008-2010 would have been worse.


  7. Merk

    Assuming our drop off at QB is not too bad over the next few years, then Bobo will have one hell of a machine to play with.


  8. Slaw Dawg

    Listened to “Sirius College Sports Coast to Coast” during a long drive back from my daughter’s new college yesterday evening and, of course, Georgia v Clemson was a significant topic. The host picked Clemson in that one based largely on his confidence in the Clemson OC and DC, each of whom he identified by name. No mention of their Dawg counterparts, not even when Tony Barnhart “dropped by” for a discussion. That’s right–even ACC coordinators engender more confidence in the World Out There than Mike or his buddy Todd. There was plenty of “Aaron Murray can’t win the big one,” too, sparked by a pessimistic Dawg call–inner. But the emphasis seemed to be on the brilliance of Clemson’s coordinators. You hear that Mike and Todd? No respect! Now strap those chips on your shoulders and get out there!


  9. Peteydawg

    Even through the the painful early OC bobo years I’ve always, through my anger at some play calling…. Remember him, while i grew up, taking ruthless hits and pulling it out for us.