And… there was much rejoicing.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy five days before the opener.


UPDATE:  And then he had to go all Debbie Downer on us.


UPDATE #2:  Those eight guys?  Two of ’em are starting defensive backs.  Wow.


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  1. ScoutDawg

    Me either, but damn if that doesn’t!

  2. Senator, you are so easy to please. Me too.

  3. watcher16


  4. Trbodawg

    I’m so ready for Saturday. I normally don’t put my Ga Flag out till Gameday (I’m in California) but just came in from hanging it to this news. GATA Dawgs!

  5. Jim

    This is obviously great news. But I can’t help but wonder what it means that we are in such dire need of a true freshman. Yikes.

  6. Ed Kilgore

    In case it hasn’t been mentioned here, the O/U for the game is currently 72. We need a competent, not necessarily a great, defensive performance. Stands to reason our O will give our D more breathers than the Tigers can give theirs.

    • WF dawg

      I think “competent, not necessarily great” is exactly right. Anything under 35 gives us a good chance. Anything under 30, and we’ll be hard to beat.

  7. Anyone following how UGA’s 2013 draft class is doing in NFL training camps? What’s interesting is the same weakness keeps popping up with our defensive players: poor tackling technique consisting of bad angles and trying to push ball carriers to the ground instead of wrapping up. Seen this criticism of Cornelius Washington, Rambo and Commings. Might explain why we underachieved statistically on defense last year.

  8. Dboy

    I don’t like Gurley Returning Kicks. Very violent part of the game. I’m going to be so upset if he has a serious injury on a KO. Put McGowan back there or take it at the 25.

  9. Derek

    Why do I get this ominous feeling that this defense is 2009 in reverse? Remember how stafford and Moreno weren’t really team players and that joe cox and company were going to set he world afire?

    Scary, scary two-deep on defense. There is going to be some ugly these first two games. We better score at will.

  10. But… I can foresee our offense scoring quickly a few times too. So our D will need fresh legs. Bobo likes balance but hopefully he will exploit their weaknesses and if that results in quick strikes, so be it.

  11. Breezed

    The performance of the secondary rest with the defensive line. If the boys up front can’t get pressure on Boyd, it won’t matter who is in the secondary. Mark it down though, these pups gonna show out!

  12. Coastal Dawg

    Langley beating out Dawson for the start should be reassuring. We were confident when we thought the back four would be Swann, Dawson, JHC and Matthews. Langley isn’t starting by default or due to injury. He won the spot. Of course, I could just be loaded on Kool Aid.

    • JRod1229

      Came here to post this. Dawson started at Mizzou last year and did a decent job (got burnt once) and played pretty consistently throughout the year. So Langley beating him out is a good sign. Also love Langley’s height.

  13. sUGArdaddy

    The difference between the 2009 offense and the 2013 defense is that we have recruited very well the last few years, as opposed to our worst lapse in recruiting in the Richt era from 2006-2009. We simply have better players reloading into the program than we had then.

  14. About 40 guys on the roster have never played in a game.

  15. Hobnail_Boot


  16. NRBQ

    Sad look at reality:

    A couple (maybe a few) of these rookies are gonna perform great.

    But it’s anybody’s guess (until Sat. night) what they’ll look like as a unit.

    I expect my guts will be wrapped up like salami until the 4th qtr., and I will go to bed barely able to sleep from excitement, or completely bummed with dissapointment.

  17. adam

    I also read that we have 10 starters who are freshman or sophomores. Clemson only has juniors or seniors at all but 3 starting spots.

    However, our 10 are:
    Todd Gurley, John Theus, Quayvon Hicks, Jordan Jenkins, James DeLoach, Sterling Bailey, Brendan Langley, Tray Matthews, Marshall Morgan, and Colin Barber.

    Gurley, Theus, and Jenkins are young stars. Langley won a starting job over a vet who played decently last year. Hicks is a player we’re all excited about. DeLoach is getting tons of praise and will split time with Floyd, our surprise camp star. Bailey is highly recruited and beat out Ray Drew for the spot. Matthews was an early enrollee who won a starting job immediately. Morgan is likely suspended but was an ok freshman. Barber was pretty good at punter.

    The stat is scary, but I think we may be ok.

  18. 69Dawg

    Let us pray.

    • Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done on earth as it is is Heaven. LORD, please bless us with the NC this year. We thank you for our BULLDAWG NATION and ask that you protect us from the evil ones that will come against us this season. Lord, your promise is that no weapon formed against us will succeed. We claim that promise. For thine art the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory forever.


  19. Spence

    Think how sick this defense will be in 3 years!

  20. HolyJenkins!

    Y’all see this yet? If this isnt a camera trick we found our specials team star🙂