Game on.

The Week One picks of the Fabris Pool are up.  The format is the same as last year’s, ten games against the spread with a tiebreaker.  There are two Thursday night games, so keep that in mind as to when you fill out your choices.

If you played last year, you should have already received an invite by e-mail to sign up again.  You are not automatically enrolled if you played last year, so if you assumed that to be the case, take this as your wake up call.

For those who need it, here’s the invite link to enroll:



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4 responses to “Game on.

  1. The Lone Stranger

    Hot damn, I’m ready to GO!


  2. mg4life0331

    I keep getting an error message?


  3. Just made my picks….Lord, I am so excited. Probably will change them 12 times before Saturday.