Mr. Congeniality

It’s the smile that makes the first part of this clip so great.

It’s like Corch is trying to pretend he’s not quite sure whether Fowler’s pulling his leg or not.  Not working, Urbs.

(h/t Lost Lettermen)


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41 responses to “Mr. Congeniality

  1. Castleberry

    What’s your list of coaches that would take a swing at him?
    I’ve got Brady Hoch, Brett Beliema, Les Miles (just because), Muschamp, and Evil RIcht. Who else?

  2. Dog in Fla

    “Why are you such a magnet for criticism?”

    The 37 F consensus is that it’s because he’s an asshole

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Never has a man so begged to be mocked as Urban Meyer trying to affect light hearted.

  4. Miguel

    Urban Meyer….disciplinarian. This guy is such an asshole.

    “I’ve done research around the issue…”

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    What an asshat….he’s right up there toward the top of my list (and you know, he’s probably at the top of Steve’s secret list, too.)

  6. Tommy

    Love the concern over marijuana. His gators were blazed to the absolute gills. Their notoriety may have eclipsed Oregon’s.

    I’d love to hear more about his “research.” What key data points did he unearth? What conclusions did he reach? What is he doing differently as a result of that research?

    • Dog in Fla

      “His gators were blazed to the absolute gills.”

      That’s only because they were enabled when ‘Two Blunts’ replaced ‘Old Folks at Home’ as the State of Florida national anthem

  7. What fresh hell is this?

    Allow me to translate the corchspeak.

    “We have to make sure ours is the hardest in America” = I have to show the illusion of discipline now because I let everyone go apeshit at UF, had zero integrity, and now that Hernandez is whackin’ people like a mob boss I’m really under the microscope.

    • Dawgy45

      And all the pious Buckeye fans (is there any other type?) I know who used to see Corch as the posterboy of all that is wrong in the SEC have completely bought those illusions. I can’t think of a more deserving fanbase.

  8. Russ

    Really don’t care for either one of those guys. Much rather have Rece Davis.

  9. Irwin R Fletcher

    Offered without comment, the title to his biography:

    “Urban’s Way: Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and His Plan to Win”

  10. red and black jack

    man he looks old

  11. fatman48

    Burbon Liar what an ASSCLOWN, I am surpprised that, that turd didn’t float away the last time it rained, seriously. I’m just sayin’ ” GO DAWGS” GATA

  12. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I thought the sunglasses on top of the head was a little cheesy, didn’t you? That right there shows a certain level of arrogance.

  13. Timphd

    Back to back posts re: my most hated coaches, Corch and Superior. You’re killing me Senator. Hate them both and both are asshats.

    • gastr1

      As much as I hate those two, I hate Weis, Gundy, and Bielema almost as much. Some coaches can be such tools.

  14. Skeeter

    “I got my daddy back” FAIL.

  15. Irwin R Fletcher

    Maybe he’s just mocking Fowler because Fowler had the gall to put Ohio State 3rd in his preseason poll behind Bama and Oregon.

  16. If you turn the sound down and watch his eyes, you will see that he cannot look Chris in the eyes. When he begins to answer, he looks away. Never trust anyone that cannot look you in the eyes while they are talking. They are lying captain. Ask any Psychiatrist.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Ask any Psychiatrist.”

      They’re crazy. That’s why they pick that specialty. Ask any other physician. Besides, I thought Irwin was only scared of Nick and Lane driving an ice cream truck

      • Check out Andrew Hodges, Psychiatrist, Birmingham, AL. Be sure to google the all the interesting forensic work with the FBI, O’Bama, Natalie Holloway, etc…. He has published many books. He’s my Psychiatrist. Remember “they” are the Von Trap family from “The Sound Of Music.” To say “They’re crazy. That’s why they pick that specialty.” Well, that tells me you need to seek professional help, immediately. Poor Doggie….

        • Dog in Fla

          i keep trying to sign up for electro-convulsive therapy but they won’t let me partake unless I promise to do a better job of respecting the specialty. I do have standards, after all

        • Dog in Fla

          My expert diagnosis is that Dr. Hodges watches too much Fox News when he should be watching more Nancy Grace

          • You obviously have not Googled him. Honey, again, Andrew Hodges, Phychiatrist, Birmingham, Alabama. Brookwood Medical Center. Get thee knowledge. It is yours for the takin’. At least, see the on line videos, one through seven on O’bama. They are FREE on line. Talk to me when you have some knowledge.

            • Dog in Fla

              I did.

              He’s a wingnut.

              Which is why I wrote what I did.

              It confirms what I wrote earlier

              “Read how Barack Obama’s super intelligence urges this flawed leader to help restore America’s moral compass by being brave enough to admit his crimes against the Constitution and against the American people.”


              • The web site had me at “with appearances on Fox News’ “Hannity,””

                • I do not think his appearances on TV have anything to do with what I was trying to share. Dr Hodges saved my life. More to the point.. The book that I like best by him is: “Jesus an interview across time” and “Deeper Intelligence”. C’est la vie.

  17. The Lone Stranger

    Ladies and gents — The Greatest Corch of Our Era … or ANY era!!

  18. Lrgk9

    Man o Man at the Hubris. Aping normal human response as best he can…

  19. JAX

    Who gives a shit?

    Just beat Clemson, and then everyone else.

  20. Dawgfan Will

    Coaches’ fight club, huh? Richt vs. Meyer would be like Jesus vs. Satan on South Park.

  21. Scrambledawg

    Kudos to Fowler for asking the question about the “quiet criticism” from his peers. That’s about as close to saying “We spend a lot of time with other coaches at the Worldwide Leader and they all thing you’re a fraud and an a$$hole. Respond, please”