Something else Spurrier is good at.

The man can hold a long-term grudge or two.

“I’m a Dukie,” Spurrier said Sunday at his weekly press conference. “I’m a Gator, a Dukie, and now I’m a Gamecock. For us Dukie’s back then, that was our big game. I doubt if it was for North Carolina because we did not beat them that much, but when I was there we were fortunate enough to actually beat them more than they beat us.

“It was always a fun game when that occurred. But yeah, it is a little special when you are coaching against a team like that, just like coaching against Georgia. The Gators and Georgia were teams that didn’t like each other very much. That’s a special game, too, so anytime you coach against a team that was a little special wherever you coached at, it remains a special game.”

Obviously, if you can hold a hate since the sixties, you shouldn’t break a sweat over a heated rivalry that’s twenty years younger.  I give him credit – a little bad blood is part of the glue that holds college football together.


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19 responses to “Something else Spurrier is good at.

  1. fetch

    I always knew he was a dukie. Of course I usually use another name for it that’s not quite as nice.


  2. Rusty

    Out of his own mouth-he’s a dukie.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    At Duke, he hated that football was secondary, and that UNC football got more ink than Duke. He could wear out Mack Brown’s ass as good as Fulmer or Goff.


  4. D.N. Nation

    Spurrier once took a team picture under the scoreboard when the Dookies blasted UNC. Duke wouldn’t beat the Heels again until the 00s.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Nobody does bad blood better than Spurrier. Except for Sedaka


  6. sUGArdaddy

    He’s a Dukie and his best player is Doo Doo. And he used to have a QB named Smelley. I’m seeing a week 2 theme. It’s all making sense now. I knew there was a stench the moment I pulled into Columbia.


  7. IveyLeaguer

    I like Spurrier. Always have. He’s honest and he’s always played by the rules. And he’s straightforward with the press, not much filter, and I kinda like that.

    But that doesn’t mean there isn’t bad blood between us. When it comes time to play him, there’s nobody I want to beat more (well, maybe Meyer). You know he’s always up for us, and I’ll be up for him next week.

    This year, I’m hoping our team is into that concept as well. Three straight losses and last year should be education enough, to the extent they realize .. hey, it’s on.

    It’s time, now. This thing has become a bonafide rivalry.


    • Hackerdog

      It’s sad that being honest and playing by the rules is enough to elevate a college coach into a likable figure. I figure that a coach who is honest and plays by the rules should be the minimum standard for every program.

      Spurrier does play by the rules. And he is humorous. But he isn’t honorable. He has no sportsmanship. He has no grace. Beating the Sisters of the Poor because you can, and because it will help you with the AP voters, isn’t praiseworthy. It’s understandable, but it should be discouraged.

      Ditto with personal grudges. Don’t make 20 year-old kids into accomplices in a game of “How big an asshole can the coach be?”


      • Dog in Fla

        What I like best about him aside from the fact that he has no sportsmanship or grace is that he’s so humble and never whines


    • Tommy

      Co-signed. The only thing I’ve ever really minded about Spurrier is that he wasn’t on our side. The fact that he made people take Duke and South Carolina seriously is an accomplishment on par with any of Bear’s. Frankly, I don’t see him leaving the game without a serious medical reason to do so, but it’ll be a sad day, regardless.

      The reason it sucks losing to him is because you know you just lost to someone who enjoyed the win as much as any of the fans. I tip my hat to the old bastard, but damn him anyway.

      Whereas, losing to Meyer sucks because he’s a sociopath who needs to be driven out of the game.


    • I have always respected him as a person….but..have never been able to accept his evil power over us. He use to have our number, but not anymore..not this year. WE GOT THIS!


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    I agree with his Senatorship….If I needed somebody to hate for me, like long term, it would be Steve Spurrier…although I know some Dawg fans who are pretty damn good at that stuff, too.

    Hail, come to think of it, Spurrier’s list is a whole lot shorter than mine. 🙂


  9. Gravidy

    So VisorHole can hold a grudge, huh? I guess there’s something to admire about him after all. 🙂


  10. zutadawg

    I’ve tried to find Spurrier’s Quarterback rating when he played against the dogs, his Heisman year, but can’t, just like I can’t find Herbstreit’s Q.B. ranking after the dogs destroyed him in the, what was it citrus bowl. I think if anyone ever published those numbers we would all understand the hatred they had for us.


  11. Coastal Dawg

    “I’m a dukie.” Truer words have never been spoken.