The continuing adventures of proof this could be Florida’s year.

Behold the wonder that is the Gators’ offensive backfield depth:

The three members of Florida’s starting backfield missed portions of preseason camp, highlighting the inexperience of the reserves. The dropoff from Driskel, who missed the first six practices after an appendectomy, to back-up quarterback Tyler Murphy is most severe. Like Driskel, Murphy is mobile, but during three open practices, he was off target with many throws. Sophomore tailback Matt Jones, out since late July with a viral infection, had 52 carries as a back-up in 2012. But none of the reserves behind Jones have even that much experience and don’t come close to matching size (6-2, 226) and speed. Junior Mack Brown, the current starter while Jones is recovering from the infection, is serviceable. Sophomore Valdez Showers is more explosive, but played a safety until a month ago. Mark Herndon has had a strong camp, but was a walk-on until last week. At fullback, Hunter Joyer, the unsung hero of the Gators’ run game, missed a week with a hamstring injury. Back-up fullback Gideon Ajagbe is a converted linebacker who did not play in 2012.

Now mind you, the linked article also informs us that one of the top five things we learned from Florida’s preseason is that Driskel’s got some receivers to throw to, so this is not a case of the author wallowing in Munsonesque pessimism.  There really isn’t much margin for error back there.  Which makes me wonder if they’re going to limit Driskel’s runs – one of the positives he brings to the table – this season to try to protect him.  Tough call.


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22 responses to “The continuing adventures of proof this could be Florida’s year.

  1. BCDawg97

    I hope you are doing all this “proof” as some sort of reverse, reverse mojo. If I made all of these well thought out, reasonable arguments, in some sort of Munsonian karmatic jest, Florida would end up winning the NC. But that’s why you get the big bucks 😉


    • Not exactly. I think the Gators are going to be good – stout defense and solid recruiting support that – but I don’t see how Florida’s going to be as good as some people suggest, given the questions on offense. There’s also the matter of replacing the best place kicker in school history.


      • Russ

        Did Dr. Sturgis finally receive his PhD?


      • simpl_matter

        Losing Jordan Reed was also a big deal, he was the only clutch receiver they had. I don’t buy into any of their upper-classmen receivers as a replacement for his talent. The odds of a freshman turning into the go-to guy his first season are about as good as a onetime bet on any number at the roulette table (sure, it COULD happen….).


      • D.N. Nation

        I swear, Sturgis and Ijjjijjjas were the only kickers Florida had since Spurrier left, it seemed.


      • Keese

        We should know by now that FU never follows whatever laid out script we have for them!


  2. The other Doug

    They have to run him. Matt Jones must be very sick and Mack Brown wasn’t good enough to get many carries last year even when Gillesli (sp) was dinged up or tired.


  3. JasonC

    Isn’t Fred Taylor’s son supposed to be a stud?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      He was a 4 star rb. Runs a 4.6 forty and is 205 lbs. Not as big or fast as his dad. Lot of famous NFL players have sons that aspire to play football. Montana,Rice,Sanders. Tough to follow in those footsteps. Sanders Jr. (4 star) took a red shirt at Stanford. Makes you realize how lucky we are to have the two running backs we do. Since someone has mentioned karma maybe ours is due. Some of the running backs we’ve had in the past sure have caused some angst.


  4. RocketDawg

    They had a thin margin last year and managed to come out on the positive side in every game except 1 (Louisville was a blow out). Will they get the fortunate bounces this year? Statistics say no, but we all know that the UF athletic department signed a blood oath with Satan himself somewhere around 1990 so we shall see. I predict 8-5 with the 8th win coming in the Music City bowl.


  5. 69Dawg

    Hell they couldn’t get up for the Sugar Bowl, what makes you think they will even show up for the Music City?


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    You know Senator, virtually everything said above about FU’s O could be said about Georgia’s D, particularly the DBs.


    • Sure, except last year’s Georgia defense wasn’t as inept as last year’s Florida offense was and there isn’t a single player on defense who’s as important as the QB is on offense.

      I guess that’s what you mean by “virtually”. 😉


  7. WillTrane

    Agree the Gators will be a difficult team to play. I think their offensive line, their sets, their personnel in those sets, and their OC wil make it very difficult for opposing defenses to stop. Driskel will not be the QB people saw last year. Dawgs offense. I do not have the high expectations everyone else has irregardless of the returning starters. Our O line is not like LSU or Bama…or Florida…physical. And then there is Murray. Do ever feel he like A&M’s or Bama’s QB? In a few days we will see who and where they are.


  8. CitadelDawg

    Not sure if you’ve seen, Senator, but Chaz Green is out for all/most of the year I believe. Yet another reason this is Florida’s year.