Aaron Murray’s just screwing with us now.

Of all the stories to feed a neurotic fan base opening week, this one may be perfect.


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24 responses to “Aaron Murray’s just screwing with us now.

  1. Dan Uggla doesn’t need contacts and look how good….um never mind. Lets hope Murray doesn’t have to make contact on a 95 mph fastball anytime soon. In the meantime, this does not bother the neurotic dawg fan in me one bit. No sir. Not one bit.

    Would blurred vision affect timing? No wait, I meant not one bit….

  2. rocksalt

    That sound you hear is the Dawg Vent going into full apocalypse mode….

    • There is still is a Dawg Vent? I thought the apocalypse already happened and they were raptured away once they realized Richt would not be fired.

      • Ben

        It’s only there if you acknowledge that it exists, and it’s best for all of us to just assume it doesn’t.

      • rocksalt

        When that does happen, they’ll all be sent to the chat board version of Valhalla, where they’ll engage in never ending trollish flame wars during the day, and then feast on rumors provided by “my buddy who is close to the program” at night.

  3. IndyDawg

    OUR QB IS ALMOST BLIND!!! (Read it hearing a Munson voice or a high pitched squeel as you prefer. Fainting is optional.)

  4. Rusty

    Dammit, Man!

  5. hassan

    “See! I told you. That’s what happens when you play old man football, your eyesight is the first to go.” — Sheldon Richardson

  6. The other Doug

    Is this going to be like “the glove” from a couple years ago?!?!?

  7. cube

    Let’s go Braves!…er…Dawgs!

  8. shane#1

    I’ll have you know I am not neurotic, paranoid, but not neurotic.

  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If AM has to wear contacts he might as well get Lasix surgery–after the season.