Give me your tired, your poor, your hype videos yearning to breathe free.

Deputy Dawg sent along a video clip he put together.  It pushes plenty of the right buttons for me, so I thought I’d share.  Because we can all use a little extra juice this week, right?



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30 responses to “Give me your tired, your poor, your hype videos yearning to breathe free.

  1. JRod1229

    Just went six to midnight


  2. Tim Rogers

    Is it Saturday yet?


  3. Hank

    Gonna miss ‘Tree.


  4. heytogoober

    That made me feel good …


  5. WF dawg

    Well done, Deputy.


  6. Red Clay Hound

    Game face……On!


  7. Normaltown Mike

    Forgot all about that 06 Tech game.


  8. AthensHomerDawg

    Good stuff Deputy Dawg! Sound quality was very good.


  9. Ginny

    God I miss Larry.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Young Dawg fans will never known joy of huddling around the radio clinging to every last dire word from Munson. Turning the TV sound off and cranking up Larrynon the radio. That was pure Georgia football gold!


  10. fetch

    That call against Tech (Stafford to MoMass + 2 point play) is one of my favorites. He just had a way of telling you that got you pumped. I believe if I had been born blind, I would still believe I had seen every game he called.


  11. DamnGoodDawg

    Yup, goosebumps


  12. Jeff Sanchez

    I still haven’t watched the SECC replay since I was there in person. I hadn’t seen film of the fg block and Ogletree’s touchdown until now. Still got chills watching it. It was at that moment I allowed myself to believe we were going to Miami.

    Had we pulled it out, it would have been one of the most famous plays in UGA football history. Sigh.


    • Dawg19

      While watching the SECCG replay last night, I noticed that Alex Ogletree’s running style in the open field (while running back the blocked FG) is exactly the same as Chris Conley’s while running in the open field against Nebraska. I am guessing this is a result of the new running coach. Anybody else notice this?


  13. Nate Dawg

    I cried just now. It was awesome.
    I love & miss Larry.
    Scott Howard does not suck.
    I miss turning the tv down & the radio up. And then explaining to my mom over & over why the words don’t match up.
    Why do you folks torture yourselves by watching that SECCG?
    I’m ready for Saturday.


  14. sUGArdaddy

    I watched the whole game last night on ESPNU. I needed to in order to let it go. Bottom line is that was two GREAT, and I mean GREAT football teams. We got their maximum effort and preparation, and I think Saban thought he was beat. A tipped pass wouldn’t have made Saban a better or worse coach, and same for Richt. Mosley made a great play, but there were plenty of other plays to be made in that game.

    I just think the guys in white jerseys show up Saturday with a purpose like we’ve never seen before. We are on a mission, and that mission started on Dec. 1 about 8 p.m.


  15. Anon

    I could barely finish watching that because all my brain blood was in my football boner.


  16. You know, size really does not matter, except in FOOTBALL!


  17. Coastal Dawg

    I had forgotten how big Of a back Rodney Hampton was. Great guy and a DGD who went on to a nice pro career.