Well, that’s not an angle we’re accustomed to seeing.

This is what LeMay saw from Jordan Jenkins:

As I said, I would have been a little unnerved, too.


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25 responses to “Well, that’s not an angle we’re accustomed to seeing.

  1. simpl_matter

    Wish they would have kept this secret, would have been so much sweeter to see him pull it off during a real game. Every team on our schedule will play this clip for the offense during film study, bank on that. Of course, there could be some benefits to that.

  2. Ben

    I’m wondering why video of a closed practice session got out. Could it be because Leonard Floyd is such a beast that they want opposing teams to focus on Jenkins while Floyd blows things up? Could it be just to make other teams and QBs worry about what’s coming from that side? Or did someone really break a code just to get some anonymous recognition?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      It wasn’t up long before it was made unavailable. To met that means someone didn’t want it up.

  3. Jeff Sanchez

    The awesomest / scariest part was that after he hit the ground from the first leap over the rb, he IMMEDIATELY sprang back up to try to get to the pass.

    • dawg84

      My thought exactly.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      This is going to be a fun year. Disney Dawgs and Eeyore Dawgs mend fences this year. Hicks lines up as the new “Predator” with head gear and face mask to go one on one with “Alien” uSC Clowney. Jenkins flies into the backfield doing his own “Pterodactyl” routine. Saturday just can’t get here fast enough.

      • Ben

        There will be some collisions between those, too, and I can’t wait to see them.

      • NRBQ

        Don’t forget “Thor,” as Murray calls Douglas.

        A story this morning recounts that Douglas catapulted over a DB in an early scrimmage, and according to Murray, the whole offensive sideline went “beserk.”

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Nice catch…. here it is:
          “I was running on the offensive side of the field,” Douglas said. “Apparently they had been talking a little trash to Shaq the play before that and so it was the perfect timing, I think. He tried to go low on me and I knew it was coming and went ahead and jumped over him.”
          Said Murray: “It was crazy. The whole offensive sideline ran on the field and went berserk.” But the kid is a baller and we will see him this year. “The head coach is certainly impressed with his late recruiting acquisition – especially his pass-blocking instincts.”

    • Dog in Fla

      They say his best event is the triple jump

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Everybody beats up poor Joe Cox about that INT he threw against FU in ’09 but what you saw in the video above in this thread is essentially what he saw on that play, too.

  5. HVL Dawg

    I think I see a guy in a wheelchair on the sideline. It could be a player in rehab, but I think its an example of Coach Richt being a great man and having the time to include someone who got dealt some tough cards.

  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    This reminds me of a song lyric- ” he is, a mother f– ing pterodactyl, here to, burn you newwww ass hole….” Appropriate for a musical palate cleanser Senator?

  7. greeneggboy

    Yeah, but Georgia’s secondary is young and Sammy Watkins had a good freshman year two years ago, thus Georgia’s D will struggle against Clemson. You know what I meme?

  8. 69Dawg

    Jumping over somebody who is trying to cut you is not that hard but damn he is jumping over a big RB who not only is set to take him straight on but actually stands up during his jump. He still clears him and jumps in front of the QB. I just hope he finishes the year with his knees ok.

  9. HVL Dawg

    Oh, and God bless Christian LeMay. I guess he’s got 13 more weeks of going against our #1 D.

  10. Eeyore Dawg

    Wow. Our blocking sucks.

  11. hunkerdowndawg

    That leap is a fine athletic feat. But it certainly exposes the “boys” to some punishment that could put a man on the sideline for a spell. Or… would it be targeting if the blocker hit him in the crotch with the crown of his helmet. Good for 15 yards and a tidy suspension.