Andrea Adelson is at the top of her game.

Seriously, this is some of the greatest Dawg trolling I’ve ever read.

With all due respect, Edward, I am trying to figure out what there is to debate here. Murray has not exactly done well in the big games he has played in throughout his career. Georgia coach Mark Richt was asked as much after the SEC championship game loss to Alabama a year ago, growing angry and defensive at the mere implication that Murray comes up small on the big stage. Well, there’s a reason Richt was asked. Murray is 3-11 against teams that ended the season ranked in the Top 25; his best win would be against No. 2 Florida last year. But he did nothing to win that game. Murray threw for 150 yards and had three passes intercepted; the Gators gave that one away with six turnovers. Boyd, on the other hand, has won a conference championship, was an AFCA first-team All-American last year and has been selected as the 2013 preseason player of the year in his league. That’s a trifecta Murray can’t match.

That is one paragraph of unadulterated awesome.  If that doesn’t get people reaching for their keyboards in response, I don’t know what would.  Almost every button you could hit, she hits.  All that’s missing is a Hutson Mason reference.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta acknowledge you’re in the presence of a master.



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59 responses to “Andrea Adelson is at the top of her game.

  1. Dawgfan Will

    I have so much to learn.


  2. TDawg5

    He did nothing to win against Florida? I watched the game 2 nights ago and Danielson cant believe all we are doing is chucking the rock on our last scoring drive. Who threw the pass Mitchell caught?


  3. Allen

    I noticed that in every article regarding Murray’s record against top teams that they are quick to mention that it was the defense that won the UF game, but never does anyone blame the defense for any of the losses. Seems like a double standard.


  4. Tim

    I just told her on Twitter to look at Tajh Boyd’s record vs. the SEC, which Andrew of DudeYouCrazy.Net sums up pretty well here I had a funny back-and-forth with Aschoff this morning about his pick, now I’m going after Adelson. Woohoo, football is here.


  5. Irwin R Fletcher

    To point out how stupid this whole “Murray’s record against ranked opponents is”…

    Clemson went 4-2 against ranked opponents in 2011 while UGA went 2-4.

    Clemson’s wins were against VA Tech (2x), Auburn, and FSU. Losses to West Va (33-70) and South Carolina.

    Of course, Clemson went 4-2 in the other 6 games against major-conference competition while UGA went 8-0 against the other 8 games it played against major-conference competition….but those games weren’t ‘big’ so who cares if Taj wet the bed against NC State…he’s a big game performer and Murray isn’t, I tell ya!

    But just so we’re clear…against common opponents in 2011, UGA went 2-1 outscoring those 3 teams 118-69 while Clemson went 1-2 and got outscored 68-89 against the same three teams. So there’s that.


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Let’s just make sure that we understand one thing…this is a debate between two Florida grads…

      Of course, being the good Florida grad, Edward gets his, too…”All they’ll remember is the mind-boggling decision by Georgia’s coaching staff not to clock the ball on that final drive. There was no excuse for such a mental lapse.”


    • Will (the other one)

      He wet the bed against the NATS in 2011 too, when Auburn With A Lake was still undefeated.


  6. Noonan

    Further proof that women don’t know the first thing about football, and should shut up and cook.


  7. Turd Ferguson

    Adelson and ESPN are perfect for each other.


  8. Kevin Sauer

    if i recall, she correctly predicted out 6-7 season, much to pre-season outrage.


  9. Spike

    Who is Andrea Adelson, and why should we give a rats ass what she thinks? Andrea, iron my shirt and bring me a beer.


  10. ugadawg9288

    Personally, I’m more surprised that people are considering Clemson as being a “big time” opponent


  11. Rebar

    I’m sick of the Murray bashing. I hope we hang 60 points on Clemson, but then I guess we will just be told that they won’t finish in the top 25 by the end of the year.


    • adam

      If Georgia and South Carolina both blow out Clemson, they may not finish ranked. And then this won’t count as Murray winning a big game. Because that’s how it goes for idiots.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Andrea you ignorant slut.


  13. Ginny

    Andrea Adelson is a disgrace to intelligent female football fans everywhere. I promise we are not all that dumb.


  14. D.N. Nation

    “Boyd, on the other hand, has won a conference championship, was an AFCA first-team All-American last year and has been selected as the 2013 preseason player of the year in his league.”

    Georgia would’ve won the ACC last year, and Aaron Murray would’ve been ACCPOY.


  15. WH

    I mean, really, is there anything Murray can do to top Boyd being named the best player of a season that hasn’t happened yet?


  16. Minnesota Dawg

    Good. Post it, print it, broadcast it from the locker room speakers. During Mark Richt’s tenure, the Dawgs seem to play their best football after being called out as “soft,” “over-rated,” “under-achieving,” or generally told “You Suck!” by the football media. For whatever reason, a chip on the shoulder (the larger, the better), has been the most effective motivational tool for the Dawgs heading into a big game weekend.


  17. JasonC

    I’ve had bowel movement with more intelligence, insight and journalistic integrity that Andrea Adelson.


  18. Does winning against the ACC count?


  19. charlottedawg

    I’m gonna get flamed for this but here goes: we’ve won a grand total of one game against an opponent that finished in the top 25 because of Murray, Nebraska. we beat Florida in spite of Murray not because of him. Yeah he threw the pass to Mitchell but that was more of a great play by Malcolm than a clutch throw by Murray, and yes it was a spectular performance by the defense. Aaron’s usually good for at least one turnover in a big stage and it many times results in a score by the other team. If we’re going by the body of work so far he’s going to throw at least one interception Saturday night. Is he better than boyd? Possibly. Could he have two absolutely great games to start off the season? Sure and I would love nothing more for the guy. But the meme exists for a reason and its because Aaron typically plays his worst when the lights shine brightest or at least not well enough to get thewin.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I get mad at Aaron when he tells his receivers to drop the ball on sure TD”s (like they did twice against LSU in the SECCG in 2011).

      Or what about that Arkansas game in 2010 when he told Ealey to dump on his blocking assignment so that AM would get sacked on a critical 3rd down late in the 4th quarter of a tie game. Stupid stupid stupid.

      The worst was when he told the Defensive line to stop tackling Alabama RB’s in the SECCG last year.

      That Murray really can’t win the big one.


    • gastr1

      He’s a victim of the team’s lack of success. The idiocy of this meme is that NO QB does better against top 25 opponents than they do against the rest, and if you add up Murray’s stats and compare them to, say, virtually anyone else’s–let’s pick that great winner of winners, McCarron, just for shits and giggles–they are very similar against the best opposition. But because his team is also not winning those games, Murray gets the stats highlighted while McCarron just goes out and wins ballgames, y’know.


  20. Eyeore Dawg

    And Mettenberger proved he was the better quarterback in the spring game.


  21. UGA76

    Well It’s hard to disagree with her this time. I didn’t like what she ranked us in 2010 but she wad right then. Hell we couldn’t even beat UCF in the Liberty Bowl.