“The schedule can make or break you.”

Spurdog’s still got that schedule thang going.  Just not with Georgia anymore.

You haven’t hesitated to point out how much scheduling has impacted both the SEC and national championship races the past few years. What do you make of your schedule this year given the fact that you avoid Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M in the West?

SS: It evened out a little bit, but we play Clemson every year and also play North Carolina this year. Georgia’s got a tough schedule this year, too. Did you see who Texas A&M plays out of conference [Rice, Sam Houston State, SMU and UTEP]? That’s embarrassing…

At his most frustrated, I don’t think he ever referred to Georgia’s last two schedules as “embarrassing”.

Bonus quote, about signing with the Gators:  “Florida was sort of an underdog at that time. They’d never won anything. Amazingly, when I got back down there coaching 27 years later, they’d still not won much of anything.”  There are plenty of Gator fans who would profess not to know what Spurrier’s talking about there.



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18 responses to ““The schedule can make or break you.”

  1. uglydawg

    The only way he’ll ever be happy is if he has the easiest schedule in the conference…otherwise, there will always be some other school’s schedule for him to whine about….He deflected the spotlight that was being put on his SEC W schedule by bringing up A&M’s non-con schedule. It’s all part of his competitive nature..and he has the most competitive nature of any coach I’ve ever seen.


  2. Castleberry

    Funny how that all started as Arkansas moved up and Auburn slid. I wonder if he would have traded permanent rivals when he took the SC gig in 2005?

    Spurrier is 68. I want the media to move the narrative to his age. How much longer? Is he chasing Paterno and Bowden? Is he pissed off about the taxability of his Social Security benefit? What about the mandatory distributions from his retirement accounts?


    • Governor Milledge

      At what age will he no longer be able to competitively golf? Is there a shelf life to drinking Coors Original on top of an RV at a NASCAR race?

      These are all questions that demand asking by the media!


    • The984

      No way is Spurrier chasing Bowden. He has “only” 208 wins. Bowden is at 377. Even with the 111 wins vacated, Paterno is still sitting at 298. If Spurrier is chasing anything, it’s getting SCAR its first SEC Championship.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Steve’s embarrassed that Johnny ® is getting more media love than HBC ™. I hope soft felt hat with a fairly low crown creased lengthwise and a brim that can be turned up or down unlike a visor kicks his ass tonight


  4. Skeptic Dawg

    Apparently the Texas A&M AD has met with McFrugal on OOC scheduling. Have fun with that schedule.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      SD give it a rest. UGA has the 21st most difficult schedule in the nation in 2013 out of about 130 D-1A teams.


  5. Macallanlover

    I think Vandy misses Stacy more than anyone is factoring in, and breaking in a new QB as well. Not a strong bet, but I have a little play on Ole Miss tonight. Had to pick the SC/UNC game in the pool but that line is close enough to not bet when you don’t have to. I chose to play a 3 team teaser with SC -1, Bama -10 1/2, and FSU – 1/2 instead and am as comfortable with that as you can be on opening weekend when no one has played a snap.

    Not sure how much Bobo will pick up on how UNC attacks that defense because they are much more of a spread but he might can see how UNC plans to handle Clowney and what that does to the other DE. Something tells me we can limit JC next week with the OT and either OG or FB blocking him as a double team. But if SOS uses him to jump into different positions the FB will have to work as an offensive “spy” to pitch in where ever needed.


    • Macallanlover

      Oops, meant this for the “SEC games” post. Too excited as the clock ticks down.


    • I think you’ll see UNC try to hit a bunch of quick stuff in the flats. SC’s breaking in new linebackers and quick throws will negate Clowney’s rush.


      • Macallanlover

        That is certainky one strategy that can minimize JC. I do think this will be there best strategy for their offense and personnel. Also why this game may not be that enlightening for Bobo. We have to right at them, that is who we are. Cliwney will definitely have a big impact, but not like last year. Not sure what we were thinking in that gameplan, not like he was a surprise visitor.


        • Clowney reminds me of big players I have watched come up from HS. THey are big and bad and can go head on with a Mac Truck. These guys have a short shelf life. Well, imho anyway. They get older and they just ain’t what they use to be.