Tonight’s SEC games

Is it six o’clock yet?

  • North Carolina at South Carolina.  I’m not sure why, but this game has given me the most trouble in this week’s Fabris Pool.  The line is home team -11.5 and I continue to waffle between the ‘Cocks winning by somewhere in the range of ten to fourteen points.  (Ask me now, and I’ll say ten.)  I’ll watch Clowney, of course, but what I’ll be more interested in keeping track of is how SC’s back seven performs against what should be a pretty decent passing attack.  Fedora’s got a sharp offensive mind and a few weapons to deploy.  I don’t think it’ll be enough, but maybe the Heels will expose a weakness that Bobo can exploit next weekend.  Oh, and did I mention Jadeveon Clowney?
  • Mississippi at Vanderbilt.  Just a couple of years ago, I might have referred to this meeting as the battle for the right to be named King of the Dipshits, but that’s hardly fair to either team now.  Both have stepped up their games, recruitingwise, but still lack the depth to be included in a discussion of the conference elite.  Still, it’s a big game for both, because when you count wins towards bowl eligibility and maybe more, this is the kind of game you have to win to establish yourself in the upper half of the SEC.  Both teams have excellent staffs and I’m looking forward to seeing how Freeze vs. Shoop plays out.  The Chris Boyd suspension hurts Vandy, of course, but I think the bigger question is how well the Commodores can replace the loss of last year’s starting quarterback and running back.  I think the Rebel Black Bears pull out the win in the end, but Vanderbilt covers the +3.5 points.



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28 responses to “Tonight’s SEC games

  1. Castleberry

    I am watching for the first controversial ejection of the season for targeting. Close call – replays inconclusive – game altering ejection. I want a backlash against the refs that makes them think twice before making that borderline call the rest of the year.

    • AlphaDawg

      Imagine Clowney decleating someone and getting ejected and suspended from next weeks game in Athens. I bet Spurriers head would explode before he could even get his hand up to his visor.


    How fonking hot is it going to be in Cola at 6 PM? D, JD.

    • 202dawg

      Between 93 (@5 pm, with 48% hum) and 81 (@7 pm, with 77% hum)

      Or was that rhetorical?

    • SCDawg

      I can tell you exactly how hot. Stifling. And as I comment, the loudspeakers on the roof of the building next to my office are playing 2001, followed by the USC Fight song, following by Fugging Sandstorm at an absolutely deafening level. For the third time today. Uggh.

      As a result, I am rooting for North Carolina tonight, but I don’t see South Carolina losing this game. I think they win handily

  3. Keese

    SC will easily cover that spread. Vandy wins that game by 6 or 7

  4. Otto

    Cheering for the SEC to go 3-0 over the ACC this weekend

  5. I think Franklin and Freeze have $25 million on the line in this one. They are both upwardly mobile coaches. And you can’t move up if you can’t keep the other historic doormat below you.

    They both need this to keep recruits focused on where they are going and to keep the media meme’s about them fueled.

    Think about the pressure Donnan was under going into the 97 SC game. He had to get SC back below him is the pecking order or he would have zero shot at building real recruiting momentum.

    • uglydawg

      Both programs are evidence that playing in the toughest conference forces you to get better..they both have..Ole Miss is not without it’s glory days, but Vandy? Now either team can compete, Will Kentucky and Missouri also step it up a notch in the next couple of years? I say they will because the more success the SEC has, the more kids are going to turn down the other conferences to get into an SEC program. The conference gets better and better until there is closer parity from top to’s already happening.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Vandy was actually one of the top teams in the South and even the nation in the teens, twenties and thirties, and even later. Look it up.

  6. NC Dawg

    Watching USC-UNC in the first quarter. Cocks look scary good.

    • uglydawg

      UNC looks awful. Clowney is a mystery…looks winded at end of half.
      Connor Shaw is on the money, and he can run…against UNC.

      • uglydawg

        End of third…just what I dreaded…UNC isn’t good enough to test SC..and is not giving a good effort. The offensive play selection for UNC is about as bad as it gets. I wanted SC to win, but look bad winning. You can’t tell much about SC, but they are obviously a very good football team…but weak opposition is how much of that?

  7. pastready

    Anybody know what time the team leaves on Friday?

  8. uglydawg

    LONG rain delay in 4th….ESPN has some real clowns bloviating. .
    Thank Goodness Vandy and Old Miss are starting.

  9. NC Dawg

    SCAROLINA has some fine talent, but if Clowney entered the game “in the best shape of his career,” he’s in for some long Sunday afternoons. Takes off more plays than Nick Fairley.

  10. NC Dawg

    As for Vandy, if they don’t pick it up quickly, they’re gonna start looking like … Vandy.

  11. Mike Cooley

    A few random thoughts. It is GREAT to have some college football to watch. I don’t know how much I’ve really learned from this SC game. They looked pretty good but NC looked pretty inept for the most part. I wouldn’t be getting all that scared of SC just yet folks. Shaw has played well but again, how good is NC? Clowney looks pathetic. Our linemen have got to be salivating at the thought of going against him right about now. He looks like he spent the offseason sitting in a recliner with a box of Klondike bars reading his press clippings. Murray is gonna make him look like a fool for the “he’s scared of me.” Comment unless Clown face gets in a lot better shape in a week. I don’t see our offense having much trouble with that defense. The premature anointing of Mike Davis by the wwl as some sort of super back is predictable and nauseating.

  12. NC Dawg

    They’ll be ready for UGA. Spurrier always has them ready.

  13. uglydawg

    I think Clowney must have been ill. Something was said about a stomach virus….maybe he was gassed because of it..You know the guy can play.
    He’ll be ready for Georgia. But NC was no test for SC.