A brief rebuttal to Andrea Adelson

I know she likely wasn’t being serious with her Boyd-Murray comparison yesterday, so I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds here, but it’s worth noting that Clemson and Georgia faced three common opponents last year – Auburn, Georgia Tech and South Carolina.  Both quarterbacks finished 2-1 and both had their worst games of the year against the Gamecocks, although Boyd didn’t implode nearly as spectacularly as Murray did.

But if you look at their passing stats against the other two teams, there’s no comparison.  Murray’s passer rating against Auburn was more than sixty points higher than Boyd’s; his passer rating against Tech was more than seventy points higher.  (I’m happy to stipulate that Boyd’s a bigger threat with his feet than Murray is, because Boyd doesn’t have the luxury of contracting that part of the offense out to Gurley and Marshall.)

What am I getting at here?  Neither defense we’ll see Saturday night is likely to be confused with last year’s South Carolina pass defense.  For that matter, Clemson finished lower in pass defense in 2012 than Auburn and Georgia Tech did.  (Tech and Clemson were pretty similar defensively in F+, by the way.  Auburn’s another story.)  So if we’re going to compare two stellar quarterbacks going up against pass defenses that aren’t so stellar, what do you think may be a better indication of how they do tomorrow night, last year’s work under similar circumstances, or Boyd’s ACC preseason player of the year award?



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8 responses to “A brief rebuttal to Andrea Adelson

  1. uglydawg

    All I heard from the silly bastards during the halftime shows last night was that Taj Boyd is apparently a god and whoever Clemson is playing Saturday…I think it’s Georgia….will be lucky if Clemson’s score doesn’t reach three digits. No mention of Georgia’s offense or Clemson’s troubles on defense. They never consider that Boyd’s accomplishments have come in the ACC.


    • Gravidy

      Yes. This. According to ESPN and most of the rest of the CFB pundit class, Clemson is a really good team! No, really! A really, really good team! They’re serious, and they aren’t changing their minds for ANYTHING! Well…you know…unless they lose to Georgia. Then the dawgrading will be unlike any other we’ve ever seen. The alternative, of course, would be to give credit to Georgia (and Murray) for beating a “really good team”. And we certainly couldn’t have that, now, could we?


  2. Keese

    Auburn and GT mailed it in last part of season


  3. Tybee Island Dawg

    I will offer you some advice I heard when I was much younger. “Never argue with a fool, people observing may not be able to distinguish.”


  4. JasonC

    Just for a point of reference Boyd is a middling 5-4 vs Top 25 teams, but I he’s also lost his share to unranked teams.


  5. dawgfan17

    Part of Clemson running 100 plays against LSU had to do with their offense not getting any first downs. Somehow I think our offense is slightly more capable of staying on the field than LSU’s.


  6. DawgBiscuit

    I don’t get all the Boyd love and simultaneous Murray bashing in the media. The two quarterbacks’ teams’ resumes over the last few seasons are very similar. After coming off 2010 seasons in which both teams finished 6-7 after losing bowls to mid-major teams from Florida, both UGA and Clemson rebounded to win 10 games in 2011 en route to division championships, and 2 loss seasons in 2012. The only glaring difference I see is that Clemson won their conference championship game in 2011 while UGA got hammered in theirs. However, Clemson failed to reach the conference championship game again in 2012, while UGA came within 5 yards of beating #2 (and eventual national champion) Alabama in theirs.

    Clemson: 10-4, ACC Atlantic/ACC Champions, lost Orange Bowl
    -Got waxed by #14 USCe, #23 WVU, unranked NC State, and unranked GT
    -Beat #21 Auburn, #11 FSU, #11 VT, #5 VT

    UGA: 10-4 SEC East Champions, lost SECCG, lost Outback Bowl
    -Got waxed by #1 LSU, #5 Boise State, and lost close games to #12 USCe and #12 MSU
    -Beat #20 Auburn and #25 GT

    Clemson: 11-2, Lost ACC Atlantic division to FSU, won Chick-fil-A Bowl
    -Lost to #4 FSU and #13 USCe
    -Beat #25 Auburn and #9 LSU

    UGA: 12-2, SEC East Champions, lost SECCG, won Capital One Bowl
    -Got embarrassed by #6 USCe, lost close SECCG to #2 Alabama
    -Beat #3 Florida and #23 Nebraska