Friday morning buffet

Take what you like.



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5 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Irwin R Fletcher

    On the Year 2 depth chart…Georgia clocks in at #3 in the SEC on Defense but 5th on offense? I wonder how much that has to do with having a FB in your offense instead of an extra WR?


  2. Macallanlover

    I really like what has been done with the neutral site matchups at the beginning of the season. They have provided some entertaining games that would not have been played otherwise. I hope the trend spreads to other geographies, hey, we might even see a Big Nothing team play someone besides the MAC. I also agree with the comment that having a competitive opener makes players focus more during the summer.


  3. Dolly Llama

    James Franklin and anyone on his staff who had a part in putting the Matthews kid back in the game after he puked on the field should have been fired after that game. I don’t give a good God damn if the kid did make a great catch just a play or two after it. That shit was grievous, a complete disregard of a player’s health, and I will never have any respect for Franklin ever again because of it. You can’t tell me they had time to evaluate Matthews’ condition in the minute or so he was out of the game. The announcers commented on it, though all was forgiven and forgotten after the catch.


  4. Dolly – you had respect for James Franklin?


  5. Nashville West

    Too bad you guys missed Fresno State/Rutgers. FUN game, Carr is the real thing (from Bakersfield, btw). They may call it the Mountain West but it’s still the WAC by any other name.