If you can’t complain about your quarterback, find somebody else.

And so, the mind games begin.

At least ESPN will have something besides Johnny Football’s half of football against Rice to bloviate about next week.


UPDATE:  And here’s who will talk about it.


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31 responses to “If you can’t complain about your quarterback, find somebody else.

  1. oscardagrch

    This was the part of the presser that got my attention: Gamecocks cornerback Victor Hampton doubts the Gamecocks will struggle with fatigue in Athens the way they did Thursday. “I think next week we’ll be a little more conditioned,” Hampton said. “I don’t think Georgia moves as fast as those guys, and I don’t think they’ll get the ball out as fast as Renner did because of the system they ran.”

    Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20130830/south-carolina-north-carolina-jadeveon-clowney/#ixzz2dSGhzoca

    • section Z alum

      someone send that kid a candygram and thank you note. richt is gonna be telling the boys how slow they are all week

    • Rp

      Really?! I guess Hampton doesn’t really believe in scouting the teams in your own division. We don’t always run at a high pace, but we are certainly capable of doing so when it is to our advantage.

      I would also like to know what conditioning program they do to get in much better shape in one week. P90X? Maybe the shake weight.

  2. Castleberry

    I don’t think Clowney is out of shape at all. He just came out way too amped up and it caught up to him.

    I’ve “been in the arena” when it comes to endurance – and there is an old saying: “You can’t win a distance race in the first minute, but you can lose it.”

    That’s what happened to Clowney in my opinion.

    • Normaltown Mike

      “I’ve “been in the arena” when it comes to endurance…”

      C’mon Castle, this is a family site!

      • uglydawg

        We will probably see that this game was an enigma. We’ve all seen Clowney play and it’s scary and it will be scary in Athens next week. North Carolina did a good job of moving away from him on plays, and there was something wrong…but it will be fixed next week. Even without Clowney, South Carolina’s defense is very good..but UNC doesn’t look like a very good football team, and the play calling was horrible…That big slow qb trying to run the ball was ridiculous….and third and 19 calling a running play, etc.

      • Macallanlover

        True, sounds like the “old bull, young bull” story.

        Who knows, JC may have had a fever, or some stomach virus. I don’t count on beating them by their stars not showing up. I thought their passing game looked a little better than I expected with a couple of explosive receivers, but their running game was pretty mundane outside of that one long run (UNC is the group that scored 50 against GT and lost by 18 last season so we aren’t talking a stout defense). Shaw can still hurt you with his legs, like he did to us last year, but I expected them to dominate up front.

        On the other hand, I felt their defense would have had trouble with our offense yesterday. Still looks like an excellent SEC matchup in Sanford next Saturday. Overall, I am a little more confident today about next week’s matchup. If we take care of business tomorrow, Athens will be rocking next week and the players will feed off of that.

        • More than confident….I am..You and I need to talk about the points in next weeks game. I can make you more money than you can imagine…but we have to wait until noon Saturday the 7th. Ask the Senator how to get in touch with me via email. I trust him… Or, if you know LRGk9…NCAA man…he can direct you.

    • Noonan

      After seeing what happened to Lattimore, Clowney may be using a “knee protection” strategy this season.

  3. Scott W.

    I think may be a calculated move by the OBC.

      • uglydawg

        I would not put it past him…but if Clowney was faking being gassed, he hurt his chances to win the Hiesman. Would Spurrier be that selfish? And would Spurrier be that critical of a player that he told to mail it in? I think the guy has been ill…remember a couple of weeks ago when SS didn’t want to talk a out Clowney? Maybe he’s been hiding an illness and hasn’t been able to get in shape. He’ll show up for UGA though.

        • Macallanlover

          You guys seriously over estimate Spurrier, he is fiercely determined to beat UGA, and anyone who lines up against him, but he isn’t that deep. UGA fans get a little paranoid about him, we just have to line up and play with smart, and with great passion next week. If we do, Dawgs will get the W and he will spend the first week in December playing some golf and contemplating SC’s usual bowl destination.

          • I agree. If Spurrier wanted to create a false front about Clowney, the easier way to do that would have been to keep him off the field and blame that on something.

          • gastr1

            But this is exactly the recipe to get a talented player to be at his 100% level best for a big game…lay thickly on how bad he was the game before.

            • Macallanlover

              He will be at 100% anyway, he ran his mouth this summer and will be dedicated to backing it up. I just hope Quayvon doesn’t whiff like our RBs did last year in taking him on behind the OTs. I also hope Bobo has a better plan to minimize his involvement. I wish JC had gotten rave reviews last night but I expect him to be in an angry mood next Saturday as there is a lot of public criticism in the media today about his lack of perfomance.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Clowney’s been sick. That might have been the problem.

    • gastr1

      (fixed it for you, Scott W.)

  4. HVL Dawg


  5. John Denver is full of shit...

    Nike has ruined the UNC uniforms.

    • Macallanlover

      Have to hold UNC responsible for that. I know Nike proposes/requires some uniform variations but you don’t have to go that far. I think they began screwing around with the navy blue while Butch Davis was there. Surprised the powers at UNC let that start. I had always loved the UNC uniforms from the past, that blue is classic and has to remain the feature color.

  6. Merk

    Yahoo has an article about him having a stomach virus. They also spend the article pissing and moaning about the announcers pointing out him being exhausted. Like they were told he was sick and just wanted to make fun of him.

    Truth is that he deserves that skepticism. Why? There has been nothing but talk about the Great Clowney for 7-8 straight months, So yea, he was supposed to show up and do more than make 3 tackles. Either way, he will get a mulligan on this one because he is Clowney and he had that hit last year.

    Also Clowney will be ready for our game and ready to make up for lost time. Kind of a loss for us there.

  7. Rp

    I think that Clowney may have been reading too much of his own press this offseason. He probably feels like he should get a sack on every drop back. I got the feeling from that game that if you can frustrate him enough you can make him quit. Lets try to make him tired of Lynch and Hicks chipping him all game long.

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Clowney is sandbagging to protect his draft status

  9. Normaltown Mike

    I don’t doubt he’ll play well against UGA.

    DE’s are not QB’s or RB’s. They can change a game with 1 impact play (see Clowney 2011 or Pollock 2002).

  10. fetch

    We will see. If he truely was gassed from poor conditioning, he won’t correct that by next week for sure.

  11. AthensHomerDawg

    So does a late Thursday night game postponed cause of lightening, steal a bit of their extra prep time for the Dawgs.

  12. awreed79

    Before the announcers even picked up on it, there was a shot of Clowney on the sidelines, and it was pretty obvious that he told one of his teammates “I feel sick”. So I don’t think he was 100% last night. Here’s to hoping he has the shits all week and is dehydrated next Saturday.

    • nrbq

      Yes. During our a.m. Constitutionals tomorrow , we should all strive to produce a little extra for the Clown.