Penalty for excessive celebration

This has to be the most head-shaking takeaway from last night:

The Bulldogs lost tailback Todd Gurley and wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell on the same play. Gurley strained a thigh muscle on a 75-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, and Mitchell aggravated a right knee injury when he leaped in the air celebrate with Gurley in the end zone.

That’s not funny, football gods.


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67 responses to “Penalty for excessive celebration

  1. Matt b.

    So this is how it’s going to be this year huh?

  2. Tronan

    Last night was adding insult to injury and injury to insult.

  3. NC Dawg

    We should beat Clemson even with these guys or the hyphen in the defensive backfield. We got outplayed. Even if we had rallied for a miracle win, Clemson deserved it.

  4. David K

    If we whip South Carolina’s ass all is forgiven. Go Dawgs!

  5. Minnesota Dawg

    Forget it, Jake. It’s….Georgia.

    Not really up to analyzing all the things that went wrong last night yet…but as usual, we made just the right amount and at just the right time to have big-game heartbreak and leave us wondering: what if, what if, what if…..

  6. Looks like DE JAVU of 2008. Veteran OL that did not achieve expectations.

    The same Murray (2010- 2013): Throwing interceptions immediately after a great turnovers.

    Special Team: Another disaster.

    Richt: Excellent coach and person, but has the bad luck of playing second fiddle all the time. Has complete denial on importance of special team.

  7. NC Dawg

    I don’t mind a big-time opener with the nation’s eye on us. But why can’t we ever do it at home? That was a Clemson party last night.

    • cube

      If you really don’t understand this, you don’t have the first clue about scheduling.

      • NC Dawg

        I understand home-and-home. What’s frustrating is that every big game opener we’ve had in recent years has NOT been at home. I know what’s coming next year. But it’s been a while.

      • NC Dawg

        And if you’re saying I’m being naive about the money end of things, how often does Florida open on the road. Basically, never.

      • NC Dawg

        schools have full control over their nonconference schedules. You can ALWAYS open at home if you want to.

    • NC Dawg

      In fact, you could send me a list of all the away openers the Gators have played in the last 20 years. Shouldn’t take long.

      • cube

        Here’s the last 10 Florida openers. Which one of these is the big time party you’re talking about?

        2013 – Toledo
        2012 – Bowling Green
        2011 – Florida Atlantic
        2010 – Miami (Ohio)
        2009 – Charleston Southern
        2008 – Hawaii
        2007 – Western Kentucky
        2006 – Southern Miss
        2005 – Wyoming
        2004 – Eastern Michigan

        • NC Dawg

          I give, Cube. Every home opener is a party. Maybe not a big-time party. I[m saying, somebody nonconference wants to open with us, do it at our house. Other teams do it. You’re saying, I think, that if you schedule a big-time program, they’re gonna do it home-and-away or not at all. I’ve just gotten tired of Oklahoma State, Boise State, and now Clemson, all on the road (yes, the Ga. Dome is not home). Now, if we had won them…
          Wasn’t trying to insult you; just frustrated Dawg…

          • cube

            I understand. I’m frustrated too.

            The Oklahoma State road opener in ’09 was a return trip for their trip to Athens to open the season in ’07.

            You’re not going to get many teams (if any) that are worth a crap to come to Athens with no return trip. Hell, even Boise State now requires a return trip (see their recent home and homes with Washington and Oregon).

            We get a big home opener next year and I’m looking forward to it. But I liked the Dome opener against Boise as well. Anything to reduce the number of lame, boring cupcake games from 3 to 2. Well, anything other than traveling across the country that is. There are plenty of big time programs or neutral site locations east of the Rockies.

            • NC Dawg

              Impressive. You really know your UGA scheduling, and you do your homework. I was certainly shooting from the hip, and I covered sports for two different newspapers. Thanks for the schooling.

            • NC Dawg

              I’ve been out of state a long time now, and I must admit that the vast majority of what I know about the current UGA program comes from this blog. That’s why I read it all the time. Guys like you keep me up on the Dawgs.

        • NC Dawg

          Have to say, I’m about ready to bring back the cupcake openers. Never thought I’d be saying that…

  8. Miguel

    Why the finger wagging at Special Teams? I saw great punt and kick off coverage, a successful fake punt, really good punting and a bad snap, which happens.

    • Dave

      No….bad snaps don’t just happen….find another team in all of division 1 football where it happened this weekend on a field goal….yet we manage to do it on the week’s biggest game.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree, ‘cept for the FG. But we shoulda scored a TD on that drive anyway.

      • RocketDawg

        That bad snap could have happened to anyone, when was the last time that happened to us? Overall I thought that the special teams did very well considering we didn’t have our starting kicker.

        The defense did about what I expected, some really good things and some really bad things. The tackling was poor and contributed directly to two scores. Connor Norman did a good job all things considered but was beat deep on a wheel route, you have to wonder if JHC was back there if he would have been able to bat that down. I hope that they can make corrections in time for the Chickens coming to town.

        The offense as a whole was pretty good, but we expected better than “pretty good”. Gurley’s run was amazing, it may be blasphemous to say but he could end up being the best back we have ever had at UGA. The O-line was very disappointing, too many missed assignments from a group that was supposed to be very good. Gates had better pick it up or Clowney is going to use him like a turnstile again next week. They have to quit getting stupid penalties at the most inopportune times as well.

        The takeaway for me was that this is a good team with a chance to be really good. The defense is going to be excellent once they get some experience, the line needs to clean some things up before next week.

        Also if you are honest with yourself and are truly a football fan you have to give Clemson credit for playing a great game. Tahj Boyd outplayed Murray last night and made the clutch plays when he had to, their defense was much better than advertised as well. Give credit where it is due.

  9. Skeptic Dawg

    Mitchell is a very good WR, but his loss was not the reason the Dawgs lost last night. I expected the defense to give up points. And they did just that while playing ok. What I did not expect (and I probably should have) was to watch the O-line get whipped for the majority of the night. More specifically, David Andrews was outmatched most of the night and he had a few bad holding penalties. Kolton Houston is simply not ready for big time football. Houston was destroyed at left and right tackle, leading to crushing sacks. Gates was also hammered a ton last night. When our TE’s are relegated to blocking only, it takes away an additional weapon for Murray. Our last drive of the first half and the 1st drive of the second half did us in. The opportunity was there to take this game away from Clemson, but Brent Venables saw a weakness in our O-line and he certainly took advantage of it. I said this before the season began and I believe today: A loss to Clemson will lead to a loss to South Carolina. I will continue to bleed Red and Black, but I am disappointed in this staff and team yet again.

  10. NC Dawg

    ^^^^ Our tackles couldn’t block anybody; Whole OL had a weak game. No adjusting to what Clemson did.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Nothing to adjust, the O-line can’t block them enough to run anything

      • Skeptic Dawg

        The O did put together the drive with short slants and quick outs that lead to a Gurley TD. Why this adjustment was not made sooner is beyond me. This is what I find to be maddening. The bottom line is simple…if the O-line does not improve over the next 6 days, Spurrier and Clowney are going to have a field day in Athens.

  11. Merk

    12 crappy Olinemen is not better than 5 crappy Olinemen

  12. mwo

    After 3 straight scoring drives in the first half, they took their foot off the gas. Gurley goes 75 on a toss sweep, and I don’t think we ran another one until after halftime. Clemson had no answer for what the O was doing. We start handing off 8 yards deep to set up play action, we didn’t need it. Every time we threw the ball on first and didn’t complete the pass, Clemson run blitzed on second down and we ran right into the teeth of it. It is almost like there is a script of plays we are going to run whether what we are doing is working or not. Fuck balance, run it till they stop you then pass it. How many shots did Murray take downfield last night over 20 yards? I can’t remember any. Frustrating is not the word. I am also starting to think Grantham is stealing money. I know you give up some big plays running a 3-4 but the last 3 or v4 games the defense has given up about a mile in rushing yardage. Beat Carolina!

  13. Merk

    We are now 0-4 when Corso picks us. Our lone Gameday win in the last 8 years was vs Bama in Saban’s first season, and that took OT to happen.

  14. ASEF

    Gave up 38. 4 of 14 on 3rd. 9 flags for 85. 4 yards in the return game (seems like the box score has to be wrong on that one, but that’s what it says).

    Team loss. I saw a bunch of bad pursuit angles and missed blocks. Looked like a season opener. Still almost got it done against a quality opp.

  15. Merk

    Also this quote is Bulls**t:

    “The pass protection, I think when you play in a stadium where you’re the opponent and there is a lot of crowd noise, you have to play with the silent cadence, and you don’t really get the jump that you’d like to have with your own cadence. And when that happens, sometimes you really just don’t get out of your stance enough. And that’s really what happened a couple of times.”

    Read more here:

    No, what you do is called simulate that crap. It was the same excuse against Boise. Oh it was too loud. STFU teams do it in louder stadiums every damn week.

    • Dog in Fla

      As I rarely do, let me quote hassan and as I always like to do, myself, with at least getting some of it right:

       hassan
      August 30, 2013 at 2:18 PM
      “My prediction…first posession includes a false start, illegal substitution, and a holding call.”
       Dog in Fla
      August 30, 2013 at 3:07 PM
      “Add a timeout followed by an unnecessary celebration. That way we can lull them into thinking their crowd is too loud”

    • It just means the players are not being prepared well for the first game. In 2008 Bama came to Sanford, UGA fans were as hostile as any home crowd, but it was the Dawgs that got bulldozed.

  16. BC50

    Can someone who recorded the game go back and look at all the plays we had penalties called? I’d be interested to see what plays those penalties negated. Off the top of my head I can think of one where Bennett had a first down catch but it was called back, and another where we had a first down run that was also called back because of holding. And how dumb was Scott-Wesley’s blocking below the waist call on the opposite side of the field from the run??

    • mwo

      I thought officials from the conference of the visiting team worked the games. That ACC crew is gonna give the trade school pure hell if they called that many chop blocks on UGA. Their whole offensive scheme is predicated upon chop blocking.

  17. Jeff

    Aaron Murray is a great person and a genuine nice guy…but…once again, he has proven that he can not handle the pressure of a big game. In a hostile environment against a good team, you CAN’T fumble the ball on your own 20 yard line and then follow that up with an interception on the next series. You can talk about the defense all you want…and they need and will get better…but differential in turnovers was the key.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I am with you — after sifting through the wreckage of that affair last night, I kept coming back to the opportunity given (CU gets the ball at the Dawg 15 yl.) & the opportunity spurned (AM’s INT down at the Clemmins 20 yl. These were backbreaking.

  18. Lrgk9

    Murray 1-10 in games against top ten opponents.
    Bobo 1-10 in games against top ten opponents.

    All those wins Richt has against top ten opponents were David Greene and Van Gorder wins. Sigh – for a clutch QB and OC…

    Offense went missing again last night, but what gripes my derriere is that the adjustments to fix it are EXACTLY what should be in the game plan for SC next week, Bobo should have adjusted much sooner or Murray, with all his savvy and study should have adjusted.

    Where is the sideline to sideline toss sweep to wear out the DL? We just don’t ‘have it’ against upper echelon competition.

    • RocketDawg

      Murray didn’t play great, but he didn’t play awful either. The fumble was a direct result of the LT whiffing on a block, not much you can do about that when you get hit from behind. The INT is one that most NFL QB’s would have thrown as well. Dropping the DE in a zone blitz is something you see in the NFL because most college DE’s aren’t talented enough to do it, give the Clemson D and coaching staff credit for a good scheme design.

      Murray didn’t play defense where two key tackles and one batted pass would have made a huge difference in the score.

    • PlatoDawg

      Funny how you leave out the fact that Todd Grantham is 1-10 against top 10 opponents, while surrendering 30 plus pts in 9 out of 10 games.Boggles the mind really how that fact escapes a lot of people.In a conference that embodies the concept of “Defense wins Championships” no less.Incredible.

  19. Will Trane

    Did Gates have a piano tied to his butt. Only when on the field. On the sidelines the team played that same of old song…we can not tackle, block, or have eyes to see what is happening. Do feel for these guys and coaching staff. NO. They seem to like getting beat in big games…and so does CMR & staff. But the O line is once again a damn joke. Personnel, scheme, sets, pace of game, and coaching…the O can not build on a lead and allow a young D to put pressure and make some mistakes. After last night I an wondering why Mitchell is on offense. With some good plays, coaching, and proper game preparations they do not need him. Will CMR ever understand how important an O line and O line coach is? See Saban, after yesterday Saban would like is old one back. Chad Morris your O kicked our D line asses…had a hat on them all night and McDowell maybe better than Gurshall. Can somebody explain to me what is going on with Marshall. A night of freaking regression by a staff and roster than can no longer win big games. What will it take..Think the history of Bobo, McClendon, Friend, and CMR speaks volumes. There has to be a change. LSU, Clemson, and others make changes, not CMR.

  20. Will Trane

    )-4 against the state of South Carolina. In fact that state beats our ass in every men’s program…football, basketball, and baseball. Let us all thank the powers to be in Athens for that poliitcal correct hire awhile back who put together these schedules…Boise in the Dome, Clemson [their best team ever] in Clemson, South Carolina…and the hits just keep on going. Sitting inside the 10 yard line and zero points. The O line and the power set was a joke. When will this staff learn to use speed and the 53 1/2 yards width of field inside the 10-15. The O line is pitiful.

    • cube

      McGarity scheduled Boise. Evans scheduled the Clemson home and home. Yet you seem to think it was the same person.

      • Coastal Dawg

        We whine when we play cupcakes and want to play good teams. We whine when playing good teams means we don’t go undefeated. Get a grip, Will. We shouldn’t be scared to play anybody at anytime.

  21. Debby Balcer

    We would have gone into overtime if not for the bad snap. The ACC refs were not calling holding on Clemson and there were obvious holds by them. I thought the refs were supposed to be SEC for this game. Aaron played hard. He never quit.

    • I love Aaron Murray and want to keep loving him but the game last night showed me that he didn’t get any better over the summer. One thing Aaron didn’t do well is manage the play clock. I don’t like to agree with Herbstreit but I think it’s true. I realize that it was loud as hell out there but we can’t keep giving up these delay of game penalties. I could see that from a inexperienced QB, but not from AM. I’m sure there will be other of the Senator’s blog posts to discuss this and other frustrating things from last night’s game.

  22. Bulldog Joe

    We lose Gurley for the half and Mitchell for the season because we can’t act like we’ve been there.

    Add this debacle to the list of suspensions, penalties, special teams gaffes, and turnovers. Once again, were the least disciplined team on the field.