There’s no crying in football.

Okay, fess up.  Which one of you guys is “Tyler in Atlanta”?

Dayum, son.


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  1. Scott W.

    The stinging lash of a first game loss.

    • Rugbydawg 79

      just beat fla-run a clean program and compete for SEC title–and this Dog is happy–folk that get so tied up in that MNC thing just do not realize how fleeting it is. Be a good Dog, be in it for the long haul !
      it is Great to be a Georgia Bulldog .

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    “The sharp knife of a short life” (Ht Kimberly Perry)

  3. dudetheplayer


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    And the nominees are:

  5. Beer Money

    Nothing like drunks on a late night call-in show after a loss.

  6. Rusty

    I have shed tears in my life. Sometimes very bitter tears. Like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan type tears. But never over a football game. Never.
    Yes, I love the Dawgs, but if you cry over a loss, it’s time to get some perspective, imho.

    • JC


      Though I think I did cry after my peewee league title game 30+ years ago. I scored several TDs to put us ahead only to watch the other team score a late TD on a long run because of several bad angles taken by our secondary.

      NEVER FORGETT!!!!!!!

  7. Billy Mumphrey

    Where’s the Macho Man when you need him?

  8. Fat Elvis

    I am not ready to cry……..But the guy is right, Ga is not going to take “the next step” with Richt as head coach.

    And then people say, “well, who are you going to replace him with?” Lets start out with the following list below. And yes,some may not be interested. But we have to at least try! Offer them the ind of money that they at least have to think REALLY HARD about turning it down. Don’t go in there an offer them $100k more a year than they are currently making! And don’t go in with some 50 year contract! 4-6 years – TOPS! If they are good, and believe they can win, they wont baulk. Beause they believe they will win, and that the contract extention (with a pay increase) will come! And Ga has to change their thinking (as we have seen over the past 30 years) on what they are wlling to pay! We have had the attitude that, if a Nick Saban level coach is going to cost $6mm, Ga is not going to pay any more than $3mm-$3.5mm for a coach. This kind of thinking has to stop – NOW!! Go out and pay the money for a top coach!

    Then the next question is always, “what are those first 2-3 years going to look like after a coaching change?” Sure, there might be a down period. But we cant cont to say we cant get a new coach because we might go 7-5 or 6-6 a year or two. How about 2009 and 2010? CMR changed coaches,we had these types of seasons, and we lived through it.

    Mark Richt is a VERY fine man. As a person, he is 2nd to none. And at a school that has been languishing at the 6-6 or 7-5 level for years, he would be the answer to their prayers. He was great for us after living through Ray Golff and Jim Donnan. But I think it should be clear at this point, he can’t not win the “Big Games.” Look at his record the past 6-7 years against ranked opponents. That is all you need to know as a reason why this should not cont. Yes, we came “close” in the Bama game (and last Sat night). But last time I checked, “close” only counted in horseshoes and hand grenades.

    Gary Patterson
    Kirby Smart
    Charlie Strong
    Chris Petersen

    • Patterson and Petersen ain’t coming. Smart’s a coordinator who’s already turned the school down once. And Strong’s gonna have a big problem with the school’s academic/behavior standards.

      • Fat Elvis

        Make then turn us down. Don’t always assume. As for Smart, he turned down the DC job, not HC. Strong, if he comes in and starts beating the ranked teams, “behaviors” will change

        • TennesseeDawg

          Booby Petrino and Jim Mora are also available

        • Actually, Smart accepted and then turned down the job. He’s burned bridges at B-M.

          Don’t get your point about Strong. There’s no way somebody like Michael Dyer ever gets a second chance at Georgia.

          “Make them turn us down”? Petersen’s turned down numerous opportunities to leave and Patterson gets paid a ton at a program he’s spent a decade building. Canning Richt so you can futilely chase a couple of coaching wet dreams is a foolish strategy, but whatever blows your skirt up, I guess.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Firing Richt after 1 loss would be asinine. There will be a lot of talk about getting rid of him after next week’s loss and it will reach a crescendo after the upcoming LSU loss. There is nothing wrong with Mark Richt as the HC at UGA. There is, however, a stinking rat at BM that needs to go–Greg McGarity. I know, I know, I have been one of his biggest supporters on this blog. I even lobbied the search committee to hire him. But now I acknowledge my mistake. We have compounded the error of hiring an incompetent (Red Panties) by replacing him with a money grubber who puts filthy lucre ahead of winning. I’m all for playing quality opponents, but there is a time honored sequence that a winning program is supposed to follow that maximizes the likelihood of success. History teaches us that the winningest programs start out with at least one tune-up game then proceed to play more progressively difficult opponents after that. Such was the scheduling philosophy practiced at UGA when VD was HC. Such was the scheduling philosophy practiced at FU when McGarity was there. GM even stated at a presser when he was hired that he was going to follow the “Florida Model” when it came to scheduling. But he has done the exact opposite in Athens. I know there are a lot of others on this blog who dislike GM for other reasons-primarily his cheapness. That is a legitimate gripe. But the main job of the AD is to put his teams in the best position to win that he can. McGarity hasn’t done that. HE is the guy who needs to go.

            • TennesseeDawg

              CMR has a job until he’s ready to retire. He’d have to lose 8-9 games in a season for anyone at BM to consider firing him

            • Coastal Dawg

              I am fine opening with Clemson, Boise, Ok State or any quality opponent rather than a cupcake. Just a few weeks ago we lamented the lame home schedule and why we would stay home.

              At any rate, had we won, we would all be whooping up our SOS and incredulously bemoaning why we aren’t ranked ahead of Alabama. Sweet mother, it is one game. We lost, move on and get ready for the next one. We can reserve all this end of the world stuff for Feb when there isn’t any thing else to talk about.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                I’m not sure if you are responding to my post about McGarity or not CD, but it is not “one game.” The AD sets the OOC schedule (and even though he’s not supposed to influences the conference schedule as well, at least Jeremy Foley does). Since becoming AD GM has gotten UGA into an opener at a neutral site against Boise and an opener at other team’s home field, Clemson. Both games were losses. Before he left, Red panties got the Dawgs into an opener in 2009 at Okie State–another loss.That’s 3 first game losses away from home in 5 years. Show me where that has ever happened at Bama, FU, Ohio State or any other team that considers itself to be “elite” any time in the history of CFB. That’s what teams like Western Carolina and Arkansas State do. Have we now become Arkansas State? An elite program NEVER is supposed to open the season on another team’s home field–period. Once in a while an elite program can play another good team at a neutral site, but that should only be once in a while. The idiots at BM , primarily McGarity, have been entrusted with the legacy of Georgia football and they are squandering that legacy for TV money!

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  *Once in awhile an elite program can play another good team AS AN OPENER at a neutral site…….

                  • Coastal Dawg

                    The end of the world was a general comment but the scheduling, yes.

                    When we got Ok state back at home, we won. When Boise came to Athens, we whipped them. We get Clemson back at home next year. A game I will attend and enjoy a hell of a lot more than drumming Elon.

                    As far as other programs opening games or schedules, Bama has opened with Va Tech, Michigan, Clemson and I think WVa in the past few years. LSU opened or played at least one big time opponent. Even Tenn had the stones to play Oregon.

                    Iron sharpens iron Mayor. We should want to play the best competition. If that means home and home so be it. I would rather play the first game like that so we get ready all off season rather than squeeze them in during conference play. It is their forst game , too.

                    UFs OOC schedule is a joke. OSU’s OOC and conference schedule are laughable.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Good for Bama but those games were all at neutral sites, not at another team’s stadium, and were against good-but inferior to Bama-opponents. You want to be like UT? They opened up in Pasadena with UCLA and with Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. Lost both. The also played both in Knoxvegas. Lost both. UF won 2 Natties in a 3 year period. OSU was undefeated last season (they go undefeated a lot in the regular season, actually) and has won a Nattie within the last 10 years or so. Who’s really laughable and who’s really a joke?

                • S.E. Dawn

                  I think LSU had some pretty tough openers.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    LSU played Oregon in 2011 as an opener but that was in Dallas at Jerry World. Usually they face ULaLa, AppState or other teams like that in Baton Rouge to open. Last year it was the Mean Green of North Texas. LSU is not a good example for you to pick if you are arguing in favor of what the AD in Athens has been doing lately.

            • hunkerdowndawg

              Vince Dooley was head coach and Athletic Director who scheduled our last lost to Clemson and our only regular season loss in 1981. That was an opener too.

              • hunkerdowndawg

                Oops… There was one other loss to Clem since 1981 but it wasn’t an opener.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  The loss at Clemson in 1981 was the 3rd game of the season, not an opener.

                  • hunkerdowndawg

                    My mistake. I didn’t go back and check the 1981 schedule earlier but now I see that we opened with Tennessee, with whom we also opened in 1980. We did open with Clemson at home in 1982 and won. We have opened with Clemson and beaten them several times. We opened with Boise State several years back and clobbered them. Thus, I don’t believe opening with Boise St in the Dome should be considered a scheduling snafu. This is using your Bama opener analysis, which is that the teams they have opened with weren’t quite at Bama’s level. BSU has been good but it is Georgia’s responsibility to make sure that Georgia’s level is above Boise. I don’t have a strong feeling either way on McGarrity, but I don’t think we should be scared to play Boise or even ACC teams in openers. We just need to beat them.

                    What we need to do more than anything else is beat South Carolina next Saturday and I believe that having played a great Clemson team prepares us better than playing Florida Atlantic or Texas State.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      We clobbered Boise State IN ATHENS!!! You still aren’t getting it. Always open at home and usually play a cupcake. Occasionally play a quality opponent AT HOME as an opener. Work the return engagement at their place later in a following season so you do not play the first game of the season away, that way your team still gets a tune-up game that same year. Finally, if you want to once in a while play a national power in one of these preseason bowl-type games, that’s fine as long as it is at a neutral site. That’s what elite teams do. Opening against top rated teams at their stadium is how you lose 3 out of 5 opening games, which is what UGA has now done 2009-1013.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Let me put this another way: We have opened up away from Athens in 2009, 2011 and 2013, and LOST ALL THREE!

                    • Not trying to pick nits, but the Boise game in 2011 was at the Dome which could be considered a neutral site, as you proposed, but in a Georgia-Boise matchup, there is nothing neutral about playing in Atlanta. However, I don’t disagree with you about opening with a tough opponent at their stadium. My primary point was that this is not an exclusive McGarity problem. I am not even sure if it is a McGarity problem at all. I don’t know who scheduled the series with Clemson and when. Do you? If it was McGarity, then blame McGarity.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  The “other loss to Clemsonsince 1981” would be the loss to Clemson at Clemson in 1990. 5th game of that season.

          • fat Elvis

            I hear ya, but is everybody happy being on the outside looking in? I am sure there are some great coaches out there that we would love to come to Georgia. Maybe not those two, but there are others. People at the upper ranks at Ga should be working on their “top 10 list,” and having very candid conversations about what it would take to pull each of them to Ga. It maybe, after putting out “feelers” that “x” coach would never leave their school unless “x” job was offered. our other option is To just sit back and roll with the status que for 10-15 more years? Which some people are fine with. They come back with, “what more do you want? We win 9-10 games a year!” True, but look at our record against teams that have been ranked.

            • I am sure there are some great coaches out there that we would love to come to Georgia.

              Who and why?

              Are you familiar with Georgia’s hiring record?

            • sUGArdaddy

              Elvis…Alabama has lost at home to the highest ranked opponent they’ve played in the last three years…2010 Auburn, 2011 LSU, and 2012 A & M. Here’s a quick nugget: beating really good teams is hard to do. We played 4 pretty good teams last year: South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Nebraska. We went 2-2. Florida played 6 pretty good teams last year (USCjr, LSU, A & M, UGA, FSU & Louisville). They went 4-2. South Carolina played 4 (UGA, Fla, LSU, & Clemson). They went 2-2. You get the picture.

              Yes, you want to be Alabama. I don’t. I want to be UGA and be really good. We are really good, and we know what we’re doing and we know how to win in this league. Could you tell me the coach that could do better than winning our division 5 times in 12 years? We are 2-3 in those games, and 3 losses came against the best team in America in each of them.

              Trust me, the playoffs (love them or hate them), are going to be very good to Mark Richt. He’ll have us in position to win the league a lot, and if you win this league, you’ll be in the dance, and if you’re in the dance, you’ve got a shot.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Wish I would have said that.

        • Dboy

          I would pick Strong out of that Group, but I think this is all more that a little premature. Did we really think that replacing 8 defensive starters was going to equal early season success? No doubt, the offense didn’t play a great game vs Clemson, but they ultimately scored a ton of points. Last time I checked, offenses are supposed to be way behind defenses early in the year. Lets see how the team progresses / the game against SC goes.

          Last year after the SC loss, people were going crazy to fire Richt and Co. We were a tipped pass from the MNC game a few weeks later.

  9. Russ

    I hate losing, but I REALLY hate the internet after we lose.

    • Big time?.......not!


    • Debby Balcer


    • Beer Money

      I am to the point where I am not sure what is worse….the loss or this ridiculous end of the world crap after each loss. Go back and read all the happy talk about how MOST FANS were grateful to have CMR as our HC ever since pulling the wagon out of the ditch to open ’11. So all of that is gone in one week? Got it UGA “fans.”

      • Beer Money

        …after losing by a freakin’ field goal played before a madhouse of an environment. People act like we didn’t even show up the other night. If Gurley plays the entire game, we win by 7-10 points even with the mistakes and penalties. Not saying it should come down to that, but basically some of you are calling to end the CMR tenure because Todd Gurley got a charleyhorse. Good freakin’ God.

  10. Zach

    This isn’t even a conversation topic if we can punch in a TD on 2nd and goal from the 2.

  11. Will Trane

    Hot as hell while washing my house. Take a break. Now those people in metro Atlanta, they are too serious about football in Athens. Hell I’ve given away tickets to go hunting. Some things are important. I do not cry after a loss, I just get mad as hell, pissed off, and vent like hell.
    CMR to be fired. We;ve heard this before and early. I had a dream, and his “Dream Team” has never shown up in a game…could not get on the bus to the stadium. My suggestion, change your offense to the times and recruits. Alot of high schools are running the spread.
    The spread does what is says…spreads the defense. At the high school level a coach and staff will not have the numbers and caliber of players to competent for titles on a consistent basis. They spread somewhat leveled the field of competition. My suggestion to CMR and the AD…make an investment in the kids, UGA, the state, the alums, and fans…go hire an OC who can coach and run the spread offense now.

    • D.N. Nation

      “Hot as hell while washing my house. Take a break.”

      This guy has the most bizarre way of talking about football on the Internet.

      “I had a dream, and his “Dream Team” has never shown up in a game…could not get on the bus to the stadium.”

      “My suggestion to CMR and the AD…make an investment in the kids, UGA, the state, the alums, and fans…go hire an OC who can coach and run the spread offense now.”

      You said that last year and that we should fire Richt and go after Dan Mullen and recruit some nobody kid you’d heard about in Podunk County, GA. Your ideas are strange and wrong.

  12. Will Trane

    Did Evans or McGarity set this schedule up? From what I heard this was some of the left over from Evans. McGarity said we would play close to home…like we can see their campus from our back porch or no more than a 6 hour drive in your pickup with a dog box in the bed.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Evans set this up. I think McGarity gets it. He got us out of the Louisville series by trading it for Boise. We were going to OPEN THE SEASON a few years ago in Papa Johns Stadium.

      We need to get out of these games if we are going to have the toughest substance suspension policy in the nation. If we want to stand the moral high ground on our discipline and play tough non-conference games to start the season, we are going to tote losses home some. There’s just no other way to say it. We still could have won Saturday. But we played behind the 8-ball without JHC and Morgan (for relatively minor things). I think we win with both of them. Much of Clemson’s gameplan was “throw toward #11.” OR…we could have beaten Toledo handily without them.

      The tough truth of that is that any coach worth his salt would not come within a 10-foot pole of that job. “You want me to coach in the toughest conference, spend the least money of the power 6 schools on staffing, have the strictest substance and discipline policies, not oversign and cut players, and play 2 BCS level OOC games each year, and one is probably going to be the first game when I’ve got 2-4 kids suspended. Oh, and you expect 12-0 and a national title…where do I sign?”

      Auburn plays 8 home games this year. 8. We play 6.

      • But don’t you understand? CHARLIE STRONG WOULD CHANGE ALL THAT.

      • Flukebucket

        “You want me to coach in the toughest conference, spend the least money of the power 6 schools on staffing, have the strictest substance and discipline policies, not oversign and cut players, and play 2 BCS level OOC games each year, and one is probably going to be the first game when I’ve got 2-4 kids suspended. Oh, and you expect 12-0 and a national title…where do I sign?”……kind of sheds a new light on exactly what Richt is already accomplishing.

      • hunkerdowndawg

        I agree with every word. We should either have the same doobie/scooter violation policies as our SEC brethren or open with mid-level competition. Toledo would be a good example… Much better than FAU or Buffalo but not a team that can beat you if you show up.

  13. WF dawg

    Extreme reactions after a loss, whatever they may be, are probably telling evidence that we are emotionally over-invested in CFB. (For the longest time, I didn’t think such was possible.) We don’t get what we want, and we go to pieces, either in sorrow or anger. We pay lip service to the idea that “there are certainly more important things in life,” but I’m not sure how much (or how consistently) we really believe that. Better, it seems, to anchor our hopes in something less fickle than CFB fortunes.

  14. Mike Cooley

    I can not fathom what goes on in some of these people’s minds. Smart? Fire Richt and hire Smart seems like a good idea to you? Listen carefully. That defense at Alabama has absolutely nothing to do with Kirby Smart. Nick Saban runs and controls every aspect of that defense. All of it. Samrt is a clip board holder with next to no input or authority. He’s a lacky. And he’s never coached a down as a head coach. So go look at Richt’s record then explain to me why anybody would think it was a good idea to fire a guy with that record in favor of a figurehead coordinator with ZERO coaching experience. Come on people.

  15. Mike Cooley

    Also, for the guy moaning and wailing about our offense being outdated and calling for us to run the spread, Saban is a pretty good coach, no? Guess what kind of offense he runs? It aint the spread. It’s the exact same offense that Richt runs. Exact same. Our outdated offense went for 500 plus yards on a bad night in a hostile stadium. And you want to scrap it for the spread. Count me as one more who hates the sky is falling/fire Richt/fire Bobo/bench Murray crap evewn worse than losing. And I really, really hate losing. But you people are even worse than a loss. It’s people like this that vandalize players’ houses because they think the players let THEM down. I wish you ass hats would pick another team. You make the rest of us sick and the boys deserve better than you.

  16. You can sugar coat this anyway you want to, BUT CMR and AM still can’t WIN the BIG GAME!!

  17. Flukebucket

    Saturday is a bigger game than the Clemson game. Let’s see how it turns out.

  18. TYLER is likely a GT troll who frequents the AJC UGA blogs.

  19. I believe more that true UGA FANS are plain and simple too angry and frustrated. CRYING is more in the GT and FU territory, LOL. There is no way to verify Tyler’s true identity because it’s just radio.

  20. Mike Cooley

    CMR And Murray can’t win the big game? That’s so stupid. How about the line? How about everybody on defense? They can win the big game I suppose? Only CMR and Murray are the object of your angry sense of entitlement? If we beat SC what will you say? I bet you’ll still bitch about something and it won’t be quite good enough.

  21. FisheriesDawg

    What in the world? 92.9 The Game took a break from discussing the NBA and actually talked about college football?

    That station is terrible. I’m not shocked at all that a dipstick like that guy would be listening (and calling into) them on a Saturday night during football season.

  22. ugafidelis

    I didn’t cry, but I’m not gonna lie; that loss was damn emotional. For me especially. My dad (Alum 68) bought tickets after the Auburn game and then ended up having to fly in from MD Anderson and radiation in order to attend. He has never been much of an emotional man, but each time the Dawgs did something good, you could see a big light in his eyes. For me, that was awesome. I wanted a win probably more than anybody just for that old DGD that was sitting there with me.

  23. Daniel G Turner

    I cried after the Clemson loss. In 1981. I was 10 years old.

    • Tyler in Atlanta

      I didn’t cry when I saw my first UGA game, in person, in Death Valley, in 1979, with all those tiger paws painted on the streets, with my uncle, college aged, when Buck Belue tried to run it in on 4th and something but got stuffed at the goal line, and time ran out. We were in the opposite end zone with all that caustic orange, must’ve smelled like chlorine, or a bathroom, at least I think it did now, my dad and grandfather had better seats somewhere else. I was eight, then. The first time I was exposed to real R rated language was in Clemson, at that game, and banality, and longsuffering, not the kind I got from HBO by tapping the cable and removing the silver blocking adapter when I had a babysitter, “Before I was a bad actor, I was a scientist, I know what this means. ‘Well, what is it?’ Pi…” No, they cussed us out leaving that stadium and I have never felt more unwelcome publicly, anywhere. To hear them boo at our ‘injured’ players, 34 years later, is quite ironic, for that next year, a guy who retired that number came along. But alas, what is the point.

      When you are born, you believe in things that don’t make sense, because that is what you are told to do, and you don’t know any better. Innocence is as beautiful as it is tragic. When you first learn that Santa Claus is not real, and thereby the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too, your life is completely shattered. Later, when you learn that even higher powers aren’t either, my God, are you serious, it’s ‘all’ a myth, we’re just all in it alone, yes, move on, deal with it, you then look for alternative fillers. But yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, only Saban, and Spurrier, and Manziel, and The Beast himself: Clowney. For this game becomes religion now. I don’t care about Syria and Iraq and the apocalypse, I just care about my dogs, and, of course…my wife, and kids, and job, and wait, what?

      And I cry when we lose.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I cried after that one, too….and I was a lot older than 10…it was the end of an era.

  24. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Lots of venting so, maybe we got this one out of our system. Time to focus on SC. Got to remember the Tide played for a NC with one loss last year.

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