Ye shall know him by the grades he hands out.

I expect that from now on when I cite something Bill Connelly writes, there will be a contingent here who will refer to him thusly:  “isn’t he the guy who gave the defense a B+ in the Clemson game?”.


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  1. Rebar

    Can’t really argue with his reasoning. It is going to be an interesting season.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Remember the ancient Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting Times.”

      I take it as equal parts warning and blessing. And these Dawgs have an unmistakable sense of Mandarin about them.

  2. Chuck

    I think it is a fair grade. Certainly our D did a lot more to meet expectations than our O did. And they did it in a hostile environment against one of the country’s better QBs in particular and offense in general. I don’t think I am wearing Disney Dawg rose colored glasses when I say that. But it is still just one week, and we did lose.

    • Rugbydawg 79

      unless they go clemsoning–I do not see Clemson losing for a long time.
      That is a very good Football team we played Saturday night.

  3. BCDawg97

    Would it have been nice to see a shut down D? Of course. But given that we played an offense like Clemson, couldn’t sustain our own drives, had Connor Norman starting, plus all the inexperience, all things considered, I’m happy with the way we played on D. If it continues past LSU, then I’ll worry.

  4. SouthGaDawg

    Wha wha what! Unbelievable… Did this guy actually watch the game or just go by what he heard on the Mark Richt Show. The blame keeps getting put on Bobo and Murray, but Grantham has been on the other side of the ball for the last 3 years also. Spurrier right now is slapping his knee and chuckling while he’s watching game film. We don’t line up correctly, our technique is poor, we call too many defensive time-outs, and WE DON’T TACKLE. Am I watching the same games as everyone else for the last 3 years?

    • Coastal Dawg

      Agreed. How does CTG get a pass? The D time outs are the equivalent of the O delay of game. Not stopping Clemsons run game is the same as our O line breakdowns and poor fundamentals, like tackling are inexcusable. Several CU drives were extended by poor tackling and their long TD resulted from a missed tackle.

      • Grantham’s defenses have allowed 30 or more points 14 times since he took over as DC 42 games ago. We have given up 30 or more points 1/3 of the time.

        Recall Van Gorder gave up 30 only 1 time in his 55 game stint as DC.

        • Bulldawg165

          Yep. Funny how this simple fact is lost on people. I suspect it’s because they don’t want to admit that their optimism about CTG’s hire was misplaced. Bobo and Murray are the reasons the game was even close, not the reason we lost. You have to look at the other side of the ball for the reason that we lost.

          • If we had won 35-20, nobody would have anything to say about offense. We will never be championship caliber giving up 30 points 4 or 5 times per season. When you subtract the cupcakes, we give up 30 in half of our games.

          • In the 42 games preceding Grantham’s arrival, Willie Martinez’ defenses gave up 30 or more points 13 times.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Seriously. It’s like I’m living in bizarro-world or something. How did you like this quote from Connelly:

      “Despite allowing 38 points and 467 yards, the Georgia defense did its best to keep them in the game while the offense was lagging.”

      That poor ol’ defense. Last year they had so much talent they couldn’t make ’em get behind the mule. This year, injuries, suspensions, and freshmen…what’s a feller to do?

      Poor ol’ defense, doing it’s level best to just “keep us in the game” while that dang lackadaisy offense sandbags their way to another five touchdown game.

      Everybody’s talking about the six drives in the middle of the game when Georgia didn’t score. Why aren’t we giving our defense grief for not subjecting Clemson to a similar drought?

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Also, Connelly gives PURDUE’s defense a D- for giving up 42 points against Cincinnati. If our defense is a B+ giving up 38 points, what gets you an F in Connelly’s GA Bulldogs class – a hundred points?!?

  5. MikeInValdosta

    Based upon the comments the past two games, very few Dawg fans seem willing to give Clemson any credit. I saw TWO top ten teams on the field.

  6. Only a thought…Nick Saban was pissed and complained how sorry Alabama played… they won by 25 points
    Dabo Swinney..two many 3 and outs costly special teams turnover, lots of work to do…
    our coaches….we made some good plays, we will work on mistakes (excuses to me)
    I mean maybe a little more fire needed???
    My own disappointment…I couldn’t punch through the TV and hit Brent the biased sportscaster in the mouth.

    • D.N. Nation

      “Nick Saban was pissed and complained how sorry Alabama played… they won by 25 points”

      1) He was right to be pissed. If Bama scores two offensive TDs against Aggy, they’re going to get run out of the building. (Of course, they’ll score more.)

      2) VT is bad.

    • The other Doug

      Bama would have lost to Clemson. Go watch their game against VT. Their O line was bad and it made the entire offense inept.

  7. Normaltown Mike

    Bill Connelly watched the Mtv VMA’s and said Miley Cyrus “pushed the envelope ever so slightly” in her performance last week.

  8. Mike Cooley

    Reading the comments here and over at the urinal-constipation I can understand why fans of other teams make fun of a slice of our fan base. I hate losing but you would think our offense went out there and laid an egg. The six three and out series was just bad and the line went MIA during that time. But we also scored 35 points, rolled up 500 yards of offense, had a back go for 154 yards despite missing half the game, and had a qb throw for 300. And that was on a night where our offense had problems. Yeah lets fire Bobo and bring in Hutson Mason. I personally think we match up with SC a lot better than Clemson. Maybe the gloomer doomers will give up, lock themselves in their closets, and drink milk and vodka all week and won’t show up for the game. The rest of us wil be able to enjoy it a lot more and the team will get better support.

  9. Fake Will Trane

    Give Bill Conolly credit he calls em like he sees em…obvious to most CMR and CMB aren’t the ones to lead us to the promised land and our “dream team” has become a “nightmare team” and when are they going to wake up and make it to the big games on time? you just know that them boys up in Clemson and South Carolina are waking up for games to win championships and games and Boom Muchamp down at Florida has them Gators ready to cross in Jacksonville and into Atlanta for a championship against the Tide and they think they can win it we don’t think any winning anymore….I was in Deliverance County with my nephews and they’ve got this spread offense down there at Jeff Davis HS with Cletus Q. Lester at QB running around we get that and Dan Mullen and then we’d have championship product on the field at Sanford.

  10. If you expected the defense to be better in week one than they were last year, then you were seriously delusional. Especially since they faced a better offense than they did at any point last year in Clemson. All things considered, the defense performed pretty well, which is what Bill was saying.

    The team needed the offense to carry them through the early part of the season, and they couldn’t come through.

    • That’s not to say that the offense sucks or the defense is blameless. The defense was reasonably competent, which is what realistic expectations were. The offense made too many mistakes. Delay of game, holds, poor offensive line play, turnovers, etc. Had they played less sloppy, they probably would have scored fifty. Instead they scored three points too few.

    • The defense sucked last year. And I didn’t expect them to be better than last year. I was pretty certain they would suck again.

  11. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Was it 2010 when 38 points became the new 20? 53-31 used to be a highlight game on ESPN no matter who was playing, back in the day. Now it’s optional video fill to round out a segment on Sportscenter.

    The state of tackling in college football is a real mystery to me. It’s not really the new safety rules. The number one sin I see is a secondary loading up to deliver a big hit with his shoulder and whiffing or learning that modern SC programs have turned almost all ball-carriers into human pin-balls. Hello – if you play defensive back and you’re making a hit, you’re probably the last man standing between the ball-carrier and a TD. Might want to give the guy a hug.

    I know it’s a combination of things, not one tendency, but it still kills me to watch it, especially on slow-mo replay.

  12. Brandon

    A pretty good reason to disregard anything he says from now on.