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I’m sure he meant well.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Keith Olbermann is a preening douchebag.

Sure enough Gramatica’s name was brought up by ESPN’s Keith Olbermann on Monday night when he decided to make Mitchell one of the night’s “worse” persons in the sports world for not learning from the mistakes of others.

Seriously, Malcolm Mitchell accidentally hurting himself while celebrating a team highlight in a big game makes him an asshole?

Olbermann earned a spot for himself on his own list.



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“There were times where we looked like we were in the first grade out there.”

Coach, I share your irritation, but what are you gonna do about it?


UPDATE:  Welp, this is a start.

On blocking South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney . . .

“There’s a lot of different things you can do on pass protection. One of the things is that if you slide your protection towards a guy like that, you free up your tackle not to block him one-on-one. Your tackle basically is responsible for taking him on an outside rush, but if he makes a move inside of him, there will be a guard waiting for him, so that’s one way. Another way is to try to even put a tight end to the side that he’s at and give him a little bit more to navigate as he’s coming through the line of scrimmage. The other thing is to have a back or a tight end off the ball who can chip on the way out. You can also design plays where you don’t hold the ball very long. Set your point, get up in the pocket and get the ball out quickly. There’s always your quick passing game where you may try to change up your blocking technique with the cut block from time to time. That might give him something to think about, but those are the things that you try to do. You can also sprint your protection to or away from him or move the pocket from time to time.”


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Awkward metaphor of the day

I get Smith’s meaning, but perhaps this is not the best choice of words to use in Williamsonville.

Of course, maybe that explains the deal with Mudcat’s car, too.


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Upon further review: the offense

The good news is that Georgia’s skill position talent looks even better than it did last season.

The bad news is that the offensive line’s pass blocking doesn’t.  And that’s a problem.

Aaron Murray has been sacked 86 times in his career. The Georgia senior quarterback has started (and played the vast majority of) 42 games, and in just seven of those has he NOT been sacked. Six times, he has been sacked at least four times.

The latest came Saturday, when Clemson, not exactly known for its defense, sent Murray to the ground four times. Once, he fumbled after being nailed from the blind side. It was a miracle he didn’t fumble a couple drives earlier on a similar play.

Now can some of that be laid at Murray’s feet for holding the ball too long on occasion?  No doubt.  But let’s be honest here.  Judging from what I saw against Clemson, the Dawgs don’t have an offensive tackle who can consistently pass protect.  Gates is far better suited for playing one of the guard positions, Theus, for some reason, lacks the confidence of his coaches and Houston is a feel-good story who managed to get beat badly by speed rushes at left and right tackle.  (I probably don’t need to remind you that Clemson’s defense is far from what Georgia’s going to see this week or what the linemen will have to deal with when they face LSU and Florida.)

I worried about the weight loss stories we saw this offseason.  And I’ve been concerned about Andrews’ size from the get go.  But I at least hoped that being smaller would also mean the o-line was more nimble.  Such does not appear to be the case.

If it makes you happy to be a Murray detractor, have at it.  I saw a quarterback who faced constant pressure and did a pretty good job in spite of it.  What I’m wondering at this point is, with all the criticism being flung in Murray’s and Bobo’s direction, why Will Friend is getting a pass.  Some of you angrier folks, feel free to speak up and explain what I’m missing here.


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Upon further review: the defense

Having watched the replay yesterday, I’ve got two troubling points to make about how the defense played.

First, Paul is spot on about this:

Our young, unproven defensive backs had not participated in any contact of any consequence for most if not all of the summer drills.  If you don’t practice tackling, you don’t tackle well.  And here’s a news flash for the tone deaf…if you’re in green you’re not practicing tackling.  Even our proven DBs were missing MASSIVE amounts of time in non-green jerseys.  Of course they weren’t going to tackle well.

Think about two crucial non-tackles – Swann’s whiff on Watkins’ 77-yard TD reception and Matthews’ failure to wrap up Peake on the fourth-and-one conversion that immediately preceded the wheel route TD pass.  How different is the game if those two plays are made by the Georgia DBs?

That’s stuff that can be fixed over time.  Far more worrisome because it seems to be more of a structural problem was Georgia’s failure to stop Clemson’s running game.  Grantham came out very aggressively on the Tigers’ first series, but had to dial it back once Clemson established the run.  If you predicate your defensive strategy on pressuring the quarterback but have to hold that down out of respect for the run, bad things are bound to happen.  Which doesn’t bode well for this week’s opponent.

Two points for optimism, though.

One big reason it will be nice getting Josh Harvey-Clemons back this week is because that will allow Grantham to play Leonard Floyd closer to the line of scrimmage where he belongs.  Floyd played much of the game at the star position, which is remarkable when you think about it, and acquitted himself fairly well there.  But he was a much more disruptive factor when he lined up elsewhere.

Secondly, and it was probably bound to happen once Cornelius Washington left, the defensive line did a markedly better job with outside contain than I’ve seen in a while.  Of course, it would have helped on more than one occasion if once the play was turned inside, the defense was there to bring the runner down.  But keeping Shaw from beating them with his feet on outside run plays could be big this Saturday.


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Fabris Invitational results, Week 1

We had 325 sign up to play, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the first week came down to the tiebreaker.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 Williamhines 9-1 9 42-17
1 ET Blames Bobo 9-1 9 35-17
1 Hobnail Boot 9-1 9 31-24
1 JimCornettesRaquet 9-1 9 28-3
1 Wolpfack 9-1 9 42-17
1 Dawgoholic 9-1 9 0-13
1 wncdawg 9-1 9 27-17
1 BosnianDawg 9-1 9 28-14
1 wonderdawg 9-1 9 31-14
1 Lrgk9 9-1 9 32-17
1 TimRankine 9-1 9 38-17
1 beussetd 9-1 9 28-0
1 TomReagan 9-1 9 35-14
1 LotharioDawg 9-1 9 30-17
1 dawgblog 9-1 9 31-17
1 etdawgfan 9-1 9 31-17

Congrats to Williamhines.
Week 2 picks should be up shortly.


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