“There were times where we looked like we were in the first grade out there.”

Coach, I share your irritation, but what are you gonna do about it?


UPDATE:  Welp, this is a start.

On blocking South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney . . .

“There’s a lot of different things you can do on pass protection. One of the things is that if you slide your protection towards a guy like that, you free up your tackle not to block him one-on-one. Your tackle basically is responsible for taking him on an outside rush, but if he makes a move inside of him, there will be a guard waiting for him, so that’s one way. Another way is to try to even put a tight end to the side that he’s at and give him a little bit more to navigate as he’s coming through the line of scrimmage. The other thing is to have a back or a tight end off the ball who can chip on the way out. You can also design plays where you don’t hold the ball very long. Set your point, get up in the pocket and get the ball out quickly. There’s always your quick passing game where you may try to change up your blocking technique with the cut block from time to time. That might give him something to think about, but those are the things that you try to do. You can also sprint your protection to or away from him or move the pocket from time to time.”


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42 responses to ““There were times where we looked like we were in the first grade out there.”

  1. Dog in Fla

    “He went against Jadeveon a year ago, so it won’t be like a first-time experience for him.”

    The forecast calls for a second-time experience for Aaron Murray


  2. sniffer

    I mentioned to a fellow Dawg earlier today that I hoped the coaches weren’t saying, “We played a pretty good game, did enough to win, lets just keep doing what we do!”

    Now I’m starting to think that just might be what’s being said. (See Richt quote below).


    • They need to change up some things, but I think playing at home will be a big help.


      • Ginny

        Agreed. I was at the Clemson game. Absolutely electric and very hostile for us. The fans definitely did their job and we need to do the same this week.


        • Debby Balcer

          +1 about doing our part I feel a lot of fans want the team to prove themselves before they cheer. Get there early, and be loud and proud and stay until the end.


          • 79dawg

            I had to go to my cousin’s wedding the night of the blackout game, but I can honestly say I have never seen Sanford Stadium anywhere near as crazy as I’ve seen it in Columbia, Knoxville or Auburn (or he’ll, even Missouri was pretty electric for the first half last year), nor as it appeared Clemson was on tv. I don’t have a good answer for why that is, but its definitely easier for our many of our opponents to come into Sanford than it is for us to go into their houses…


            • hailtogeorgia

              The blackout game was as electric of a game as I’ve ever seen.


            • Governor Milledge

              It can happen… I remember 2004 LSU being very electric as a stadium environment, especially after we lost a close one in Baton Rouge and lost again in the SECCG.

              I have no doubt the fans & atmosphere will similarly be amped up for some Gamecocks


  3. Spike

    Doesn’t give one a reason to be optimistic, does it?


  4. sUGArdaddy

    It’s like we can’t be happy. What do you want him to say? We have not shot against Clowney -OR- We’re gonna nail him all day long.

    He’s a coach…speaking. He’s honest, but it’s not what he’s telling the team or scheming in the meeting room. And I assure you Richt doesn’t think they just played good so they’ll keep doing things the same way. But, you don’t change everything overnight. We’re a pretty good team that lost to a pretty good team. Herschel’s ’81 team did the same thing with 9 turnovers in Death Valley. We didn’t abandon our gameplan. We kept doing what we do and ran roughshod over the SEC.

    Who knows, maybe we even get another shot at Clem and his son down the road in Pasedena. Crazier things have happened. Just win the next game.


    • Dude, the question was rhetorical. I don’t expect Richt to spill his guts to us.

      But if he’s really pissed about the o-line effort – and he should be – there better be more than just a few words of disapproval coming down the pike.


      • sUGArdaddy

        Not talking about you, Senator. Just other generalities in the comment section about not being satisfied with what Richt says…constantly. He can’t really win, no matter what he says. I think he tries to be fairly honest. We weren’t awful, but we could do better.

        People have a hard time comparing losses, or thinking one is the other. This wasn’t Boise or last year’s South Carolina. The last two games we’ve lost we scored 28 and 35. The offense ain’t the problem.


    • sniffer

      I dont think Richt is saying either of those about Clowney and I trust him with his team.

      What I will say is that if we do against Carolina what we did against Clemson, we will get the same result.

      BTW, like the “Clem and his son” thing.


  5. Cut blocking with a RB worked so well last year. Can’t wait to see it again.


    • Rhino

      Actually, most of my hope and optimism this week I’m going to hang on one battle- Hicks vs. Clowney. Keep Quayvon in the game every play and tell him to go hit Clowney no matter where he lines up. Might not work, but it would be fun to watch.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Actually that is what I have been saying since this game last year. Have the fullback or RB hit Clowney on the inside hip on every play.


  6. greeneggboy

    Lead pipe to the knee? Maybe get the guy from the GT convocation to build Murray and ironman suit.


  7. 69Dawg

    If Aaron isn’t afraid of Clownman he should be. With this Oline I expect to see Hutson Mason get his chance.


  8. WillTrane

    ACC officials at Clemson. I’ve seen a lot of Georgia games. But I have not heard why there has not been some discussion about it. They have talked about penalities. Generally do not critize officials. And I’m not here. But why were there some many cut or chop blocks in that game on Georgia. Do not recall Clemson having any.


  9. WillTrane

    Will the bridge be closed off Saturday…just in case the outcome is not what we like.


  10. fuelk2

    I was expecting to see more max protect deep balls, perhaps with a rollout, on Saturday. Similar to what Murray threw to TK in the Outback Bowl against MSU when we couldn’t block them. Maybe we’ll break that out on Saturday.


    • Will (the other one)

      I just hope if we go 2-TE but don’t keep them in to block almost all game. I doubt Auburn With A Lake could cover Rome or Lynch but we barely threw it to either.


  11. S.E. Dawg

    I just hope they change up the snap count so Clowney can’t figure when to launch. Clowney himself said he figure out the count.


  12. Carolinadawg

    “Coach, I share your irritation, but what are you gonna do about it?”

    Turning in his resignation would be a good start.


    • D.N. Nation

      Spectacularly well-thought-out idea!

      Who do we get?


      • RocketDawg

        Seriously? I thought people like you had jumped off the bridge already. Good Lord what a bunch of whiny asses. I think we need a rule around here that when some jackwagon suggests to “Fire Coach ____” they have to provide a list of 5 candidates that are better and would actually come to UGA.


  13. And the teacher is an unimaginative bonehead BOBO. And the principal is the enabler.


  14. Heathbar09

    Well since we’ve essentially given up on the TEs in the passing games (based off the CU game), lets just stick Artie on him the whole game to double team with Gates/Theus. Sounds like a good plan to me.


  15. I’ll be very disappointed if this game turns out like last years USC game. If our line really hasn’t gotten any better than last year then we really have deep problems in the O-Line coaching area. As good as Clowney is there is simply no way that we shouldn’t have an answer for him. We got coaches getting paid big bucks instructing a veteran O-Line with a 4 year starting QB and you are telling me that we can’t gameplan for one DE??

    If Murray ends up on his ass all afternoon long the pitch forks will be out for the O-Line coaching staff. Potential Heisman candidate on the opposing team DE be damned!


  16. Regarding the Malcolm Mitchell … “Thomas Davis, the former Georgia safety who’s had three ACL surgeries in the NFL, called Mitchell to give him some advice”. Glad to hear more former players are still keeping up with the Dawgs and what’s going on with the team.

    On another note that no one else seemed to bring up since the Clemson … can we blame the loss on Jeff Gordon for giving the pregame pep talk?


    • Maybe Bobo forgot all the so called playbook when he saw Gordon. I do not think Bobo will be more imaginative after seeing what he did against those Pumpkins.


  17. Joe Schmoe

    One good side effect of the Clemson game could be that we don’t have any delusions about our ability to control the line of scrimmage on offense and run straight up the middle. Just like on Saturday, we seemed obsessed with doing this last year against South Carolina. Hopefully, Bobo recognizes that we need to actually change our approach and stretch USCe defense horizontally and vertically to prevent them from pinning their ears back against us.

    I think Bobo let all of the chatter about Clemson running 90-100 plays get into his head and felt that he absolutely had to keep running the ball to eat clock when that was clearly ineffective. By the time he finally realized the obvious (only because we were two scores down and really had no choice but to throw the ball), it was too late.


  18. Mill Village Dawg

    Win, lose or draw, I’ll be glad when this game is over so I can stop hearing about Clowney. I’m just about as sick of hearing about him as I am of hearing about Johnny Paycheck or Johnny Cash or Money Badger or whatever other clever name that the internet masses have come up with for that punk out in College Station.


  19. Brandon

    This post reminds me of the part of the classic movie Airplane in which the lead actor fighter pilot explains how for the attack they plan to “come in low from the north below their radar”, you know just in case they want to think of an effective counter.